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One of the biggest problems with christians (and religion in general by extension) is that they proceed from the position that god and all if this stuff just "is"....that regardless of belief the entire platform on which the earth rests is EXACTLY as described in the bible.

Given these "facts" they then measure their (and mine and yours) faith in degrees of separation from this true understanding.

They concede that they don't know it all so when you challenge their belief their only defense is to quote bible passages and fall back on the stuff they do know (damnation and what not).

That is why if there is any thinking to be done in their minds (what little there is) is it about trying to further understand the christian design of the universe, no whether or not it exiists in the first place.

It is very difficult to dislodge this "platform" structure in their minds. I have tried on several occasions.

There is no god.

Sierra [Email], 21.04.2005, 4:02pm link
Annoying things about christians... wow there is a can of worms. where to begin? Arrogance, unfounded, but undeniable. That and the fact that for the most part they are the biggest bunch of hypocrites out there. I wish thre was a zealot out there with an ounce of the compassion that your average Atheist has.
Redfrdsaid [Email][Home], 21.04.2005, 4:30pm link
In addition to what Sierra has said, Christians also tend to think that they are the absolute authority on what is right and what is wrong. Just yesterday I was called "immoral"because I am an atheist. Never mind that the Bible approves of several things that are horribly wrong, such as infanticide, misogyny, racism, classism, violence against people of other faiths, etc.

Also, I'm noticing that Fundie Christians are increasingly having trouble with minding their own business. Several issues in America today, such as gay marriage, abortion, and what to do when a relative is too ill to care for themselves, are basically about Fundie Christians (and certain ethically challenged politicians) nosing their way into a stranger's personal and private business. We atheists know that what someone does with their body is no business of ours. We know that who someone chooses to spend their romantic lives with has nothing to do with our own lives or those of our spouses or children, especially if that someone is a stranger who lives 1000 miles away from us. We also know that the choices a person makes on behalf of a sick loved one is no concern of ours.

We know these things because we wouldn't want complete strangers prying into our personal lives.
ckb , 21.04.2005, 4:41pm link
The arrogance is disgusting. Right before leaving for class this morning, I was channel surfing, and when I stopped at "The My Goal is to Steal $700 from Every American Club" I actually heard Pat "Lying, whoremongering asshole" Robertson say that he wants President Illiterate to attack China on the basis that China was going to invade Taiwan.

How fucking stupid is this? We're already involved in two baseless, fruitless, wars in which the young adult children of Pat's most ardent followers are being killed by the dozens per week, and this asshole is suggesting that we invade a third country? That would not only kill more innocent civilians and soldiers, that would almost surely put America on the top of the list of World's Most Hypocritical Countries.

My, my, my, what rich assholes will do to show how tough their pansy asses are.
ckb , 21.04.2005, 4:57pm link
The wierd reality about christians is that the "know". What makes it wierd is that they "know" beacuse the have been told that they "know". Very few if any do any scholarly work, scientific investigation or even deep thought about the ideas presented. They just "know".

"Knowing" then leads magically to "experiencing". Suddenly the object of their "knowing" starts popping up everywhere allowing them to "experience" its existence. What tells them the "experience" was god? They KNOW. How do they know? By the EXPERIENCE. How do they know the "experience" was god? They KNOW. On and on......

In any other aspect of life this sort of behavior would be regarded as patently illogical and cause one to be considered to be a nut.

In christianity however its a "manifestation of faith".

Religion is bullshit. There is no god.

Sierra [Email], 21.04.2005, 8:39pm link
Tim, Sierra , your looking outward for god when you should be looking inward. Your looking the wrong way.
You'll see it when you believe it.
God is within, and only looking this way will lead you to God. God is so easy to find if you know where to look.
Go to that special place inside, where you will find your purpose for being here.
Mr X , 22.04.2005, 12:21am link
Mr X

You sound like a madman. Are you rocking back and forth, drooling, repeating the mantra "god is within, god is within..."?
Yahoo , 22.04.2005, 1:31am link
I'm not mad at all yahoo.
Your just looking the wrong way, that's all. We are spiritual beings having a temporary human experience.
Before enlightment, chop wood carry water. After enlightment, chop wood , carry water. You just have to chop and carry in this human state.
Tim, Sierra, you just don't know what your looking for. You complain about christians, and God hoping that they will change. They won't and hating them is like hating moss for growing on trees. They are what they are. Accept it and you will be free.
You are not punished by your anger, your are punished for your anger.
Authentic freedom comes from the way you choose to think.
Mr X , 22.04.2005, 2:52am link
Let go of the hatred and embrace spirituality. The real you, is formless, boundaryless, and doesn't age. In my world, nothing ever goes wrong. I'm the observer, who is beyond space time who is observing what is happening. I hope that the real Tim, and the real Sierra will begin to show themselves.
Mr X , 22.04.2005, 2:55am link
Mr. X is RIGHT!!!

You do have to look inward for god. There is nothing to be found if you look outward. There is no heaven, hell...none of it.

If you look INWARD you discover "god" every day. Everything becomes a "miracle". Every time you get a tingly feeling....its god. Every time your shit changes color...a message from heaven.

Religion has always come from people looking inward.

Athiests look outward. When you do - you realize there is nothing to see.

There is no god. Stop looking.

Sierra [Email], 22.04.2005, 6:33am link
i have looked inward and have realized that I AM god. I am my own god, and i am the one who will judge me. i believe in myself and my abilities to overcome adversity.

i have faith in myself/my god. i am god.

i will pray for you mr x. you and your false god. do not pray to your false god for tim and sierra. that is like praying for moss to grow on the south side of the tree instead of the north. they are what they are. accept it and you will be free.

you are not punished by your delusions, you are punished for your delusions.

mr x, when you look inside yourself and find that you are you're own god, only then will you believe. only then will you have looked into the face of the beast and seen yourself.

In my world, shit happens. I deal with the shit. In your world, shit happens. You profusely thank your god for the shit he has bequeathed you, because you "know" you deserve the shit.

Shit happens. Religions happens. I am god - And I will pray for you Mr X.
god , 22.04.2005, 7:00am link
Enjoy debates like this while you still can.

The Labour party plan to re-introduce the law banning incitement to religious hatred and say they will use the Parliament Act to force it through.

It will effectively stop you saying anything critical about any religion but relgious people will still be able to say nasty things about anyone else.
Steve [Email][Home], 22.04.2005, 11:21am link
Labour are the lesser of two evils (IMO) - I can't see this act going through though, there is too much opposition towards it (even from religious groups, for different reasons )- I've posted about it here -
Tim [Home], 22.04.2005, 11:30am link
Mr.X, your god exists only in your mind - you've pretty much said it yourself.
Tim [Home], 22.04.2005, 11:30am link
I admire your trust Tim but look at what Charles Clarke and Fiona Mactaggart have been saying to the Muslim lobby.
Steve [Email][Home], 22.04.2005, 11:55am link
Hmm, Charles Clarke isn't proving much better than Blunkett. I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens (and let's face it, Labour are going to win the next election).
Still, there is a hell of a lot of opposition to this. And if the law is passed, the courts will be clogged up with action taken by fundamentalists who are probably not going to get the result they wanted (I personally don't class this site as under the heading of "religious hatred", would the courts I wonder?)
Tim [Home], 22.04.2005, 12:55pm link
If you look at the way the proposed law is worded, I think they probably would.
Steve [Email][Home], 22.04.2005, 4:07pm link
> i have looked inward and have realized that I AM god. I am my own god, and i am the one who will judge me. i believe in myself and my abilities to overcome adversity.

> i have faith in myself/my god. i am god.

Nice, it's any such religion? I'm already a believer...
ro [Email], 22.04.2005, 10:30pm link
> The wierd reality about christians is that the "know". What makes it wierd is that they "know" beacuse the have been told that they "know".

I was always amazed (and scared) about how religion brain wash. You can't rely on such a peoples, he can anytime open the book and find a reason to kill you (or something even more painful)
ro [Email], 22.04.2005, 10:34pm link
I enjoy writing my own life script. I am master of my life the architect of my future.
Mr X , 22.04.2005, 11:46pm link
you are god mr x
god , 23.04.2005, 1:20am link
Religion is merely a self perpetuating meme. Kinda like those shitty emails that you used to get saying if you don't send it on to 10 more people your hard disk will be wiped. Teach your kids they will burn in Hell if they don't believe it or you will burn in Hell! I ask you?

This kind of mental slavery shoould be outlawed not given the protection of law! Why should anyone actually CARE what someone else believes about what can't be proven?

Bullshit the lot of it! Nuff said.....
Ross [Email], 23.04.2005, 3:24am link
Bah! knew I couldn't leave it at that! People who live without a moral code can be quite unpleasant. BUT. It takes a believer to incinerate you and your wife and kids with a hymn on it's lips and joy in it's heart!
Ross [Email], 23.04.2005, 3:48am link
once a long long time ago in a land far far away there was a girl just like you.Who had a strong belief but not the resources to create such an amazing sight as this.The ability to put yourself out there and not flow with the norm is a truely exceptional gift{no not that kind}that only someone w/ values and morals can really share so freelyw/out being taken in by propaganda.Blessed Be. @ oh,some have to believe in GOD because there not strong enough to take control of there lives or skilled enough to scream out there own names during SEX.
fairystone , 23.04.2005, 9:09am link
I like that.

Sierra [Email], 24.04.2005, 1:46am link
I don't agree with the last 'thing' you have listed there. Although I'm not a believer in any of the myriad of modernized religions out there, I can't fully discredit them. Who's to say that Jesus was or wasn't the son of God? The answer: not you, or me, or Mr X. That being said, I can understand and aknowledge the fact that some are less intelligent than others. So the only rational answer to the question of God's existence is indifference. But I still hold a stance against modernized religion for their rather imposing methods of moral teachings. How about some quotes from some great idiots of our time to put things a bit more into perspective:
The feminist agenda is not about equal rights for women. It is about a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism, and become lesbians. -Pat Robertson
I had a student ask me, "Could the savior you believe in save Osama bin Laden?" Of course. We know the blood of Jesus Christ can save him, and then he must be executed. -Rev. Jerry Falwell
And in contrast, some great thinkers of our time:
Satan hasn't a single salaried helper; the Opposition employ a million. -Mark Twain
The Athanasian paradox that one is three and three but one, is so incomprehensible to the human mind, that no candid man can say he has any idea of it, and how can he believe what presents no idea? He who thinks he does, only deceives himself He proves, also, that man, once surrendering his reason, has no remaining guard against absurdities the most monstrous, and like a ship without a rudder, is the sport of every wind. With such persons, gullibility, which they call faith, takes the helm of reason, and the mind becomes a wreck. -Thomas Jefferson
You can't convince a believer of anything; for their belief is not based on evidence, it's based on a deep seated need to believe. -Carl Sagan
G , 02.05.2005, 8:17pm link
Oh yea... That last quote from Sagan was for the individuals here that object to Mr. X's idiotic sophisms.
G , 02.05.2005, 8:25pm link
im a atheist. a layed back one,mind you. i'm just fine with religon and all, but when a man said he didn't like the "hitchhikers guide to the galaxy" becuase it "pointed a finger at christians." why not? you've been doing it to the rest of us for the past ten centuries! freedom of speach, and I know some atheists and wiccans hungry for payback...
(laughs evily)
note: i still can't help but to laugh at christians when they say the world is 5000 years old
Chris Swanson [Email][Home], 03.05.2005, 5:32am link
another thing i saw on a website once:

Christians are like slinkies.
Not really good for anything, but you can't help but to smile when you see one tumble down the stair ay to "heaven" (coughs voilently)
Chris Swanson [Email][Home], 03.05.2005, 5:34am link
here my thoughtrs. Again... i agree with Mr. X and Sierra that we are our own gods. we dictate to ourselves whats right, not an out of date book that can save us no longer. the power is the people, not a man nailed to a lamp post.

READ THE HITCHHIKERS GUIDE TO THE GALAXY. it has many things on where god went wrong, gods top mistakes, who is this god person anyways, and how drunk was god that night he "made" the universe. made me crack up!
Chris Swanson [Email][Home], 03.05.2005, 5:37am link
christan religion is weird and funny because in tv, there was this drunken fool who used to live in the street. later, he stopped doing this and went home to his family. he goes like: jesus christ saved my life, thankyou now i have a family. its not jesus who saved him, it was himself. christans also think that people whoi believe in jesus will go to heaven when they die. People who dont will go to hell. pretty weird!!!
navnav [Email], 06.05.2005, 8:20pm link
my religion is sikhism
navnav [Email], 06.05.2005, 8:22pm link
If we are all Gods children, why is Jesus so special ?
bill , 07.05.2005, 9:12pm link
If we are all Gods children, why is Jesus so special ?
bill , 07.05.2005, 9:12pm link
Bill, Jesus never said he was special. That all comes from the miss interpretation of (John 3:16)using the ( making him exclusive) instead of a ( making us all inclusive). His message was that we are all eternal and that death is an illusion, and I think he demonstated that perfectly by picking up his phisical body like a coat, to prove what he was saying!!
william , 10.05.2005, 4:39pm link
first off, as a Christian I'd like to agree with you on the 2nd point on your "grievances" posted...I find it very frustrating when my fellows think that quoting from a book that is seen as foolishness to others will help. On another note however I must say that you make some very generalized (I doubt i'm using that word correctly, w/e) statements. Even when you claim "most of, not all" it is outrageous. And yes we are taught to spread the word but, the ones who do it by force do not follow the example that we are supposed to set to the world. yes, it's suprising isn't it...not every single Christian (in fact I will agree, a fair number) sets the perfect example.

and btw, what danger to the world? Anyways maybe I don't know enough about what you preach, this is my first time at your website...
J [Email], 14.05.2005, 7:25pm link
basically what a bunch of these people have noticed is that not much good has come from spreading the word of god. examples are: crusades, inquisition, salem withc trials, the rise of the nzis, KKK, the lsit goes on. need i say more?

there a few other passages in the bible i've noticed that degrade women and children. would you follow a god whose book gives instructions of selling your daughter as a sex slve? i sure as hell wouldn't.
CJ , 16.05.2005, 5:04am link
you know what I find hilarious? I have this friend and she told me the reason why she refused to study philosophy was because it disagreed with her christian beliefs.I was like thinking, if you really had so much faith, why is it that you feel threatened by other peoples' views on the subject? Is it because you might not have the means to defend your belief? In fact, if you were to simplify what she said, it just says "I avoid anything that I do not agree on". She might as well quit coming to school, ala evolution theory. What I can't stand about some christians is that they're not only hypocritical, they have a narrow view of other beliefs. Personally, I'm a back slider. I was a Christian who turned her back on her faith. I tell this to any Christian and they give me this sad look, "but you'll burn in hell" they say. "you need to be saved" "you are lost" No, I can assure them, I'm not lost. I'm found. A majority of christians today are no mere than sheep, lambs so to speak. They believe and do whatever the church and some book tell them to do. And I wonder do these people have minds of their own? They think I am a person who lacked morals just because I have no religion. Really, do you need a book to tell you what morals you should have and shouldn't have? I think I'm an intelligent enough human being to intepret what is right or wrong on my own.

Going back eternal damnation, it makes you wonder. All these Christian do gooders, are they only conducting acts of kindness to secure a place for themselves in heaven? Does this not speak of selfishness? I ask all you Christians out there, say there is no heaven, say despite all the good that you've done in the name of your god, hell is still the place that you'll end up in, for in the eyes of god, it will be the final mark of your selflessness, a trait that (as any divine benign being would) would find favourable? Would you still carry on with your faith? And don't try to tell me our God would never do that. What if he did? That is the question I am trying to ask here.

If having a mind of my own, if in believing myself, if having the ability to know right from wrong without needing a book telling me, means that I will burn in hell (if there really is one) then burn in hell I shall.
somebody , 21.05.2005, 12:29pm link
I apologise for the appalling number of typos in my above post, I was typing it quickly.
somebody , 21.05.2005, 12:32pm link
christians bug me because some feel the need to show that they're a huge, godly person publicly. if you have to proclaim your faith and reassure everyone that you're faithful and religious, you're obviously not secure in your beliefs. a girl at my school practically preaches every day to everyone and it pisses me off because no one really cares. but yeah that's pretty much it, and that goes for any religion, but christianity seems to have most extremists and zealots.
Zahra [Email][Home], 27.05.2005, 9:24am link
Zahra, Not to pee on your parade or anything, but have you been watching the news lately? muslim zealots are just as bad as christian zealots...and actually worse (lately). What most people don't seem to grasp about any religion is that they have been designed to "control" all of us. Opiate of the masses though? hmmm, more like PCP!
nonbeliever [Email], 29.05.2005, 8:23pm link
to the three people above me: you are so right. c'mon christians, you can think for yourself, not a dead man nailed to a bed post.

still an atheist, CJ
CJ , 30.05.2005, 6:17am link
A question for 'nonbeliever' regarding his statement just above: are you making the assumption that Zahra is a muslim purely on the basis of her name? There are probably just as many athiests in the Middle East as there are in the west, but they choose not to speak out for reasons of personal safety.
PA , 04.06.2005, 1:45am link
its about god damn time somebody educated SOME of these christian bullshit eaters... not all of them, just many..... broaden your minds for 'jesus's ' sake!
me [Email], 19.06.2005, 7:14am link
YOU'RE fucking amazing! couldn't have said it better myself..props.

That "they just KNOW" thing had me laughing on the floor, sooo true!
Nicole , 02.07.2005, 6:38am link
What is the point of all this discussion? Everyone knows that non-believers will NEVER agree with the believers or vice versa. So why must there be a constant debate on a topic that has no middle ground? It's so pointless. The non-believers will never understand why the believers believe what they believe in. The more you question these so called believers the tighter they will hold onto whatever it is that they do believe in. You have to remember that these so called christians actually believe that when their faith is being questioned that "GOD" is testing them. They're a little pyschotic. So let them be.
HCB , 19.07.2005, 2:57am link
you would think that anyone with any low level of intelligence would see the harm that organised religion has done, and continues to do, to the world would stop doing it, even if they still believed it was true.
Nick Hall [Email], 24.07.2005, 1:07pm link
oh no, somebody has found me out as a farce. good work. i wish there were more of you.
God [Email], 26.07.2005, 11:14pm link
Great original post. I hope you don't mind - but I've copied and pasted it many times on Yahoo news story chats regarding religion and science. It's funny how every science story brings out the bible thumpers.
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