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Brother Jeff is a moron. Brother Rev Holy Fire kicked his ass on his website. I think Holy fire should visit this website.
What do you know about world religions timmy?
Mr X , 26.03.2005, 2:15am link
Hey Brother Jeff, at least christians are not stupid enough to believe that one of their ancestors is a half-human? Still can't tell me or brother rev holy fire which descendant of yours was the "monkey".
Jesus is king of kings and lord of lords. He's coming back soon.
Mr X , 26.03.2005, 2:23am link
haha Mr X good one! no using you're knowledge I should reply like this "well atleast people who are against religion don't believe some guy walked on water lol lol" but instead, discard that and.... i'll just laugh at you, go masturbate you dirty boy mr. x
imcompa , 26.03.2005, 6:16am link
imcompa , 26.03.2005, 6:16am link
Mr.X, Jesus has been "comming back soon" for about 2000 years ...
Tim [Home], 26.03.2005, 10:42am link
You have to love assholes like Mr. X. He and his ilk insult the knowledgeable and reject any idea of evolution and yet profess adamantly that:

1. An invisible man created the universe and everything in it in 7 days.
2. The earth was once completely flooded by now-missing water.
3. Mary had a virgin birth.
4. God's son raised a guy from the dead.
5. This Jesus guy walked on water.
6. Good old jesus can feed 5000 people on 2 fish and 3 loaves (damn small portions).

On and on.

Now tell me...who is the idiot?

Sierra [Email], 28.03.2005, 5:10am link
sierra you are an Idiot!!!! and this is coming from a human who tries not to judge!! its just an observation of what you write get a life!! you too mr x
willie , 28.03.2005, 5:27pm link
Goes a long way to justifying my comments to fellow American Athiests that seperation of church and state is not necessarily a good thing, especially when it comes to education.

I am constantly amased at how little the vast majority of "christians" both in the UK and the US actually know about the bible, and how often I have to feed them their lines and remind them which part of the bible says what. It would be interesting to see the results for Americans would look like, I suspect that the questions relating to non christian religions would be significantly lower.
Redfred [Email][Home], 28.03.2005, 5:29pm link
As I said in a previous post, Jesus would not have been some kind of right-wing capitalist!
It is amazing how little people who claim to be Christian actually know about Christianity - they just pick the bits they agree with or take things out of context to try to justify their bigoted views.
Tim [Home], 29.03.2005, 12:57pm link
The merging of church and state is all well and good until you start to try to figure out who's church.

Everyone assumes it will be theirs.

God is a made up story. He does not exist. Its no more of a basis for government than basing it on the teachings of winnie the pooh.

Sierra , 01.04.2005, 9:40pm link
The idiot is you Sierra as you continue to show your arrogance and stupidity with each posting.
The most stupid thing to believe is that your anscestor was a "monkey". Now that is stupid. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, this alone discredits evolution.
Mr. X , 05.04.2005, 3:17am link
Sierra only proves God exists. You are desperate to find God and will only do so when you get quiet, and still. The silence will lead you to God. I need not say anymore on this issue. God exists, always has and always will. Deal with it.
Mr X , 05.04.2005, 3:19am link
Mr. X -- you're an idiot. "Spiritual beings having a human experience" is not proof that there is a god.

Using "magic" to try and define "magic" is not how you prove that magic exists. You cannot simply say "it's there, so deal with it" because that makes you as closed-minded and ignorant as those you seek to argue against.

But then again that is the usual response from Xtians. They claim to be open-minded and accepting, yet refuse to believe any definition that doesnt include their man-god myth.

What would you say to the other 2/3 of the world's population that doesnt believe your ridiculous fairy tale?
erik , 08.04.2005, 12:29pm link
Mr X you dumb fucking bastard. We live on an earth which is quite obviously millions of years old yet you choose to belive in a creation myth less sophisticated than most childrens fables.
What is it about evolution that contradicts the existense of god to you ?
Is your god so small that a couple of billion years would be to long for him?
Is it the fact that your existence is so insignificant when few in the context of a million or so years that you cant believe god would give it any value.
Thats your arrogance talking. To refute the findings of people far more intelligent than you on the basis of the most flimsy of "historical" documents i.e. the Bible is the greatest display of arrogance. And further proof of your astounding stupidity.
Hell Lad , 14.04.2005, 3:43pm link
Mr. X wrote, 'The most stupid thing to believe is that your anscestor was a "monkey"', thereby showing complete ignorance of evolution.
Both monkeys and homo sapiens came from a common ancestor. (Oh, and humans are African apes.)
Tony [Email], 18.04.2005, 2:08am link
oh my fucking god, mr x is hilarious. he's like a mindless zombie who just parrots the same shit over and over. so not worth my time =)
god , 21.04.2005, 10:35am link
wow mr x sure loves fairy tales ;)
pope , 30.04.2005, 7:29am link
hey Mr.X, about that hwole coming of the 2nd christ? you are aware that thing was started a few decades ago. if the second christ comes, i feel dorry for him. h'd be met with so much hate not only by atheists, but by christians too. he better find a safe palce to be resurrected then a populated area. he can shake hands withn the aliens like i posted earlier on. i just think that once again if he should come again how ever the frck taht ahppens, he better wear a helmet.

and for the monkey ancestors, the proof is all around us. look at Goerge Bush!

go to and do a search for 't must be bush' or something like that in the past months.
do also take note that only the primate family (one i'm happy to be related to) it the only one that has facial expression eyond "im tired" (like the dog or tiger)
and have opposable thumbs. coincidence that we both have thumbs, similar DNA, social behaviors and anatomy? i think not. but then again, thas my oppinion, and i stick by it. feel free to scream your out as well.
CJ , 04.05.2005, 5:35am link
mind you, the whole alien things is on a different comments board. basically the way the world is, the only safe place for aliens to land is an active volcanoe nowadays. not that i'm saying they should be engulfed in lava. taht would probably suck alot.
CJ , 04.05.2005, 5:37am link
for who created the univerce, i think its one of those myth who have creted it. My opinion is that billions of years ago, zeus created it when he beat the shit out of hades
navjeet [Email], 07.05.2005, 3:33am link
mr x, your a funny guy but your an idiot
navjeet [Email], 07.05.2005, 3:35am link
i have something else to say. adolf hitler is a very evil and should be snipered ant bombed at the same thing along with his nazis. United States Of America also sucks like hell. Bush is a fuckering moron and should get nucleur bombed by the iraqis.
navjeet [Email], 07.05.2005, 3:38am link
Thanks for the kind compliment Navjeet. I spoke to my wrath and my wrath did end. Move away from ego (earth guide only) and embrace spirit. You will be on this path one day.
Mr X , 07.05.2005, 5:54pm link
Mr. X why do you believe so strongly that god exists, when clearly he does not? It is plainly visible that god is not real. Evolution may not be the truth though, as it does say that my great,great,great,
great,great,great, (and so on) grandfather was a rock. That's wonderful, I evolved from a rock.
Dustin , 09.05.2005, 9:51pm link
'The most stupid thing to believe is that your ancestor was a "monkey"' - Mr.X
Oh dear, when WILL the religious folk get it right? Why do they ALL make this most basic of all mistakes? According to evolutionary theory, mankind and apes share a common ancestry; it does NOT claim that people evolved from apes!
The way they constantly misunderstand this very simple idea merely proves how shockingly ignorant the Bible-Bashers truly are! Take note of this 'Mr. X', it's important.
By the way, do you, Mr. X, have ANY evidence, or can you give anyone any reason whatsoever, that would convince the rest of us to believe ANY of your assertions?
You claim that we are 'spiritual beings having a human experience'. Just what exactly do you mean by 'spiritual' anyway? Can you prove this claim? Do you have any proof to back it up?
These are all important questions that you really need to come to terms with, otherwise you will just not be taken seriously (and you are not; have you noticed this by any chance?).
PA , 20.05.2005, 12:59am link
What's happened to Mr X? His unproven (and ludicrous) assertions were really entertaining, if nothing else. "God is Within" - what a joke!! If that is the kind of 'god' that christians believe in, no wonder they are having such a hard time defending their beliefs from perfectly justified criticism.
PA , 30.05.2005, 1:41pm link
Of course there is no separation of church and state in the UK -- the church of England is the established (ie officially recognised) state church, with the monarch at its head as "Defender of the Faith" (all thanks to Henry VIII's schism with Rome). Even so, everyone just regards this as a technicality -- we don't have politicians professing their faith publicly, saying payers before cabinet meetings or "fath based" initiatives. Religious intervention in politics and government is a non-issue, just as it should be.
Nigel Pond [Email], 07.06.2005, 5:49pm link
A comment about people's ignorance about catholics. Many christians aren't catholic. Somehow trivia about the Vatican is being passes off as 'religious knoledge'
Al , 18.08.2005, 2:01pm link
Holy shit. That survey is really a slap in the face to an American. I had no idea Britons were so dumb. You could've asked me most of those questions when I was a little kid and I could've gotten most of them right
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