Comments on Christians ... I don't get it

Hey Tim
keep up the good work!!!
It anger them to believe that you percieve the web they weave!! so keep on thinking free!! You are more spiritual then you know!!
william , 21.02.2005, 3:39pm link

Jarrow - sorry, a problem with the script meant I only got the first two questions you'd answered - please try again (but avoid double quotes or lots of punctuation in your answers)
Tim [Home], 21.02.2005, 5:00pm link
Hi there--I just finished answering your 'Christian Questionaire.' Just wanted to say, you had some very provacative questions, and I hope you receive some intelligent responses. I've been studying Comparative Religions for the past five years in an academic setting, and as with all things, the more you learn the more you realize how relatively little you actually know. So I hope some of my responses weren't too dissatisfying (I tried to keep them short, but thorough).

As you mentioned in a previous post, the fact is if you don't believe, you don't believe, and there's not much anyone can (or should) do to convince you otherwise. You probably understand that from a musical point of view--some people have a musical ear, and some don't, and there isn't necessarily a value-judgment attached. I just wanted to drop in and leave a comment as a liberal Christian, since I know these types of blogs can get really self-righteous and self-congratulating sometimes. ;) Just hoping everyone here remembers that we're not all awful Jesusland bigots here in the U.S. Some of us see our religion as supporting our liberal, tolerant values as well as our natural drive to question, seek and make the most of rational thought. :)
Ali , 25.02.2005, 7:56pm link
Ali - most of the feedback I got from the questionnaire when it was on my old site was of the "but God is real - you're going to burn in hell!" type, although I know not all Christians are like that. I'll add your answers (and my comments on them) to the page shortly.
Tim [Home], 25.02.2005, 11:49pm link
At one point religion was important because it helped control the people. If you could threaten them with eternal damnation then you could get people to do what ever you want. And that is how most civilations worked in unity. But, do we really have to lie to our citizens to keep them in check? Hell no. I believe people should do the right thing because they want to, not because they have to, or are tricked into it.
Robert [Email], 26.03.2005, 4:30am link - Comments from archived blog posts