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The beautiful thing about being an Athiest is that I do not have to do any worrying about my "soul", "hell" or any of the other silly parts of the story.

By example - although at one time almost everyone swore they existed, I have also made the conscious decision NOT to insure my home against DRAGONS.

God does not exist.

Sierra [Email], 12.03.2005, 12:16am link
"a universal creator is a logical impossibility"

Hate to repeat myself, Tim, but since you are, well hey ho. No matter how much you huff and puff and no matter how barmy the Christians are, the jury is still out on this one, although the evidence is slowly drifting in your direction. Give it a hundred years or so...
john durkin [Email][Home], 12.03.2005, 2:42am link
Slowly drifting????????...

You continental drift/tektonic EVOLUTIONARY process that does not exist?


About the only thing drifting is the self-serving morality of the candle jockeys.

Sierra [Email], 12.03.2005, 3:27am link
lol idiots
lol , 12.03.2005, 4:34am link
sierra there are enough trendy goth wiccan skanks in this world today. erm go cut your arms or something.
whore , 12.03.2005, 4:37am link
Whore -

Your post makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE. I can only assume you are a devout christian.

Sierra [Email], 12.03.2005, 6:24am link
John - just re-stating what I've said before. No evidence as such, just the thought that there can be no creator - at least not in the accepted sense of the word.
I suppose one would have to fully define the term "God" before stating that God definately cannot exist?
Tim [Home], 12.03.2005, 4:25pm link
It's the old "absence of belief" vs. "belief in absence" debate.

People tend to define other people's thought processes in their own terms, so it's no surprise that believers will want to say that atheists also "believe" in absence.
angel [Email][Home], 12.03.2005, 1:54pm link
I am an AFFIRMATIVE ATHIEST. Chsoing not to believe suggests that there is something to and and I choose to ignore it. On the other hand, I AFFIRMATIVELY KNOW THERE IS NOTHING TO WORSHIP. Call this believing in absence or whatever, but the point is that I KNOW how life is set up.

Religion is a disease. I am immune.

Sierra [Email], 12.03.2005, 4:10pm link

Police: Gunman kills 7 at church meeting
Suspect then shot himself to death, chief says

(CNN) -- A gunman opened fire at a church meeting in a Wisconsin hotel Saturday afternoon, leaving seven people dead or dying before killing himself, police said.

The gunman died from a self-inflicted wound at the scene; four other people also died at the scene, and three died at a hospital.

The shooting occurred in Brookfield, a community of 6,420 people about 15 miles west of Milwaukee.

Of those who were shot, the youngest victim was about 10 years old and the oldest was around 72, Brookfield police Chief Daniel Tushaus said.

Four people remained in hospitals.

None of the victims' names were released. They were members of the Living Church of God, an international evangelical denomination based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Tushaus said police responded to a call from the Sheraton Hotel at 12:51 p.m. (1:51 p.m. ET).

"We quickly determined that a multiple shooting had occurred, and the suspect involved apparently died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound," the chief said. "There are no other suspects being sought at this time.

"The suspect is the person we believe is responsible for the shooting incident."

Tushaus said the gunman's motive was unknown, and he didn't know if the shooter, who used a handgun, targeted certain people.

Nine-year-old Bridget Healy of Chicago, Illinois, said she heard the shots.

"I just heard a woman screaming 'help.' Someone call 911. Somebody's shot," said Bridget, who said she quickly went to tell her mother.

"My biggest concern was the children. I didn't want them to see anything," Janet Healy said.

She said people moved quickly, and many were visibly upset. She said she approached two men who were crying and said, "I'm sorry."


Sierra [Email], 13.03.2005, 1:37am link
There is no evidence of any kind to support the exist of any supernatural being. Moreover, religious belief has been responsible for spilling more blood than any other type of belief system. It is time to put an end to superstition.
vjack [Email][Home], 13.03.2005, 2:39pm link
Copy that!
Lumberjack Jack , 13.03.2005, 3:49pm link
Atheist has its flaws, Atheism think's they're great because they're so open minded and agaisnt religion, but what they forgot to do was to be open minded about everything, including religion

I believe that anything that I haven't proven with my senses, isn't real, but even then, can I be sure im not being fooled or have complete ignorance? I dont know

one religion might be right, they're could be a god, their could be 2, their could be none, but I dont know, without sensed proof.

Im not a atheist, im not a christian

im Derek, an indivudual that belongs to no cult or group, I think for myself, I believe what I believe.
Derek B [Email], 17.03.2005, 6:00am link
Im not a atheist, im not a christian im not "a" anything, I dont stamp something on my forehead and say this is what I am, because I'm a human being and my thought changes constantly, cults and groups are much to general.

im Derek, an indivudual that belongs to no cult or group, I think for myself, I believe what I believe.
Derek B [Email], 17.03.2005, 6:02am link
Interesting that you say Christians must be opposed but you don't mention the other main religion that preaches, bans things and forces people to do things; Islam.

Is this because you think Christians are worse than Muslims or is it because Muslims are more violent and you're scared of them?
Steve [Email][Home], 17.03.2005, 4:49pm link
Already answered, read my post addressed to tim_not_for_me towards the end of the thread "Hang on a sec".
Mr_y , 17.03.2005, 5:18pm link

The answer is also given at the introduction to this thread.
Mr_y , 17.03.2005, 5:23pm link


Those replies did not come out as expected, I'll try again. As explained at the beginning of this thread, xtianity, unlike other religions, actively seeks to convert others and influence governments. In England at least, muslims do not do any of these things.

Muslims only become dangerous when they have large bombs dropped onto them for no apparent reason.
Mr_y , 17.03.2005, 5:57pm link
Steve I am not afraid of Muslims or the other religions, I just didn't think it was worth it to write the rest of them, and since I used to be a hardcore christian, it was the one I used for my example,
I was Christian
then I became Christian Buddhust Muslim, then I studied more religions and came to thwe conclusion that no religion is right or wrong
Derek B [Email], 17.03.2005, 7:18pm link
The reason we drop bombs on Muslims may not be "apparent" to you, but I assure you it is there and in fact valid!!!
Sierra , 18.03.2005, 4:03pm link
I've read this site for a while now and have been amused by the arguments to and fro but nothing has made me want to comment until now.

What, I wonder, are valid reasons for dropping bombs on muslims (or indeed, on anyone, be they christian, buddhist, atheist or whatever)?

I cannot see any moral or ethical imperatives that justify killing others in the name of any belief - religious, secular or political.
bogue [Home], 19.03.2005, 10:02am link
sierra is a fucking moron. :/
coolkid , 20.03.2005, 10:32am link
Derek B writes, "Atheism think's they're great because they're so open minded and agaisnt religion, but what they forgot to do was to be open minded about everything".
Not so open that our brains fall out, Derek...
Kimpatsu [Email], 22.03.2005, 11:33pm link
Sierra is worse than a moron; he's a dangerous moron, a bloody lunatic. Are all athiests as demented as he appears to be?
PA , 19.05.2005, 6:46am link
I have a question for you PA. If atheists are so demented then why does god allow things such as the evidence (and in greater amounts everyday) of evolution and the big bang and science's greatest realizations appear before us to mislead us away from him. This seems to be a god with little sense for he is giving his own followers reason to leave him. This sounds extremely erroneous for a god of such perfection to leave so many gaps in his follower's faith.
Justin , 23.05.2005, 10:27pm link
And another part I forgot to add to my last comment if he has given us so much evidence why has he given you absolutely none except at most a book which in that area how do you know it is don't.
Justin , 23.05.2005, 10:49pm link
Justin, anyone who seriously suggests, as Sierra does, that it is not only 'okay' but essential that we exterminate the inhabitants of an entire region of the globe in order to plunder their resources is, in my view, a demented, deranged, raving lunatic.
As for the evidence for Gods' existence, or non-existence, you're assuming that everyone is either an evolutionist or a creationist, with no middle ground or other opinions possible on this topic. I know that the book you mention (the Bible) is full of factual errors, inconsistencies, and contradictions; I never did say that I was a Christian, so why did you just assume that I was?
PA , 25.05.2005, 2:00pm link
I agree PA that at times Sierra is a bit extreme in what he says.
And as for my own comment i did not say you had to be an evolutionist i also mention sciences other great achievements. I am completely aware that there is a middle space a gray area if you will.
I am also sorry for my assumption that you were a christian I should not have directed it at you but to christians and I apologize for that.
But the question still stands to any christian reading this site that wishes to answer my question.
Again I apologize PA.
Justin , 25.05.2005, 5:49pm link
Fuck god Its just bullshit so fuck off go out to space and look for Aliens They'll tell you that there is no god Fucking God Warshiper's Hail Darwin. (ANTI GOD AND CHRISTIAN PEOPLE .com )
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