Comments on Being an arsehole in the name of the Lord

Your the one who's dangerous! Trying to promote communist propaganda!! intentionally,deceiving and lying to people about life. Promoting stupiditiy like evolution.
WOuld you accept drug money that was obtained by poisoning children? Thank God for christian voice.
mr_x , 22.02.2005, 12:24am link
Are these fools for real? Stupidity like evolution?? Please please tell me there aren't people who think evolution is not real. Are these the same people whose mommies told them they were delivered by a stork?
Yahoo , 22.02.2005, 1:23am link
Once again, Mr. X personifies the total lack of understanding of the Xpian, by conflating atheism with Communism. And being totally unable to understand science, like evolution. Way to go!
Tony Kehoe [Email], 22.02.2005, 1:41am link
Evolution is a bag of commie bullshit.
This website is being controlled by agents in the soviet union. WHy don't you go live there and bring along Keyhoe and Yahoo. Your the biggest commie in the UK. It's because of you, kids think they come from monkeys. Is it down your mother or father's family line where there is a monkey? Your trying to tell that there is a monkey down my family line? Sorry, no monkeys , human reproduce humans.
Mr_X , 22.02.2005, 3:00am link
Mr-X, your comments don't really require any response from me - you seem to come here to present yourself as an object of ridicule. But thanks for the laugh!
Tim [Home], 22.02.2005, 1:06pm link
He's on to us, Comrade, run!
Ben [Home], 22.02.2005, 8:03pm link
I ain't no object or ridicule son! The earth is only 6000 years old. Carbon 14 dating is false (also invented by communists). So where's the monkey? If I trace my family line to the beginning of time, I won't find a monkey. How can you so stupid to believe evolution?
Mr_X , 22.02.2005, 11:02pm link
"humans produce humans", well maybe, except in your case. Assuming your parents were human (though it sounds more and more like they were trilobites. If there were any monkey down my family line (you idiot) I'm sure we would be ashamed to be related to you in anyway, but thems the breaks.

I don't teach my kids that we are related to monkeys. I teach them to think and question (you might like to look those terms up in a dictionary) and make their own decisions about the world.

PS I am not in the UK, I realise that this is the only country you have heard of outside the US apart from the Soviet Union, but there are others. Get an atlas, learn about "gods creation" and find out that the soviet union no longer exists. You commie bastard.
Yahoo , 22.02.2005, 11:45pm link
Hey Mr X

Wanna see a monkey? Get a mirror!
Yahoo , 22.02.2005, 11:46pm link
Your Jesus was a socialist. And whats wrong with communism? Greed made for imbalance and desparity, not the ideology.
grainger , 23.02.2005, 1:12am link
Hey Tim,
what you don't you publish information about the great work that many christian organizations do?
Atheist, commie, pinko.
Mr_X , 23.02.2005, 1:19am link
The great work? What a great idea for a post. This should give us plenty to chat about - crimes in the name of God for example.

Sorry about the communist sledge grainger, you are right - the ideology is fine, only greed and misuse of power undermine it. Same as religion really.
Yahoo , 23.02.2005, 1:59am link
Religion was made up by people to control the masses. I have no use for religion myself. I live everyday life by not thinking about it at all. The people that believe need it because they fear what happens when they die. If you live a good life and not think about religion you will be a better person overall.
Agnostic , 23.02.2005, 6:59am link
Hello, have you an RSS or XML feed?
angel [Email][Home], 23.02.2005, 8:59pm link
If I trace my family line back to the creation of the earth, 6000 years ago, when will I find a monkey? Yahoo,Keyhoe,Ben and company will probably find it 2 generations back. Cro Magnon Man? neandrathal? what nonsense, these mythical creatures never existed. Only humans reproduce humans. Evolution "research" (sic) is full of fraud, scientists cook the data.
The proof that christianity is right, is websites like this one. The bible predicted hatred towards God at the end of times. You attack christianity because you know we have the truth. If what we believed was nonsense you wouldn't bother with it. You've restored my faith, in God, country and capitalism.
Mr_X , 24.02.2005, 12:30am link
You can't be for real. Fossil remnants are mythical but God is real?? Scientists cook the data but the bible fell right off Gods desk with no "human" intervention. The earth was created 6000 years ago?

I don't think anyone here hates God. There is a lot of intolerance for moronic statements predicting Gods wrath for those who are exercising their cerebral cortices though. I'm sure God wouldn't be okay with your hellfire and damnation promises.
Yahoo , 24.02.2005, 1:18am link
PS What DID God say about capitalism. Is it the same as what the bible says?
Yahoo , 24.02.2005, 1:18am link
Hi Tim - and thank you for this site. It is real isn't it? I mean, Joe and the football guy and the rest aren't just figments of some comedy scriptwriter's imagination are they?

I've linked to you on my blog. I need to see the arguments of these intellectually vapid morons as a primary source on a regular basis. Although I doubt if replying to the bereft argumants of the god-bothering pillocks will change the mindset of any of them.

Still, it's nice to be reminded of the essential vacuity of their arguments, so, thank you.
Steve [Home], 24.02.2005, 1:41am link
That's the point I'm trying to make dumbass! The earth is young. If it was billions of years old the moon would have crashed into the earth. What about moon dust? The spaceshuttle would have sunk in miles of it.
Your too blind, too blind to see. If you use your brain, you'll see the truth. Wake up
Mr_X , 24.02.2005, 1:44am link
Errrmmm...what about 'Moon Dust'?
Steve [Home], 24.02.2005, 1:54am link
"What about moon dust."

I think you have been snorting too much of the white dust. Get a brain crackhead!
Agnostic , 24.02.2005, 7:03am link
You're right, fundamentalists are dangerous. The new confronational strategy of CV marks a change from just writing to newspapers and ranting to using physical intimidation against anyone they don't like. This makes tham more like Commies and Nazis than the secularists.

I'm not going to respond to Mr X as I reckon that you have set him up just to add a bit of controversy. He can't be for real.

Great site anyway.
Steve T [Email][Home], 24.02.2005, 10:14am link
Just visiting, but I do feel the need to point out that in the Soviet Union they actually didn't believe in Darwinian evolution. The official state theory was a form of Lamarckism. Millions of people starved as scientists blindly attempted to use bad science to increase their agriculture.

Oh, and it could be argued that capitalism has many facets common with Darwinism.
James Graham [Email], 24.02.2005, 11:13am link
Angel - not yet, I'll probably get round to sorting our some sort of site feed soon.

Steve - I haven't made up Mr-X, but I'm not convinced he's for real. He's just a troll - someone who pops up on websites to be annoying. He probably doesn't actually beleive what he's writing.
Tim [Home], 24.02.2005, 12:11pm link
he might not believe it, but I know many people who believe exactly that, not the moondust crap, but the 6000 years I hear almost daily. It is usually quite fun to have them try and explain dinosaurs, I mean did they exist? did they exist before man? did God create their bones in the rocks?
redfred [Email][Home], 24.02.2005, 12:29pm link
I thought I'd just present an interesting comment - although I'm not a Christian, I hve read the Bible a few times and find it interesting that although Christian Voice perport to be Christian, their actions run counter to many of Jesus teachings in the bible ("turn the other cheek" for example). Surely this means that there is an even greater insult to the Christian Faith than Jerry Springer the Opera - these heathens masquerading as Christians!
jef , 24.02.2005, 2:46pm link
i belive in "religion is the opium of man", thank marx this was brought to this world by a good communist. Communism is the only thing keeping this world together, it opened up the eyes of common atheists.
Religion is bullshit, it makes no sense, there is no heaven or hell!!

damn you religious bastards and ur retarded stories.

Lenin [Email], 24.02.2005, 4:38pm link
wasn't it the opium of the masses?
redfred [Email][Home], 24.02.2005, 7:10pm link
hi, first time here. you're linked to a friends website. this is all very interesting. i personally don't have a problem with christians as long as they leave everyone else the fuck alone and don't try and convert people. but how often does that happen in real life? and i agree with Agnostic - 'Religion was made up by people to control the masses. I have no use for religion myself. I live everyday life by not thinking about it at all. The people that believe need it because they fear what happens when they die.' and strangely this was a topic of conversation in class the other day. (Rs philosophy and ethics)
it's amazing that they stopped the money being used. my argument would be why not do some good with something that came from 'evil'. you're right, fundalentalists are dangerous. i mean in any religion not just christianity. i was under the impression that the recent acts of terrorism were performed by fundamentalists who believed the torah told them to do it. i could be wrong i wasn't paying that much attention. but it seems that most of the problems come from interpretation or an enigmatic text.
and by the way all hail marx who i believe said quite wisely 'religion is a consept thought up by the rich to keep the poor/peasents under control.' i think someone said this already but hey its true. take lucifer for example. wasn't lucifer the latin name for the morning star that is now venus? i think it was changed by priests in the 14th century(?)and originally (in the hebrew text) lucifer was a king who tormented the jews or something of the kind. hey i'm just rambling now. but my point is that it's all a fabrication. if you look hard enough the bible and many followers contradict themselves. the most common get out clause when you point this out i've found is the 'we will will never know gods true purpose' shit. i've gotten that response to the question of evil and suffering. and also the problem of satan.
sorry i went on a bit long there.
trinity , 24.02.2005, 11:07pm link
what about moon dust? If the earth was billions of years old, so is the moon. The moon has no atmosphere, so space dust falls to the surface of the moon and accumulates. The space shuttle would have drowned in it, but it didn't.
I'm for real, and believe that earth is 6000 years old. I believe is true and without error. Evolution is bull, because they aint no monkey down my family line. There might be a couple in Tim's decendants. I'm here to preach the truth and not annoy people. If the truth hurts, too bad.
I believe everything I'm writing.
Mr_X , 25.02.2005, 12:01am link
My god, mr x, you should either be on tv as a comedian or in a mental institution. first of all, evolution never claimed human evlved from monkeys, but only that both species shared a common ancestor. Also, evolution was not invented by the soviet union, t was discovered by charles darwin years before the rise of communist russia.
hastalavictoria [Email], 25.02.2005, 12:27am link
who cares about a common ancestor? That ancestor must be human,not a monkey. Evolution was invented in the soviet union. Tim's sponsors are from there as well. Your the one who should be in a mental institution, believing that the earth is bilions of years old, and we have a common ancestor with monkeys. Thank God I live in the bible belt in the USA, where we are fighting to have evolution be removed from the curriculum. LIfe is simple here, we love God and his son Jesus, and love our country. I'm for real Tim, her e to preach the word.
mr_X , 25.02.2005, 2:26am link
i will not respond to such incessant psychobable. i will say only this. noone knows for sure what happened in the beginning. we have only a petina of slightly plausable theories.
trinity , 25.02.2005, 10:00am link
read and learn:
I went into my classroom
Ready for another year at school.
I didn't want to work Just wanted to hang and be cool.
I had on new clothes,
New sneakers on my feet.
I was there for class on time
Went to the back and took my seat.
Yeah, I'm moving up.I'm already grown.
Soon I'll be graduating
And out on my own.
I talked to some of my friends.
We were all having fun.
Said some things I shouldn't have said,
Did stuff I shouldn't have done.
I knew I was different.
I felt God touch my heart.
I knew I should set a standard,
But then I'd be set apart.
Walking to the bus,
I was not looking straight.
I heard the car tires screeching,
But now it's too late.
I'm standing in this room
And I can see the heavenly gate.
Oh no! I never prayed.
I thought I had time to get it straight.
An angel walked to me.
He had a book in his hand.
I knew it was the Book of Life.
When would this dream end?
I told him my name and he began to look.
Then he looked at me sadly and said
Your name is not in this book.
Angel, this is a dream.
No, I can't be dead!
He closed the book and turned away.
He whispered - You can not proceed ahead.
No, no this can't be real.
Angel, you can't turn me away.
Let me talk to God.Maybe He'll let me stay.
He led me to the gate.
Jesus came to me,
He did not let me in but said,
"Beloved what is your need?"
Jesus, I cried, please
Don't cast me away from you.
Tears ran down His face as He said,
"You knew what you needed to do."
Lord, please I'm young.
I never thought I would die.
I thought I had plenty of time.
Death caught me by surprise.
Lord, I went to church.
Please Jesus, I believe.
He said. "You would not accept me.My love you would not receive."
Lord, there were too many hypocrites.
They weren't being true.
He took a step back and asked
"What does that have to do with you?"
Lord, my family claimed to be saved,
They weren't real. You know.
He said, "I died for you.
Now I have to go."
I fell to my knees crying to Him.
Lord, I planned to be real tomorrow.
I couldn't make Him understand.
I had never felt such sorrow.
Then it hit me hard, I said
Lord, where will I go?
He looked into my eyes and said,
"My child you already know."
Please Jesus, I begged
The place is so hot.It seemed to trouble and grieve Him.
Lord, you're supposed to be love.
How can you send me to damnation?
He replied, "With your mouth you said you loved me,But each day you rejected my salvation."
With that, in an instant,
Day turned into night.
I never knew such torture could be.
Now too late, I know the Bible is right.
If I can tell you anything,
Hell has no age.
It is a place of torture,
Separated from God and full of rage.
You know I thought it was funny - a joke,
But this one thing is true.
If you never accept Jesus Christ

Remember this trinity, and Tim and comrades. You've been warned.
Mr_X , 25.02.2005, 11:39am link
Bloody hell, he's started on the poetry now. How long before he gets out the guitar and starts singing "Kum by yah"?

Anyway, I'd advise no one bothers with X from now on - lines like "Thank God I live in the bible belt in the USA, where we are fighting to have evolution be removed from the curriculum" could only be the creation of a bona fide troll.
Ben [Home], 25.02.2005, 12:47pm link
I find it difficult to deal with "the earth is 6000 years old" people as in the back of my mind is the thought "surely you don't REALLY believe that?". Judging by his other statements, Mr_X is clearly a troll though (if you are real Mr_X, why not try my Christianity Questionnaire?)
Tim [Home], 25.02.2005, 1:37pm link
Anyone know what "Kum by yah" actually means?
Tim [Home], 25.02.2005, 1:38pm link
"Come by here" according to Wikipedia:

You'd almost think I'd got nothing better to do than mess about with Google all day, wouldn't you? You'd be right, too.
Ben [Home], 25.02.2005, 2:09pm link
i just get bored dealing with fundamentalists who make it their life's work trying to convert people. as someone wiseley said 'fundamantalist puritanism - the haunting fear that someone somewhere might be happy.'
trinity , 25.02.2005, 2:18pm link
omg u religious ppl piss the hell out of me!!
how can u not believe in evolution?? it makes so much sense. humans resemble chimpanzees in so many ways and likewise so do chimpanzees to humans. darwin was a great man, and communism was the greatest invention because it made people think. religion is doing nothing but destroying this world!! accept it!! there is no heaven or hell!! such a concept just boggles my mind. if there is a god well let him come to me so i can shoot him!! cuz i am here waiting for him!!
Lenin , 26.02.2005, 1:23am link
Mr.X you simply must be a troll. For all the references to the commies etc.

As for the Earth only being around for 6000 years? Your simply nuts on that one. If the Earth existed for only 6000 years why is there proof of life beyond that time frame? If that proof is false then at what point did humans co-exist with the Dinasaurs? Why is that co-existance not mentioned in the Bible? Or anywhere else in history? Surely the ancient Egyptians didn't mention them. Now does the ancient culture of the Asians.

Also if there was one universal creator and only two people at the start of time, wouldn't all religion(s) be the same throughout the 6000 years? If we all indeed came from the same two people created by the same "god" then why are there so many different religions. We're they not told the same story from generation to generation? Again refering to the egyptians who had no relevant knowledge of the creator you mention today. In fact they beleived in many gods who created many different aspects of the known universe. They worshipped/feared cats for fuck sakes. If they (having existed close to 6000 years ago) had no knowledge of a Christian god, how can you still tell me it is not a story, or a fairy tale.

That brings me to another point, human genetics research also shows that if the human genetic code (or any genetic code thereof) be forced to replicate unto itself for generations, birth defects, and eventually the distruction of the very genetic code become immenant. So if only two people were created and told to reproduce, would your creator (who washed his hands of his creation after seven days, if he didn't where in documented history, thats factual documentation did he last intervien with his creation) given each newborn a new genetic code with wich to reproduce with his sibblings? If that were true than still each of us would have a totally unique genetic code absolutely not reminisent of our family line. Wich of course would rule out genetic illnesses wich by your logic simply can't exist.

Oh and Mr. X there arn't monkeys in your lineage, but I am pretty sure at this point there is the mentality of monkeys passed on to you somewhere. If the Earth did truely exist for only 6 thousand years, proove to me the answers above without saying "its in the bible" as the bible is the largest peice of propaganda bullshit ever created by mankind for the sole purpose of making money off peoples greatest inner beleifs.

Sorry I went on a little long on this post, great site, can't beleive it took me this long to find something like this.
Simple_Simon [Email], 26.02.2005, 7:13am link
Simple Simon:
you'll believe anything but the truth:

The fallacies of evolution:

1. True science can deal only with the present; it can tell us nothing about origins. volution is not a science; it is a faith-and a very naive faith.

2. Evolution supposedly explains the "creation" of all things in terms of present processes, but the first law of thermodynamics says that nothing is now being "created."
3. Evolution presupposes an innate tendency towards progress and increasing order and complexity in the universe, but the second law of thermo- dynamics proves there is an innate tendency towards decay and disorder in the universe.

4. Evolution supposedly is brought about by gene mutations, but almost 100% of all known mutations are harmful or even fatal to the creatures which experience them.

5. No example of true evolution from one basic "kind" into another "kind" is known either in the present world or in the fossil record of the past.

6. Evolutionary kinship of all creatures would imply a continuous integrating of all forms of life, but both present life and the records of past life show great gaps between all the different kinds of plants and animals.

7. Natural selection supposedly accounts for the development of new kinds, but actually tends to preserve the present kinds, since an incipient organ or new feature of any kind would have no "survival" value unless it were fully functional from its very beginning.

8. Evolution contradicts the scientific law that no effect can be greater than its cause, since it assumes that intelligence was developed from non-intelligent matter, that morality was evolved from non-moral processes, that love and other emotional qualities came out of unfeeling chemicals, that infinitely complex structures arose from simple beginnings, and that consciousness began out of inert molecules.

These principles were taken from:
Mr_X [Home], 26.02.2005, 4:52pm link
Simple Simon:
it was the Egyptians who borrowed off the christians and not vice versa. I've been reading this postings on this website, and this is argument has come up before.
Do your homework first before making such grandiose claims.
I've found literature which suggests otherwise.
Do you honestly believe, that if you can track down your ancestors, that you will find a nonhuman somewhere in the chain.
The monkey in your chain is probably Tim.
Mr_X , 26.02.2005, 4:58pm link
HI, good site, but preview erased my post, so I'll keep this simple, not preview it, and see if it sticks.

Halram the PseudoName [Email][Home], 26.02.2005, 5:02pm link
OK, that stuck, so I surfed in via CafePress, where moving in the same general direction, I've opened a protest shop for the alienation of my daughter's affections (see

Yes the universe is an endless series of "what's outside of THAT" ever expanding boxes of infinity. I'm a hopeful AGNOSTIC who believes that if there is a Jesus, then those of us SMART ENOUGH and PATIENT enough to wait til after death to get the explanation, WILL BE USHERED TO THE FRONT OF THE LINE at the Pearly Gates, providing we you common sense and common decency as guideposts for our life choices. Why do Xtians want to use radiocarbon dating to prove the Shroud of Turin, but then discard it for anything else ? Current day monkeys are very distantly removed COUSINS (circa 8 million years or so to anything resembling a common ancestor, which would be neither monkey nor human). Modern apes are much closer to the human line, but still the split from a common ancestor goes back at least 5 million years. Again, that ancestor was neither ape nor human.
Halram the PseudoName [Email][Home], 26.02.2005, 5:12pm link

How does disproving evolution, and proving that the earth is only 6000 years old, help promote christianty?
UberAthiest [Email], 26.02.2005, 6:58pm link

The Darwinian theory of descent has not a single fact to confirm it in the realm of nature. It is not the result of scientific research, but purely the product of imagination."

"Scientists have no proof that life was not the result of an act of creation.

Just as pre-Darwinian biology was carried out by people whose faith was in the Creator and His plan, post-Darwinian biology is being carried out by people whose faith is in, almost, the deity of Darwin. They've seen their task as to elaborate his theory and to fill the gaps in it, to fill the trunk and twigs of the tree. But it seems to me that the theoretical framework has very little impact on the actual progress of the work in biological research. In a way some aspects of Darwinism and of neo-Darwinism seem to me to have held back the progress of science.

Scientists who go about teaching that evolution is a fact of life are great con men, and the story they are telling may be the greatest hoax ever. In explaining evolution we do not have one iota of fact.' A tangled mishmash of guessing games and figure juggling

In accepting evolution as fact, how many biologists pause to reflect that science is built upon theories that have been proved by experiment to be correct or remember that the theory of animal evolution has never been thus approved.

The fact is that the evidence was so patchy one hundred years ago that even Darwin himself had increasing doubts as to the validity of his views, and the only aspect of his theory which has received any support over the past century is where it applies to microevolutionary phenomena. His general theory, that all life on earth had originated and evolved by a gradual successive accumulation of fortuitous mutations, is still, as it was in Darwin's time, a highly speculative hypothesis entirely without direct factual support and very far from that self-evident axiom some of its more aggressive advocates would have us believe.
The awesome MR_X , 26.02.2005, 11:57pm link
Look i donr care if you disprove evolution. I dont personally believe in evolution, but I know that christianity isn't any more plausible.

and by the way, you didnt answer the question...
How does disproving evolution, and proving that the earth is only 6000 years old, help promote christianty?

ah well, at least you are acknowledging that it was Darwin who came up with evolution now rather than evil commie KGB people.
UberAthiest [Email], 27.02.2005, 12:20am link
LOL and theres no way mr x wrote all that stuff about darwin himself!
Mr X est le tool [Email], 27.02.2005, 12:22am link
Mr. X re-read my entire post you iliterate dipshit. Where in the enitirety of that post did I state I beleive either one. Evolution is simply not the whole of the answer yet, but a beleive structure such as creationism based upon a fictional peice of literature. Is way too easy to proove wrong.

AND I ASKED YOU SOME QUESTIONS! I don't see an answer, either that means you neither posses the required intellectual ability (givin since your a religious nut) or the logical thinking required to answer any of my above questions without repeating the same religious bullshit we've all heard before.

Evolution isn't the whole answer, but it sure as hell makes more sense so far, that the Earth being 6000 years old.
Simple_Simon [Email], 27.02.2005, 3:26pm link
I want to know how Mr X can tell the difference between 6000 years of dust and millions of years of dust? Maybe there was a colony of Martha Stewart predecessors living on the moon (now extinct) who kept the dust down in anticipation of spacecraft landings?

Mr X. The bible was written by many, many PEOPLE, and not that long ago either. It's a nice collection of stories, but the best (most useful) parts talk about good and wrong, respecting your fellow man, living peacefully, "loving thy neighbour" and so on.

Have a read sometime
Yahoo , 27.02.2005, 9:34pm link
yes yahoo u are right!! its jes a bunch of stories put together by a bunch of drunkards in an ancient bar one night. like wtf is that?? a sea split apart?? BAHAHAHA!! what is this a magic show??
Lenin , 28.02.2005, 1:01am link
Yes, Brother Tim, there really are scientifically ignorant morons who take seriously the absurd notion that the earth is only 6000 years old. Creationists are not only ignorant, they are intentionally dishonest. They count on the scientific ignorance of those they peddle their pseudoscientific nonsense to, knowing that those same folks will not bother to verify that what they are being told is actually factual. If Mr. X and those like him would take the time and make the effort to educate themselves, they would realize how foolish they are and how easy it is to disprove Creationist claims.
Brother Jeff [Home], 28.02.2005, 3:47pm link
Mr x
The biggest hoax placed on humanity is the belief that God is angry,and will punish you for things you do that are not to his likings.and this hoax is nothing but a method of control used to manipulate tha masses.
william , 28.02.2005, 10:01pm link
Bro Tim:
Creation and Evolution are both valid. You only have to look around to see examples of both!!
william , 28.02.2005, 10:05pm link
Brother Jeff,
you should be the first one to educate himself so that you will come to realize the earth is 6000 years. After visiting your website, and seeing how you look, it was probably one generation back in your lineage where there's a monkey.
Mr. X , 01.03.2005, 3:36am link
hey mr.x ur christian and religious ideologies sicken me, the power of the motherland will rise again, and you will see who is god (me).
Lenin , 01.03.2005, 10:27pm link
Comrade [Email], 05.03.2005, 1:15pm link
Fools, I am GOD. by the way, mr x is not my friend, he will burn in hell as he has broke one of my commandments. Mr X, if you want to come to heavan you have to apologise to all these nice people for being such a fool. (dont worry about dying, im arranging for satan to look after you)
God , 05.03.2005, 5:35pm link
God, no way, you can keep that nut job Mr X. I don't want any part of him. Our agreement allows me to refuse acceptance of some people into hell.
BTW, Sierra and friends, do you want front row tickets to the Iron Maiden concert in hell when they arrive. Please book now, tickets are scarce.
Lucifer , 05.03.2005, 5:56pm link
darn it, i don't want him either!
God , 05.03.2005, 6:51pm link
If Iron Maiden are going to be playing hell, then I'm definitly in! Incidently why did you pick Iron Maiden? I mean they are hardly the most demonic band out there... in fact if you were to do any kind of research you would find that they are one of the least offencive bands on the face of the planet.
redfred [Email][Home], 07.03.2005, 3:18pm link
Great band - up until about '85 at least.

As anyone intersting is going to hell, and heaven is going to be full of irritating Christians, I know where I'd rather go (if either place actually existed of course!)
Tim [Home], 07.03.2005, 5:52pm link

Can you get Judas Priest to play too? Hell yeah I'll be there.

Why would I want to sit around telling that god-fag how great he is for eternity?

Sierra [Email], 07.03.2005, 11:56pm link
I want to stand around drinking god beer from a disposable god cup.

Also, did you ever wonder - was jesus breast or bottle fed? I mean, I never see mary with a bottle in any painting so I'm sure Jesus was breast fed. I doubt they just started spoon-feeding him the frankensence and myrr right off.

Kind of give a whole new insight on the little nipple-sucker dosen't it.

Sierra , 08.03.2005, 12:05am link
Thats it I no longer believe that Mr X exists. No one that stupid could possibly be real. Where exactly is the Soviet Union pray tell? I suppose any idiot who is capable of believing that christ actual existed is capable of believing anything even that the USSR still exists.
Oh and another thing religeons are not created. They are what happens when spirituality is hijacked by arseholes like Mr X.
Hell Lad , 15.04.2005, 3:43pm link
ohh... i got a good schedule, whippings at 6am, yoga and gym at 4pm.
CJ , 15.05.2005, 8:01am link
Hello - love this website. As much fun to look through as ex-christian.
And to Mr. X - the biggest danger doesn't seem to be that you were descended from monkeys, but that you might be overtaken by them.
Rowan , 09.07.2005, 3:46pm link - Comments from archived blog posts