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FUCK this gay ass website! The fag who made this is goin' 2 hell and if I'm there with him, I'm gonna laugh at him! You little bitch, I bet Pamela Andreson would beat the piss outta you! Fuck you!
joe , 29.01.2005, 5:13pm link
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joe , 29.01.2005, 5:18pm link
What nationality are you? PLEASE get back to me on that one! I'll bet you're a little faggot starving Ethiopian waiting for the Salvatores pizza guy! You know what Evil Canevil's next stunt is gonna be? He's honna ride through Ethopia with a ham sandwhich tied to his back!! FUCK YOU!
joe , 29.01.2005, 5:21pm link
A starving Ethiopian with a computer and access to the internet. Interesting....

Oooo Tim, please don't delete this guys comments - just THINK of the public humiliation you could dish out! bwa-ha-ha!
Sah [Home], 29.01.2005, 6:11pm link
On behalf of the USA, I would like to apologize for this dumbass.(if he is American)
Tyler [Email], 30.01.2005, 12:34am link
Don't worry - I know not all Americans are like that (presuming he is American). I'm going to have to get used to people like Joe - at the moment at least it's quite entertaining!
Tim [Home], 30.01.2005, 1:13am link
Off to a great start Tim. I can pretty much guarentee he is American, references to Mom and Evil Canevil (AKA Evel Knievel) pretty much sew it up. I wonder if the spelling mistake is intentional or he really thinks Evel is Evil.
Redfred [Email][Home], 30.01.2005, 2:54am link
I always find the more fanatically hate spewing people are, the worse their spelling gets (although his isn't too bad - I've seen some I can hardly read) ... perhaps fanaticism is inversely proportional to intelligence?
There's not much I can say about his comments, it's best just to let people like him show themselves for what they are.
Tim [Home], 30.01.2005, 6:17pm link
Whatever. Point is, this guy's pissed at nothing. And it's true what the sight says. I've asked classmates why they follow the religions they do, and what proof is there that theirs is true, and they have no answer, and end up telling me to shut up before i end up going to hell...which also isn't true. You can only go to hell once.. and i'm already going there.
Marth(and yes, that's my name) [Email], 30.01.2005, 10:28pm link
ignore my spelling... wasn't watching the screen
Marth(and yes, that's my name) [Email], 30.01.2005, 10:30pm link
You lucky sod, I'd love to have a nutjob like Joe comment on my site (I did have one comment from a chap called Eric who believed that rabies could be cured with the power of prayer, but he didn't become the resident fuckwit I was hoping he would)
Ben [Email][Home], 30.01.2005, 10:38pm link
Marth - don't worry about the spelling (or your name) - at least you're not mental! The problem with religion is that people wont see it for what it is until they start questioning it, but are too scared of eternal torment and stuff to do so.

Ben - I have a feeling plenty of nutjobs are going to pass this way. At least this one made my test post more interesting than I was expecting!
Tim [Home], 30.01.2005, 10:55pm link
If you teach evolution as fact then you might as teach that the webster's dictionary was derived from an explotion at a print factory. Please give me an example of one species that evolved into another species. Just one example, please.
football man , 31.01.2005, 12:18am link
football man: humans evolved from apes. there's one example. it's all in the bone structures. species don't just spontaneously appear and disappear, they evolve. i'm not big into science, but it does explain a lot. and i promote a questioning attitude, which goes along with evolution. an explosion at a print factory? with all the letters falling neatly into words and definitions that make sense? sounds a little too "wizard of oz" to me.
and joe? your vocabulary - or lack thereof - astounds me. read a book. have some original thoughts. or, skip life and meet 'god' now, while you still can. (ps - that means you can shoot yourself in the face, jump off a cliff, or attempt suicide in any other manner that might please you. i just wanted to make sure you understood the jab. you seem a little simple-minded.)
i normally wouldn't be this offensive (i can accept that people need something to believe in, until they start telling me i'm damned for *not* believing..then i get angry), but here i feel i have a right. free speech and all that.
have a nice day :)
katrina [Email], 31.01.2005, 6:00am link
Brother Joe, thank you for sharing Jesus with us! Glory!

You are an ignorant bigot, and a prime example of the negative effect that religious belief has on people. WWJD? Would His message to Brother Tim be, "FUCK YOU!" or would He approach Brother Tim in Love, but then roast him in Hell if he chose not to love Him back?
Brother Jeff [Home], 31.01.2005, 4:44pm link
Brother Football Man,

Your statement tells me that you have been listening to too many abysmally scientifically ignorant Creationists (is there any other kind?) for far too long. Many instances of observed speciation have been documented. The Talk Origins Archive is an excellent resource, and if you wish to educate yourself regarding evolution, I suggest that you start there. This link is a good place to start:
Brother Jeff [Home], 31.01.2005, 4:50pm link
Thanks Brother Jeff, you've saved me a job!
It's amazing how many people criticise evolution when they don't actually know what it's all about ("err, if we, like, evolved from monkeys and stuff, why are there still monkeys about....")
Tim [Home], 31.01.2005, 5:26pm link
You're welcome, Brother Tim! Glory!

Yes, it is amazing how many people criticize one of the most well-established of scientific theories when they obviously don't know what the hell they are talking about. But, the Church has told them everything they need to know about evolution! Surely Christian apologists wouldn't lie! (Brother Jeff rolls his eyes and stuff)


Here's another great article entitled, "Was Brother Darwin Wrong?":
Brother Jeff [Home], 31.01.2005, 5:42pm link
I just love a smart aleck evolutionist. Vocabulary? sorry I'm just getting used to my new laptop. You didn't answer my question. How did the eye evolve? I enjoy crushing ignorant fool evolutionists like you. Bring it on, you will get the same thrashing the Philadelphia Eagles will get this weekend.
Evolution is as credible as the webster's dictionary being created by an explosion out of a print factory. Do you understand what that means? The probability of humans evolving from apes is 10^-100, 1/10 ^100. The complex DNA and RNA, amino acids that are the basis of life came from an intelligent design. As much as you want to deny it, you know it's true.
Stop wasting time with your nonsense.
BTW: How's my vocabulary now?
football man , 01.02.2005, 12:53am link
Evolution is "as credible as the webster's dictionary being created by an explosion out of a print factory" - as I've previously stated, you don't seem to even know what evolution IS. Humans didn't literally evolve from apes, we probably share a common ancestor (along with 98% of the same genes I think - will have to check the figures).
Actually the analogy of the "explosion in a print factory" is usually used in relation to the big bang rather than evolution - and where did you get those figures from? I wonder what the "odds" would be against, say, some god creature, somehow existing in a void, creating the entire world/universe (the same thing to ancient minds) in a few days just by saying "let there be ..."
Tim [Home], 01.02.2005, 1:11am link
Brother Football Man, please define evolution for us - both microevolution and macroevolution - and do so PROPERLY. Good luck! If you don't know the proper definitions (and it's obvious that you don't), ask the Magic Sky Man. He'll tell you. The Book of Myths says:

James 1:5 If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask his Invisible Friend, that giveth to all men liberally, and kick their asses not; and it shall be magically given him.

"How did the eye evolve?"

Why are you asking us? Are you not capable of doing your own research? Obviously not, so I'll do it for you, no problem. Here's the first link on the evolution of the eye:

"I enjoy crushing ignorant fool evolutionists like you."

Disregarding the fact for the moment that your statement is extremely funny, what happened to your Spook Fruit? WWJD? Would He enjoy crushing ignorant fools? If not, should you enjoy doing so? Don't you want to be like Jesus? Don't you know that you are in danger of being tossed into your "loving" god's flaming torture chamber for calling Brother Tim a fool? The Bible says so, so it must be TRUE! Glory!

Matthew 5:22 "But I say unto you, That whosoever is pissed off at his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the loving judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, FUCK YOU, shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of the loving flaming torture chamber."

You've got bigger worries than evolution to think about! Jesus is gonna fry your ass in HELL unless you apologize to Brother Tim! I suggest that you do it NOW and refrain from pissing Jesus off in the future!
Brother Jeff [Home], 01.02.2005, 4:38am link
Another link on the evolution of the eye:
Brother Jeff [Home], 01.02.2005, 4:58am link
Way too funny, guys! I used to dispute the idea that anyone as stupid as Joe and Footbal Man even really existed. I guess I was lucky to not be exposed to the USA until I was out of my childhood.
Gaidheal [Email], 01.02.2005, 5:16am link
Never let it be said that football man is regurgitating the same old tired creationist dreck - while others are still harping on about planes being created by junkyard tornadoes, he's moved onto dictionaries from print factory explosions - now there's evolution for you!

Football man, I'd love to know where you got your probability figure from.
Ben [Home], 01.02.2005, 10:17am link
Hello monkeys and non-monkeys.
What passion and overheated confused violence ushers out of some.How lonely and frustrated to swear and threaten so adamantly.The facts are simple and I wont even point them out as any who are unaware of them cannot be helped.Suffice it to say that "no-one" created earth.Evolution is endless there was no beginning ,there is no end.We are and have subconcious drives to survive and reproduce .There is no other purpose or meaning unless you decide to create that ,and live by that creation , yourself.
Reading the above comments further convinces me that ignorance and evil are one and the same words,interchangeable.
Truth is available through study and open minded research into other cultures and primarily through understanding thousands of years of dedicated effort in the realm of science.
The bible ,especially the old testament is dangerous as it confuses and bleeds much evil/ignorance into simple minds.It has somegood and inspiration to offer but generally the scales tip downwards with lies and evil.
Please don't waste ink and electricity in commenting to me personally.
Bye...and please ,brother monkeys, try not to write until you have mastered the english language.Please don't upset yourselves so violently;you will cause harm to your health through stress and give others merely causes to smile at your debasing folly.
Vick , 01.02.2005, 7:24pm link
Gaidheal said:

"I used to dispute the idea that anyone as stupid as Joe and Footbal Man even really existed. I guess I was lucky to not be exposed to the USA until I was out of my childhood."

People as stupid (and more stupid, if that's possible) as Brothers Joe and Football Man not only exist here in the USA, they unfortunately exist in large numbers. However, not all of us here are abysmally scientifically ignorant fundamentalist religious morons. I personally have nothing but contempt for Creationists. They damage not only the credibility of their own religion (which I used to devoutly believe), they pose a clear and serious threat to our country and to the world in their desire to throw out modern science in favor of religious ignorance and a return to the Dark Ages - that period in history when the Church reigned supreme. Christianity is a strongly anti-science and anti-intellectual religion, and nothing proves that fact better than the Christians invention and promotion of the absurd nonscientific pseudoscience of Creationism over actual, verifiable science.
Brother Jeff [Home], 02.02.2005, 10:31pm link
Brother Football Man? O, Brother Football Man? Where are you? I thought you were going to crush us ignorant fool evolutionists! Instead, you disappeared! DAMN! I'm so disappointed! lol... Another abysmally scientifically ignorant fundie Creationist bites the dust! Glory!

BTW, the Eagles are going to soar in victory on Sunday! The Holy Spook magically told me so! Glory be to the PigSkin Spook! Hall-lay-LOOH-Yah!!
Brother Jeff [Home], 02.02.2005, 10:40pm link
Brother Jeff, don't bet on the Eagles, New England will crush them like grapes. Pats 34- Eagles 10. Glad to see your interested in real football, ie. American football, not UK garbage soccer. So Evolution is verifiable science? In what way is it verifiable? I'm waiting for my example of one species that evolved into another. DOn't give me this crap about humans and apes sharing a common ancestor. The websites the other brainless idiots posted up for me to read did not prove anything to me. The simple fact is the eye can't evolve. Brother Jeff, when you can prove this, I'll take evolution seriously. The sum of the IQ's of you , Tim and Gaidheal is at best a negative number. They have to create a new category of stupidity for you guys. If you , Tim , Gaidheal are a representative statistical sample of the level of intelligence in the UK, God help that country. I'll stay in North America, the greatest continent on this planet.
Football man blows out Brother Jeff.
football man , 03.02.2005, 12:35am link
Brother Jeff,
face it, your no match for me. You believe in random chance and mutations, and I believe in an intelligent design. A complex organism like human beings came random chance and mutations? Do you really believe this? That's a lot of beneficial mutations working together to make a human being. What is the probability of this happening? I don't think you understand one iota about probability theory. Congrats, brother Jeff, you have more faith than I do.
Evolution is not credible. I'll give the ancient astronaut theoriests like Erich Von Daniken more credibility than evolutionists lik e you. Sorry Jeff, we just didn't evolve, we were created by a n infinite, multi-dimensional being beyond space and time.
Truth hurts, doesn't it.
football man , 03.02.2005, 2:23am link
Football man, you are an arrogant little turd. You have not "blown out" Brother Jeff (who BTW is from "the greatest continent on this planet") - you still don't actually know what evolution is!

You believe in intelligent design - do you literally believe in the biblical creation? If so, you are hardly in a position to state that OUR I.Q. is low ("at best a negative number" ... so what it is at worst?)

I've copied over The Christianity Questionnaire from the old version of my site - it contains some questions on creation - perhaps you could attempt to fill it out? It could be your chance to prove to us that we're "no match for you":
Tim [Home], 03.02.2005, 2:51am link
Well, Brother Football Man is back! Glory!

You have hardly "blown me out". You haven't done anything other than continue to showcase your typically Christian ignorance and arrogance. I'm still waiting for you to properly define both forms of evolution. Are you planning on doing that, or am I correct in believing that you have not done so because you cannot do so?

I gave you a couple of links regarding the evolution of the eye. The first link is particularly good, and I strongly suggest that you read it and LEARN. Or are you just going to continue to ignorantly claim that the eye could not have evolved?

I love American football, but I see no valid reason why I or anyone else should insult the sport of soccer, which is very popular in other parts of the world, not just the UK. I never watch it, but I enjoyed playing it when I was a kid.

"I don't think you understand one iota about probability theory."

It's obvious that you don't understand anything about evolution. You can't even define it! All you can do is make ridiculous arrogant boasts about your supposed victory over me, which is itself hilarious!

I don't have faith at all, nor do I need it. Why would I need faith when I have evidence and facts available to me? My beliefs are based on truth, facts, reason, rational thought, common sense, and the findings of science. That being the case, I have no need of faith. Why should I think magically when I can think rationally? You, however, do need faith - an abundance of it - since your beliefs have no demonstrable basis in reality.

"Sorry Jeff, we just didn't evolve, we were created by a n infinite, multi-dimensional being beyond space and time."

Yes, we did evolve, and abundant evidence is available which proves that fact quite conclusively.

If we were magically created by a multi-dimensional being beyond space and time, then why is there ZERO evidence for the existence of this alleged being?

" Truth hurts, doesn't it."

Yes, it does, which is why you and those like you have no interest in hearing it.
Brother Jeff [Home], 03.02.2005, 8:02am link
Of course football man is going to keep claiming the eye could not have evolved - he's not here to learn, just spout ill-informed bollocks and insult people. The only useful purpose he serves is to demonstrate the intelligence of your average creationist.
Ben [Email][Home], 03.02.2005, 9:17am link
Football Man:
Individual creatures don't evolve; populations evolve. Further, your claim regarding the spontaneous arising of Webster's dictionary indicates that you don't understand what evolution is. Evolution is not a random event; the prime force behind evolution is not mutation (as you wrongly imply); it is natural selection. Put simply, nature ratchets up what works, and those animals and plants less suited to survival fall by the wayside. I would suggest you read the "Blind Watchmaker" by Richard Dawkins, and make sure you fully understand it, before you make any more silly posts.
Kimpatsu [Email], 03.02.2005, 10:10am link
Brother Jeff, the gloves are coming off. Prepare for your intellectual anihilation.
Zero evidence for the existence of a multidimensional infinite being? Your just not looking at the evidence are you? You are not a rational thinker. How do I know this? You accused of being a Fundie? Have I ever claimed to be one?
Lets get to the eye. To replicate it's function would require the solution of 500 partial differential equations simulataneously. I price financial derivatives during the day, and the best methods we have are finite difference methods, Fouries series and other numerical methods. Not even an Apple G5 dual processor can solve 500 partial differential equations in the fraction of a second your eye does. This evolved? You really believe this? How about the complex pattern of hemoglobin? What is the probability (you know nothing about this) of the correct sequence for it's proper function happening by random chance? Brother Jeff, you can't explain this nor account for it. All your good for it put down christians and write insults about them (wonder why you don't put down muslims or other faiths?). You are intellectual gnat, who couldn't solve a linear equation.
Learn to think rationally, get a brain and read some books.

TOUCHDOWN!! Brother football anihilates Brother Jeff. Goodbye Brother Jeff. No need to waste my time on your pathetic website. Your too full of yourself, and extremely arrogant. This "believer" crushed you like a grape and you just can't take it.
football man , 04.02.2005, 12:13am link
NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS , 2004 superbowl champs!!
I think I'll go have a beer with brother Joe.
football man , 04.02.2005, 12:16am link
Five questions that no evolutionist can answer:

1. According to Darwin, the absence of intermediate fossil forms “is the most obvious and
gravest objection which can be urged against my theory.” What new fossil finds, if any,
have occurred since Darwin wrote these words nearly 150 years ago? Do they overturn
Darwin’s bleak assessment of evolutionary theory? If the absence of intermediate fossil
forms holds as much today as it did back then, why should anyone accept evolution?

2. According to evolutionist Richard Dawkins, the “evidence of evolution reveals a universe
without design.” Yet he also states, “Biology is the study of complicated things that give
the appearance of having been designed for a purpose.” How does Dawkins know that
living things only appear to be designed but are not actually designed?

3. The search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) is a scientific research program that
looks for signs of intelligence from distant space. Should biologists likewise be looking
for signs of intelligence in biological systems? Why or why not? Could actual intelligent
design in biological systems be scientifically detectable?

4. Do any structures in the cell resemble highly intricate machines designed by humans?
Evolutionists claim that these structures evolved. But if so, how? Could such machines
have features that place them beyond the reach of evolution?

5. What evidence would convince you that evolution is false? If no such evidence exists, or
indeed could exist, how can evolution be a testable scientific theory?

Lets see you answer these , smartass.
I'm running up the score on you.
football man , 04.02.2005, 3:21am link
"I'm running up the score on you."

LMAO! Yeah. Sure. If you say so. I can assure you that you are the only one here who thinks so.

You should have titled your post "Five Questions that any Evolutionist can Easily Answer". However, until you properly define evolution for us as you have been asked to do repeatedly, I see no reason why I should spend the half hour or so (at most) it would take to answer these questions.

As I just pointed out, I'm still waiting on you to properly define both forms of evolution. Are you planning on doing that for us, or am I correct in assuming that you have not done so because you are so scientifically ignorant (and thus a creationist) that you cannot do so?

I gave you an excellent link on the evolution of the eye. I already know that you will never bother to read it or bother to educate yourself out of your appalling but typical scientific ignorance, but nevertheless I am once again recommending the link.

Let's see you properly define both forms of evolution - microevolution and macroevolution, dumbass.

I know you are a fundie because you are behaving exactly like the ignorant, generally obnoxious, arrogant fundie troll that you are. In addition, fundamentalist Christians are the ONLY people on the face of this biblically flat earth who take that absurd, pseudoscientific Creationism bullshit seriously. If the shoe fits, wear it.

"You are not a rational thinker."

O, I see. LOL... I'm being told by an ignorant man who holds extremely irrational and illogical religious beliefs that I'm not a rational thinker. You're funny, Brother Football Man! Glory!

" Brother Jeff, the gloves are coming off."

Okay, but why? Is it warm where you are? It's currently 2 degrees Fahrenheit here. I think I'll keep my gloves on, thank you very much!

"Prepare for your intellectual anihilation."

I haven't seen you post anything even remotely intellectual thus far. When is this alleged event allegedly going to occur? How much time do I have before you attempt to crush me with your ignorance-laden pseudoscientific bullshit?

"Zero evidence for the existence of a multidimensional infinite being?"

I believe that is what I said. If you have evidence that some sort of all-powerful Magic Sky Spook actually exists, please present it! If I'm convinced, I'll contact the proper authorities, and we can get the word out about the Magical Being! Amen, Brother? Glory!

"Your just not looking at the evidence are you?"

Sure I am. I just have never encountered any evidence that suggests the existence of a Great Sky Spook. Have you? If so, where is this glorious evidence?

"All your good for it put down christians and write insults about them "

Says the man who slings insults on this site on a regular basis. Can you say, "hypocrite"?

"Learn to think rationally, get a brain and read some books."

Says the irrational religious believer who thus far has not demonstrated any capacity for independent, rational, critical thought or any evidence that he has read any books that might educate him out of his appalling but sadly typical scientific ignorance.

"I think I'll go have a beer with brother Joe."

Aren't you concerned about pissing Jesus off? The Word says to be filled with the Holy Spook, not evil alcohol spooks! You better watch out! Jesus is gonna kick your ass!
Brother Jeff [Home], 04.02.2005, 4:41am link
Football Man asks, "Please give me an example of one species that evolved into another species. Just one example, please."
OK, just because I'm kind, I'll give three.
Eohippus into modern equines.
Archaeopteryx into modern birds.
Simian ancestors into modern apes and humans.
Would you like more examples?
Kimpatsu [Email], 04.02.2005, 9:47am link
Football Man asks, "However, until you properly define evolution for us as you have been asked to do repeatedly..."
OK, here, just for FM, is the definition of evolution.
Evolution is the descent with modification by natural selection of populations of living organisms within specific ecological niches, said modification taking place over long periods of time (with possible saltationism), and including (but not limited to) transfer across phyla above the Linnean boundary for taxonomic purposes.
How's that?
Kimpatsu [Email], 04.02.2005, 9:49am link
Football Man (again!) qasks, "Aren't you concerned about pissing Jesus off?"
Why should I be afraid of a make-believe figure? Are you afraid of Santa Claus?
(FYI: The legend of some guy wandering around the Middle East who cures the sick, raises the dead, turns water into wine, and is then betrayed and murdered, but three days later rises from the dead... That's the Egyptian legend of Osiris. If some guy called Jesus ever really existed, he was no more than an uppity rabbi who advocated overthrowing the Romans, which is why he was crucified. Xpianity, however, is expert at stealing other people's legends; in addition to Osiris, there's St. George and the Dragon (Perseus and the Hydra), Xmas (Yule), God vs. Satan (Mithraic dualism), Monotheism (the cult of Ra--Egyptian again), etc. etc. Can't Xpians ever come up with anythign original? The Bible was written by hacks, and its plagiarism shows. The Egyptians should sue for breach of copyright and theft of intellectual property.)
Kimpatsu [Email], 04.02.2005, 9:54am link
Kimpatsu, please don't take offense at this, but please read the posts more carefully before you respond. I have been asking Brother Football Man to properly define evolution for us because I know he is so scientifically ignorant that he doesn't have a prayer of being able to do so. Now you've gone and posted the definition for him!

Football Man did not ask us about being afraid of pissing Jesus off. I asked HIM if HE should be afraid of pissing Jesus off by drinking a beer with Brother Joe. Again, read the posts more carefully before you respond, please! Yeah, I'm a bit miffed at the moment. Damn! Pay attention!
Brother Jeff [Home], 04.02.2005, 6:34pm link
Religion is bullshit.

End of story.
Blur35mm [Email][Home], 04.02.2005, 11:55pm link
AMEN! Preach it, Brother! Glory to GAWD!!
Brother Jeff [Home], 05.02.2005, 12:35am link
Can't answer the five questions Brother Jeff can you? You never commented on the partial differential equations? Do you know what an elliptical partial differential equation is? I'll define evolution if you answer those five questions. There is as much chance of you answering them as the phildelphia eagles winning the superbowl this weekend. The fact is you can't answer the five questions because evolution is nonsense. At least answer the last one. What would convince you that evolution is false? Replicating the human eye doesn't phase you because you are ignorant in mathematics and the theory of probability. What authority are you on the theory of evolution? Can you point out any research papers you've written? DId you finish high school? How many university did you take in philsophical logic? According to your website the law of the excluded middle applies. Either believe anything Brother Jeff say s or you are ignorant Fundie? You call yourself intelligent? Don't make me laugh. I've been dusting the floor with you brother Jeff. You couldn't tie my shoes laces. It's 49-0 and we are only in the third quarter. Come on, can't you do better than that?
football man , 05.02.2005, 12:43am link
Football man - before I respond to your post: can you please JUST CLICK "POST" ONCE! I'm getting fed up with having to delete the second comment!
Tim [Home], 05.02.2005, 12:49am link
Brother Jeff, your website is the best source of amusement I've had in a while. Face it, you are an intellectual wannabe! A fool who pretends to be an authority on reality of life.
I'll take intelligent design over random chance and mutations. Come on brother Jeff, answer the five questions. I'm not a Fundie so I'm not wasting time on your page with the loaded questions for christians. I'm waiting for the mathematical proof of the evolution of the eye. I'm interested in seeing how random chance and mutations can create a process that no computer on this planet can replicate. I just tried to solve a 10 simultaneous PDE's and my APPLE G5 is still working on it.
Please buy a book on probability theory and mathematical statistics. Evolution is probabilistically impossible. Sorry Jeff, it's intelligent design.
football man , 05.02.2005, 12:51am link
Brother Football Man,

Yes, I can easily answer your five questions. Anyone with a decent science education could. I have asked you repeatedly to define evolution for us, and of course you have not done that because you cannot do so. You don't even know what evolution IS! Your scientific ignorance is plainly and painfully obvious to everyone here.

You are a fundie troll, and I personally am done feeding you. I'm glad you find my site amusing. I find you and those like you amusing to a point, (the ludicrous bullshit you believe is HILARIOUS) but I find your ignorance extremely frightening and your arrogance very annoying. People like you unfortunately exist by the millions in this country (USA), and you pose a very serious threat not only to our educational system but to the very continued existence of our country. If morons like you had your way, this nation would be transformed in to a Christian theocracy overnight and science would be replaced with religious pseudoscience - an act, that if it ever becomes reality, will have extremely serious negative consequences for our nation and for our children. Your strongly anti-science, anti-intellectual religion and your religious pseudoscience are both DANGEROUS not only to this nation, but to the WORLD.

You clearly have no desire to educate yourself out of your appalling ignorance, so I am done with you.

As for your probability bullshit, here's some information that I already know you will not bother to read:

"I'm not a Fundie"

You most certainly are. That fact is obvious.

"Come on brother Jeff, answer the five questions."

Not until you properly define both microevolution and macroevolution for us as you have been asked to do repeatedly, and don't just parrot the definition that Kimpatsu posted.

"Replicating the human eye doesn't phase you because you are ignorant in mathematics and the theory of probability."

Accusations of ignorance coming from someone who is proud of his own appalling but typical scientific ignorance don't impress me. But no, I'm not a math major. However, that has nothing to do with my ability to understand science or scientific theories/concepts.

"I'm waiting for the mathematical proof of the evolution of the eye."

Math has nothing to do with evolution. Read the information at the link I have recommended to you.

"I'm interested in seeing how random chance and mutations can create a process that no computer on this planet can replicate."

Evolution is not dependent on random chance or mutations. If you knew anything at all about evolution, you would know that.

" Please buy a book on probability theory and mathematical statistics."

Please buy a book that explains evolution from the ground up. Your ignorance is so profound that you need to start at the beginning. I suggest a Junior High science textbook.
Brother Jeff [Home], 05.02.2005, 2:17am link
Brother Football Man,

Are you happy now? You came to this site looking for a fight, and you got one. You came to this site looking for someone to piss off, and well, you have succeeded. You haven't succeeded at anything BUT pissing me off, but you did a fine job of that! Glory! Are you happy now, ASSHOLE? Just curious.

I generally have a very short fuse with moronic religious assholes like you, so don't celebrate too much, okay?

Thanks for sharing Jesus with us, Brother Football Man. Answer this question: Why the hell would I want to be like you? Why is it that Christians are the least Christlike people on the face of the earth? Have you ever stopped to think about that disturbing fact? Christians like you make me very happy that I escaped your disgusting ignorance-laden mind control cult thanks to the fact that I had the courage to think for myself and the desire to educate myself! I strongly suggest that you do the same, but be warned that if you ever choose to activate your brain and USE IT, you will not likely remain a Christian.
Brother Jeff [Home], 05.02.2005, 2:29am link
Link on mutations:
Brother Jeff [Home], 05.02.2005, 2:32am link
The Second Law of Thermodynamics,
Evolution, and Probability
Brother Jeff [Home], 05.02.2005, 2:33am link
Lies, Damned Lies, Statistics,
and Probability of Abiogenesis Calculations
Brother Jeff [Home], 05.02.2005, 2:34am link
Borel's Law and the Origin of Many Creationist Probability Assertions
Brother Jeff [Home], 05.02.2005, 2:36am link
goodbye and good riddance.
I'm done with you too.

Evolution = bullshit.

nuff said

Go patriots.
football man , 05.02.2005, 2:48am link
goodbye, moron.

Creationism = pseudoscientific bullshit.

nuff said

Go Eagles.
Brother Jeff [Home], 05.02.2005, 2:59am link
Oh, and good riddance to you too, Creationist pinhead.

I noticed you didn't answer my questions about why I should want to be like you and why Christians are the least Christlike people on the face of the earth. You didn't answer those questions for the same reason that you never defined evolution. You couldn't and you can't.
Brother Jeff [Home], 05.02.2005, 3:03am link
Thank you for all your kind comments and for the opportunity to make a fool out of you on your website.
Yes, I wanted to piss you off and accomplished my goal.

Final score: Football man 56
Brother Jeff 10

Blow out!!!!!!

You lost big time and you know it.
The mighty football man wins again.
Don't bother to respond, as I will never come back to your site.

I'm going to start a new webiste, EVOLUTION IS BULLSHIT.COM

Now go to bed and get some sleep.
football man , 05.02.2005, 3:12am link
I lost bigtime, and yet you can't even properly define the scientific theory of origins that you hate so much because it conflicts with your absurd, pre-scientific Bible myths? LOL!

The mighty football man? Are you actually serious? LMAO! Only in your mind, Brother Football Man, only in your ignorant and deluded mind!

You are the master of bold and ridiculous claims, if nothing else Brother Football Man, and that at least I do find amusing. Don't bother with your proposed new site. There are already plenty of abysmally scientifically ignorant Creationists making fools of themselves and spreading their brand of religious ignorance on the Net.

I don't really need to point this out since it's plainly obvious to everyone, but you didn't make a fool out of me. You only accomplished making a fool out of yourself - multiple times. The only foolish visitor to this website recently has been YOU, Brother Football Man.

"Yes, I wanted to piss you off and accomplished my goal."

Your goal is the goal of all trolls, rather than the much more admirable goals of worthwhile communication with others and the desire to learn. At least you have the satisfaction of having accomplished your essentially valueless goal, for whatever that's worth to you.

Brother Jeff: 100

Brother Football Man: 0

It's only 6:30pm here at the moment. I'm not ready for bed.
Brother Jeff [Home], 05.02.2005, 3:38am link
"1. According to Darwin, the absence of intermediate fossil forms “is the most obvious and
gravest objection which can be urged against my theory.” What new fossil finds, if any,
have occurred since Darwin wrote these words nearly 150 years ago? Do they overturn
Darwin’s bleak assessment of evolutionary theory? If the absence of intermediate fossil
forms holds as much today as it did back then, why should anyone accept evolution?"

You want intermediate fossil forms? Check out Archaeopteryx, Anomalocaris, Australopithecus, and hundreds of others. They're easy to find; we have several hundred transitional fossils of reptiles alone.

"2. According to evolutionist Richard Dawkins, the “evidence of evolution reveals a universe
without design.” Yet he also states, “Biology is the study of complicated things that give
the appearance of having been designed for a purpose.” How does Dawkins know that
living things only appear to be designed but are not actually designed?"

You're setting up a strawman.

Dawkins didn't mean designed as in, "somebody clearly built it to be this way"; rather, he was speaking of it as being intended by NATURAL SELECTION to be that way. Natural Selection does, in fact, choose what traits are inherited and which ones are not; although it is an unconcious choice.

"3. The search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) is a scientific research program that
looks for signs of intelligence from distant space. Should biologists likewise be looking
for signs of intelligence in biological systems? Why or why not? Could actual intelligent
design in biological systems be scientifically detectable?"

What the hell are you rambling on about? This isn't even worthy a response.

"4. Do any structures in the cell resemble highly intricate machines designed by humans?
Evolutionists claim that these structures evolved. But if so, how? Could such machines
have features that place them beyond the reach of evolution?"

WHAT features that place them "beyond the reach of evolution"? One cell, while quite technically complicated, isn't nearly as complicated as the atoms that make up some of the rarer non-earth elements.

"5. What evidence would convince you that evolution is false? If no such evidence exists, or
indeed could exist, how can evolution be a testable scientific theory?"

Evolution is testible through the observation of the fossil record, short-term adaptations, and numerous other things.

I would like to ask you what it would take to convince YOU that Cretinism is absurd. And how the hell could THAT be scientifically falsifiable; when it involves a magic Sky Daddy outside of time?
Hellbound Freethinker , 05.02.2005, 9:17am link
I don't think Football Man is interested in anything other that his own views - but thanks for the comments everyone.
Tim [Home], 05.02.2005, 7:36pm link
You Guys are frickin amazing.!Why or how is hard to define.Congrats to your fighting spirit.
I'd love to share with you my thoughts ,but i havn't enough time state my case.Yeah yeah ,so its because it's not worth stating etcyeah,yeah.
J Bronowski in his "ascent of Man" clearly describes your answers.

Ok footandmouth manyou know about differaential Equations.So What ?When i worked on the london financial futures exchange, it was the gut instinct traders that made all the money by guessing right and the chicken-shit options traders that farted about trying to use probability theory through DE's.Anyway , i know too much for both of you,so because i'm short of time I'll tell you both- get away from from that frickin computer , into the fresh air and get physical
Vick , 06.02.2005, 11:26pm link
you all are a bunch of bullshit! Who wakes u up everyday? who provides u with life? who made u exist? who protects u? most of all, who provided your existense? who provided the reproduction of life (your kids), which is an extrordinary work of art? how was earth formed? who provides you with breath? Fuck u, you all ain't shit, if you knew about the bible and life after death, you would understand the mercy and grace that GOD provides to us everyday! truly, u can't think that we are just here! WHO THE FUCK IS YOUR LEADER, THE MUTHA FUCKIN BIG BROTHER!!!
T-T [Email][Home], 07.02.2005, 4:09am link
you all are a bunch of bullshit! Who wakes u up everyday? who provides u with life? who made u exist? who protects u? most of all, who provided your existense? who provided the reproduction of life (your kids), which is an extrordinary work of art? how was earth formed? who provides you with breath? Fuck u, you all ain't shit, if you knew about the bible and life after death, you would understand the mercy and grace that GOD provides to us everyday! truly, u can't think that we are just here! who is your bitch ass leader, the mutha fuckin big brother!!! out of all our existense, surely you don't think that evolution got us where we are today! yeah it does, but GOD created it, so you are still one of GOD's all are being disrespectful and ungrateful to GOD, the creator of all living things!!! its one thing to be ignorant and another to choose to be ignorant!!! trust and believe that hell does exist and the fire there is ten times hotter than the fire here on earth!!!be a man or a woman, step up and read up!you all are so low right now that you don't deserve any capitol letters because you are not grateful to the true meaning of life and nor do you or can you truly appreciate life due to the way you all think!!! may GOD have mercy on your souls because that's just the type of GOD he is!!!

P.S.- You may think that I am being immature due to my wording, but the truth is that I feel this strong about my saviour. I will ask for forgiveness, but i do believe that he will unkderstand my anger towards this whole site and i also believe that he who reads this will be blessed with a soul of belief in JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!!!!! If you are offended by anything that I have said,...... then just pray about it!!!!!!!!!!!!
T-T [Email][Home], 07.02.2005, 4:39am link
Kryasst Alrighty, Brother T-T! Thank you for sharing Jesus with us in such a glorious way! Glory! What the fuck happened to your Spook Fruit? WWJD? Would He give in to the temptations of the Talking Snake and use such profanity thinking that He could ask the Farter's forgiveness for it later? Don't you know that sort of attitude really pisses Jesus off and makes a cheap thing of His Magical Blood? Gawd sacrificed Himself to Himself for you! How DARE you make a mockery of His absurd sacrifice simply because you are angry! HOW DARE YOU!! You belong to JESUS KRYASTT!!! START FUCKING ACTING LIKE IT, GODDAMNIT!!

Seriously, it's "Christians" like you who prove to me that Christianity is nothing but mythical bullshit since you believe it only as far as it suits you and ignore the frequently contradictory instruction of the "word of God" whenever it's inconvenient for you (like when you are pissed off). If you feel so strongly about your Savior, then why do you only obey Him whenever it's convenient for you? Where is His Spook who is also somehow magically Him when you need Him?

Sorry, but my inner spook wasn't blessed into an absurd belief in your Magic Sky Man by reading your post. I was very amused, but also very turned off. Why should I share your obviously mythological beliefs if I'm only going to take them as seriously as you do (not very) and my imaginary god will fail me consistently just like yours does? Thanks, but I'm happy believing as I do, and you haven't convinced me of any need for change.

Why should I talk to myself and delude myself into believing that I am addressing an Invisible Man who lives in the Sky about the rant you posted?

You didn't offend me, but you did give me a good laugh! Thanks! Glory!
Brother Jeff [Home], 07.02.2005, 6:12am link
TT - you know, what always amazes me about religious people (apart from the fact that they are usually illiterate!) - is the fact that a) they use the most disgusting language to get their point across (ok, we're all guilty of the odd swear word but really!...) b) they keep repeating themselves (is that because they can't think of anything fresh to say?)! Who wakes us up each day? Usually the alarm clock, or the phone ringing, or somebody at the door, or each other! Who provided us with life? Our parents (who were provided life by their parents, who were provided life by their parents....) Who protects us? We protect ourselves and each other. Oh, and if god (no capital letter there either!) is going to have mercy on our souls then we don't need to worry about the hot fires of hell do we? Can't you see your contradictions?
Sarah , 07.02.2005, 9:42am link
PS - perhaps Joe and TT are related! They seem to have very similar writing styles... hehehehe!
Sarah , 07.02.2005, 9:44am link
Hello little T T boy.That does'nt stand for Turd-for -brains Thicko? does it?
I believe in Yana and because, I believe in it , according to your logic, it's true.
The Yana destroyed the Christian god 237 years ago by ripping him in half and making stars out of him.Yana also told me your Gay ,which I believe(dont be ashamed ).He also said that the old 3in 1 used to laugh at how thick you were and that, to really piss you off, he would dump you in hell just to see your dumm face.
Don't worry you can't help it.
Yana will try and help you.
Jaqueline , 07.02.2005, 7:40pm link
how can you rip apart a god and make stars out of him? je ne comprends pas. 237 years ago was 1768. nothing interesting happened then, or i'd remember it. I'M IMMORTAL! DOOM TO ALL! I'll rip stars apart and make gods out of them AAHAH
BOOOOOOORIS [Email], 10.02.2005, 1:22pm link
BOOOOORIS [Email], 10.02.2005, 1:22pm link
The reason tu non comprehend pas is because your comment is to boring to answer.
Jaqueline , 10.02.2005, 4:17pm link
As a progressive religionist I am embarrased by the foul language and ignorant responses by the people that claim to love Jesus.
It requires no great depth of intellect to pick flaws, ask questions,or raise objections. If science, philosophy, or sociology dares to become dogmatic in contending with the prophets of true religion, then should God-knowing men reply to such unwarranted dogmatism with that more farseeing dogmatism of the certainty of personal spiritual experience, "I know what I have experienced because I am a son of I AM.
Those who would invent a religion without God are like those who would gather fruit without trees, have children without parents. You cannot have effects without causes: only the I AM is causeless. The fact of religious experience implies God, and such a God of personal experience must be a personal Deity. You cannot pray to a chemical formula, supplicate a mathmatical equation, worship a hypothesis, confide in a postulate, commune with a process, serve an abstraction, or hold loving fellowship with a law.
True, many apparently religious traits can grow out of nonreligious roots. Man can, intellectually, deny God and yet be morally good, loyal, filial, honest,and even idealistic. Man may graft many purely humanistic branches onto his basic spiritual nature and thus apparently prove his contentions in behalf of a godless religion, but such an experience is devoid of survival values, God knowningness and God-ascension. In such a mortal experience only social fruits are forthcoming, not siritual. The graft determines the nature of the fruit, notwithstanding that the living sustenance is drawn from the roots of origional divine endowment of both mind and spirit.
The intellectual earmark of religion is certainty; the philosophical characteristic is consistency; the social fruits are love and service.
If the nonreligious approaches to cosmic reality presume to challenge the certainty of faith on the grounds of its unproved status, then the spirit experiencer can likewise resort to the dogmatic challenge of the facts of science and the beliefs of philosophy on the grounds that they are likewise unproved; they are likewise experiences in the consciousness of the scientist or the philosopher.
While personal religion precedes the evolution of human morals, it is regretfully recorded that institutional religion has invariably lagged behind the slowly changing mores of the human races.Organized religion has proved to be conservatively tardy. The prophets have usually led the people in religious development; the theologians have usually held them back. Religion, being a matter of inner or personal experience, can never develop very far in advance of the intellectual evolution of the races.
So to my nonreligious friends, always remember when talking to a religionist, there are four kinds of religion: natural or evolutionary religion; Supernatural or revelatory religion; practical or current religion, with varying degrees of the admixture of natural and supernatural religions; philosophic religions, man-made or phillosophically thought-out theologic doctrines and reason-created religions.
John , 10.02.2005, 9:10pm link
Brother Jeff, yoo hoo, I left some logical questions for you to answer. Lets see if you can answer them, like construct a truth table for the proposition, P V (Q & R).
Show me how much logic you know? When is P --> Q a true statement. What condition on the antecedent and consequent will make the statement true.
Come on Jeff, show me how much logic you know.
The mighty Jeff, the intellectual wannabe, master of putting down christians doesn't know any logic and never will.
football man , 12.02.2005, 2:58am link
joe...let me get this straight. are you like a devout christian or something?? if god is watching you, i guess you're going to hell because saying things like "fuck you i bet you are an ethiopian" makes me want to send you to satan! AND if you are so religious and trying to "get to heaven" then why are your words so evil and satanic? just clarify that for me
justagirl , 12.02.2005, 3:26am link
I enjoyed reading your comment John.This is the standard of discussion that would improve the site.Looking back on some of my comments, i feel embarassed at how indulgent and immature they were.
vick , 12.02.2005, 8:33am link
ive noticed something. . . the more educated an individual is, the less they believe in religion, so is religion a comfort blanket for thickies (or americans!!) Might do this subject for my final years dissertation (psychology student!!)
becca , 12.02.2005, 6:08pm link
On behalf of America, i'd like to say that most americans are not stupid, jesusfied, retarded morons, who rely on a rarely read 2,000 page book to solve their problems. Do not let the ridiculously childish comments of football man, joe, and t-t(where i'm from, we call retarded people "t-ts"), or our president fool you!
ckb [Email], 14.02.2005, 6:14pm link
Also, there is in America right now, a movement to disallow the teaching of evolution in American public schools. Here's what I feel will happen if the jesus people get their way:
but first a look at the past;
When ckb was in school:

"Human beings share a common ancestor with apes and other lower primates"

After the Jesus people's take over:

"An invisible being who no one has ever seen, heard, or felt farted you out of his ass"

"How? Why? When?"

"God punishes those who ask questions. Now do you want to keep annoying me and burn in hell or do want to shut up and go to heaven?"

"Umm, Go to heaven?"

"I thought so, now go sit down."
ckb [Email], 14.02.2005, 6:28pm link
I don't know what the church is over in England, but my mother always taught me that church was designed to scare people into giving away their hard-earned cash to some lying, whoring, drunk, preacher who pretends to be good, honest, and pure.

So in short:

Religion = highway robbery!!

Save your money and stay home!
ckb [Email], 14.02.2005, 6:35pm link
Evolution is a dirty lie invented by socialist/communists to destroy the moral fabric of america. By teaching children that they came from apes, there is no need for them to have moral values. Thank God for the evangelicals who prevented this moral corruption. There aint no monkey down my family line.
Jesus saves, Jesus heals. He is the king of kings and the lord or lords.
mr_x , 14.02.2005, 11:07pm link
"There aint no monkey down my family line" - you sound like a monkey to me! You make Football Man sound like a genius. "Moral fabric of America" ... err ... not sure what I can say to that ... but why is it that creationists assume that people who accept evolution can't have morals? Our morals are genuine - we're not just obeying a set of rules for fear or eternal damnation.
Tim [Home], 15.02.2005, 1:08am link
"And the LORD said unto Moses, How long will this people provoke me? and how long will it be ere they believe me, for all the signs which I have shewed among them?" Numbers 14:11

thou fool, this night thy soul is required of thee

Repent or perish , you've been warned!!
mr_x , 15.02.2005, 1:22am link
To answer Tim's question: Creationists assume that they are the only moral beings on the face of the earth because they have been brainwashed. As I have said yesterday, their religious leaders pretend to be perfect little angels when in real life they are whore mongers (Swaggart), perverts (Former Boston Priest Paul Shanley), thieves(Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker), or just plain liars (Falwell and Robertson).

They get tricked into believing that christianity equals morality despite all the wars (From the Crusades until today's Iraq War), injustices (slavery, racism, sexism, genocide, etc.), and modern-day hatred that their religion has caused over the years, while also being told that we atheists are the moral equivalent of the devil. Whereas in reality, it is atheists who have a better moral structure. I mean, how many of us approve of racism, sexism, or violence? How many of us were in favor of the Iraq war? How many of us know the difference between right and wrong? How many of us know genocide and violence is always wrong?
ckb [Email], 15.02.2005, 5:43pm link
Can I just say, this guy mr-x,where do you come from...?The most rootten blackhole of the universe..?

You really drag this site down.It's standard of reasonable discussion,your vocabulary and standard of communicating is shameful!

Where does all that hate come from?Threatening people to death, hoping that they will burn, suffer and wishing ,so adamantly that they will be tortured?Honestly kid ,do you live in a cave or something?

Grow up son because you annoy me .
Seb , 15.02.2005, 6:43pm link
The mechanistic naturalism of some supposedly educated men and the thoughtless secularism of the man in the street are both exclusively concerned with things; they are barren of all real values, sanctions, and satisfactions of a spiritual nature, as well as being devoid of faith, hope, and eternal assurances. One of the great troubles with modern life is that man thinks he is too busy to find time for spiritual mediation and religious devotion.

Materialism reduces man to a soulless automaton and constitutes him merely an arithmetical symbol finding a helpless place in the mathematical formula of an unromantic and mechanistic universe. But whence comes all this vast universe of mathematics without a Master Mathematician? Science may expatiate on the conservation of matter, but religion validates the conservation of men’s souls, it concerns their experience with spiritual realities and eternal values.

To say that mind emerged from matter explains nothing. If the universe were merely a mechanism and mind were unapart from matter, we would never have two differing interpretations of any observed phenomenon. The concepts of truth, beauty, and goodness are not inherent in either physics or chemistry. A machine cannot know, much less know truth, hunger for righteousness, and cherish goodness.

Science may be physical, but the mind of the truth-discerning scientist is at once supermaterial. Matter knows not truth, neither can it love mercy nor delight in spiritual realities. Moral convictions based on spiritual enlightenment and rooted in human experience are just as real and certain as mathematical deductions based on physical observations, but on another and higher level.

If men were only machines, they would react more or less uniformly to a material universe. Individuality, much less personality, would be non-existent.

The partially evolved mentality of mortal man is not overendowed with consistency and wisdom. Man’s conceit often outruns his reason and eludes his logic.

But religious leaders are making a great mistake when they try to call modern man to spiritual battle with the trumpet blasts of the Middle Ages. Religion must provide itself with new and up-to-date slogans. Neither democracy nor any other political panacea will take the place of spiritual progress. False religions may represent an evasion of reality, but Jesus in his gospel introduced mortal man to the very entrance upon an eternal reality of spiritual progression.
Jarrow , 16.02.2005, 8:16pm link
Hello Jarrow,I would like to respond to your comment and highlight issues you raised,representing my views fully and not skimping on details, but It would take too long.
Basically,can spirituality not be found in a so called Material universe.Einstein made it clear that matter is in fact only a crystallised form of energy;why can we not find some spiritual meaning within this world rather than trying to "exit" it and postulate that there is a "creator" or "religious"prime mover outside and beyond it.?

There is much we will never know in our life time .Yet so much knowable to be getting on with.I appreciate your search for something more spiritual and beyond the mundane, but it still sounds as if you might pre-suppose the existance of something (ie a god, creator etc)merely out of a desire to believe that to be true.

The unexplainable can seem so complex and marvellous to some people that they have a tendency romanticise it into a "god-like" concept endowing it with emotional words such as-Beyond, superior, enlightened,higher"and portraying their life as "low,sinful,tainted ..." in comparison.

We will discover many more marvels in the world over time .Think of all the marvels that were discovered before,such as the spherical form of planets,gravity, flight, electricityetc.Surely the ignorance of these discoveries, centuries ago promoted a "religousising"of reality.

There is much to know but why bring up the name Jesus or Bible ;cultural creations ,juxtaposed from various manuscripts and minds thousands of years ago.

People then had a desire to know as much as now but their lack of discoverys made them simplify a world view,using a prime mover father-figure as a finalised meaning.

Think of ,for example,Classical Music.Some of it seems idyllic, grand ,noble but as I became aquainted, over many years, with it's structure, i could see an almost logical mechanical element in the composition of beautiful musical phrases, without that taking away from the beauty or spiritual nature of the music.

We are far more profound and complex than "machines",aword you use a lot to define the way "materialists",(another word you mention often),look at the world.
Machines are cars, factory installations and so on.Life forms are idescribably more complex than that.

When one presupposes things that have not been discovered,such as God, one will only create unresolvable arguements with others who have pre-supposed another type of God and no logical agreement can ever be reached.

I feel that the sole converting energy of the Bible stems from inspirational hero's such as jesus, the literary form in which their lives are described ,the beauty and noble actions of their lives and a certain ignorance of similar cultural creations such as other religions, arts, literature etc.

In a way , i feel ,that Cristians are merely people that revere that which is "noble" and seems more Heroic and elevated than their own lives!
That means, perhaps people with a contempt for themselves and their fellow man.People who feel ashamed of themselves and see so much nobility and eloquence in figures such as Jesus,and as a sign of loyalty to that figure, state that everything else the bible states is true.
Seb , 17.02.2005, 8:23am link
Jarrow, you make your point eloquently and are clearly more intelligent (and less obnoxious) than many of the Christians who pass this way, but I think Seb has fully answered your points.
Tim [Home], 17.02.2005, 6:41pm link
Evolutionary theory's origins come from the soviet union. The KGB devised this theory to poision the minds of children. By teaching them that they come from monkeys, any kind of perversion can be justified.
The dumbass's that write on this site will spend eternity in hell where not one drop of water will be available to cool your tongues.
mr_x , 18.02.2005, 12:16am link
Seb, thank you for your response. I will try to address your questions and comments in order. Without repeating it all I will use a key word from the paragraph I wish to address.
1. Spirituality in a material universe. When you have found spirituality in the material universe you have transcended the material. You have discovered potentials. Spirituality is the potential to reach out for the divine. Einstein also said ” My religion consists of a humble admiration for the illimitable superior spirit who revels himself in the slightest details we are able to perceive with our frail and feeble mind”.
2. ….merely out of a desire to believe…True religion is purely experiential. Whether it is pre-supposition or post-experience the fact of God cannot be proved. Many do have desires based only on their needs. Others experience an unexplainable presence that is undeniable for them.
3. The unexplainable…emotional… Yes, there is much emotion in religion that is observable. It depends on the form of religion that juxtaposes high and low, salvation from sin, etc. But, the experience of losing self and finding the spirit is not one of emotion; it is an act of intelligent self-surrender and unreserved consecration.
4. …ignorance of discoveries…The twentieth century has brought new problems for Christianity and all other religions to solve. The higher civilization climbs, the more necessitous becomes the duty to “seek first the realities of heaven” in all of man’s efforts to stabilize society and facilitate the solution of its material problems.
5. Yes The Bible is a cultural creation. Much of the contents do simplify a world and universe view. The existance of Jesus (Joshua Ben Joseph) is fact, as there is just so much literature and research, including historical accounts other than the gospel writers, to confirm this. The most important question is; was he both human and divine? This is where new revelation comes into play and in time you will become aware of this. Keep searching, the universe gives away nothing unearned.
6. Music. So true, even though music is a form of mathematical rhythm, you cannot appreciatingly know music through mathematical deductions.
7. …materialists…Yes, I was writing a paper on materialism so I must use the word several times to make a point. Yes, life is extremely complex, that is part of the wonder. But, an animal cannot discover that complexity, only man can, which shows that there is a component to man that is yet to be explained satisfactorily by science. This is the realm of spiritual realities.
8. …irresolvable arguments…Yes, you get it, if we were only machines there would be no irresolvable arguments. All would agree on everything. I wouldn’t like that, would you?
9. Yes, I agree on your last two statement paragraphs. It is unfortunate that evolutionary religion is full of hero worship. The Norsemen believed in Thor as a mighty god. Thor was a human leader from their past that acquired god status because of time and legend.
Civilization, science, and advanced religions must deliver mankind from those fears born of the dread of natural phenomena. And so should greater enlightenment deliver educated mortals from all dependence on intermediaries in communion with Deity.

These intermediate stages of idolatrous hesitation in the transfer of veneration from the human and the visible to the divine and invisible are inevitable, but they should be shortened by the consciousness of the facilitating ministry of the indwelling divine spirit. Nevertheless, man has been profoundly influenced, not only by his concepts of Deity, but also by the character of the heroes whom he has chosen to honor. It is most unfortunate that those who have come to venerate the divine and risen Christ should have overlooked the man-the valiant and courageous hero- Joshua ben Joseph.

Modern man is confronted with the task of making more readjustments of human values in one generation than have been made in two thousand years. And this all influences the social attitude toward religion, for religion is a way of living as well as a technique of thinking
Jarrow , 18.02.2005, 2:18am link
Mr. X: Evolution was conceived by two mid-19th century British men, a full 60 years before the creation of the Soviet Union. Your crude attempts at anti-scientific propaganda, however, are worthy of Lysenko himself.
Kimpatsu [Email], 18.02.2005, 4:27am link
A message for the fools:

And you need to repent now, because God will appear to you when you least expect it, saying "thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee." Luke 12:20.
Pray that it's not this night.
Keep talking, on judgement day, we will see who laughs.
End your foolish rebellion and come home.
mr_x , 19.02.2005, 2:11am link
For all the eloquent explanation given by yarrow, we have unveiled before us the product of this great connection: the ranting, raving mr. X. How great thou art!
dom [Email], 19.02.2005, 5:35pm link
Wow!!! just read thru all this, and suddenly realized you are all thinking TOO MUCH!!! give it a break and try meditation!! just be still and calm down!! to me your all just expressing thoughts from opposite ends!! sorry I just had to say that!! It like saly thats lost it flavor
william , 19.02.2005, 6:35pm link
This site rocks. I've never laughed so much. Although football man has not defined evolution I do believe he is defining Devolution with every keystroke. What really always wins me over about christians is their loving, tolerant christian attitudes. Ever notice how the nastiest people you know are 'christian'. Maybe it was just a random mutation?
Yahoo , 22.02.2005, 1:39am link
Anyone who seriously believes an invisible man runs everything is a nut.

One thing you never see addressed is this. When god flooded the world, was it fresh water or salt water? Regardless of type, how did the species that require the other survive?

Also this is a good one. After Noah landed and threw open the boats door and all the animals left, what did the predatory animals eat? I mean clearly the two lions could not have eaten the two wildabeast. The logical answer is that ALL animals ate the non-existant vegitation (remember, everything below the top of mt. ararat was mud) until all the species repopulated. Nevermind the fact that two of anything is not enough to create a genetically viable population.

I REALLY hate christians.

Sierra [Email], 22.02.2005, 5:31am link
God supernaturally curbed the apetites of the carnivores until enough prey would be available for them. Everything follows God's plan. He is your king, and you will kneel before God on judgement day.
If your dumb enough to believe that there is a monkey down your family line, good for you. There are too many stupid people on this bulletin board. My mission is to educate them.
Mr_X , 22.02.2005, 11:09pm link
So he stopped the carnivores feeling hungry until they had something to eat. Did he do this at the same time as stopping the plants trying to grow until he realised there should be some light. Pretty odd plan if you ask me.
mr_y [Email], 23.02.2005, 12:56am link
So god is a magician, or sorceror? Wow, wasn't this in a movie...reminds me of something... Dark Crystal? Gremlins? I cna't remember.

Supernaturally supressed their appetites? Why didn't he just create diet pills, why doesn't he supernaturally suppress the appetites of the morbidly overweight? Seems like a big problem to me. This just gets sillier and sillier
Yahoo , 23.02.2005, 2:36am link
When Noah found that all the animals wouldn't fit on the Ark, he shrunk them down to miniature size! Religion and make believe are fun!
dom [Email], 24.02.2005, 1:01am link
Mr X: So he supressed their appetites for several thousand years? IF the poulation doubled every year in 10 years there would be just over a 1000. 10 years is a long time to go without lunch.

How did Mr. Invisible get around the problem of genetic viability? I mean, 2 of anything is not sufficient diversity to build a population.

Lastly, you did not answer the other question. Was it fresh water or salt water?

That not withstanding, if it rained for 40 days and 40 nights and when it was done the water covered everything, including I assume Mt. Everest, then that would be an average depth of 29,035 feet. If raining continuously that would mean water levels WORLD-WIDE would would need to rise by roughly 1.5 feet per minute (from sea level) from the moment it started raining. That my friends is one hell of a downpour. And, Mr. X, where did all that water go?

There is no god. You are blind.

Sierra [Email], 24.02.2005, 4:37pm link
Yeah, it was one HELL of a rain storm. I couldn't give a rat's behind if it was salt or fresh water. Was the concentration of potassium in the rain more than 2%? Who cares!! God drowned the world and that's all that mattered. Sierra, where's the monkey down your family line? Laugh all you want, read the end of the book, we win!! Can't wait till you and Tim stand before God and tell him that you didn't believe. You feel real smart that day. Where did all the water go? It receded back into the earth. Where did do you think it went, to the moon?
Genetic viability? Not a problem for God. Don't need to account for it. You still need to account for the monkey down your family line. All that I know is that humans only reproduce humans except in Tim's case.
Mr_X , 25.02.2005, 3:27am link
What a silly bunch of bullshit. Your belief in a god demonstrates your tiny-minded scared way of looking at the world.

The salt/fresh water issue is a big one. The rain had to be one kind or the other. Since we have both salt and fresh water fish and organisms and they can't live outside their type of water it follows that the waters were never co-mingled. Ergo there was no flood. Didn't happen.

As far as standing before god it isn't going to happen. I would love to have an audience with the silly bastard and ask him about a lot of stuff - from 9/11 to the Jewish Holocaust and beyond. I would ask him why he drowned innocent little children when he had his big flood. Dosen't the worthless bastard have any compassion at all? I would have no part of him based on those reasons alone.

As far as the monkey - yes, somewhere back in my (and your) line eons ago is an ape or something like it. Frankly knowing that makes life on earth very much more personal for me. I am part of a flow and an ancestry that extends back millions of years. I am part of the flow of life on this planet and originate from the same place as all the animals, trees and plants. I am distantly related to all life here. That makes me feel good. This is my home.

You on the otherhand originated "poof" at the hand of "The Invisible Man". You are separate from everything else "created" and are here pretty much just to dance around, tell him how great he is (because he is apparently insecure). THe other reason you are here is to throw money into a plate (because while he created everything, he needs money). Apparently "god" is having problems with his checkbook.

As far as "Don't need to account for it"...that is religion at work. Its another way of saying faith. In reality though it means "stick your head in the sand". When confronted with proof that the bible could not have gone the way it is written, you pull "faith" out of your ass and dismiss everything you don't want to believe.

Well, you go on worshiping the "invisible man". In the end you will find that you have wasted your life and that your omnipotent jerk has never lifed a finger to help you.

Have fun with "faith"!!

Sierra [Email], 25.02.2005, 4:29pm link
have fun worshipping darwin in hell. The good lord helped me in my life, more than I'll ever know. Eons ago, you don't even know what your talking about. Where are all these intermediate species that evolution claims?
Where the's whale with legs that made it to land? Evolution's loopholes are large enough to drive a Lorry through.
Still can't tell me which descendant down your family line is a "monkey".

Stand before God, oh yes you will. Don't bother debating God, you will lose.

Enjoy Hell for eternity. At least Tim will be there with you.
Mr_X , 26.02.2005, 10:22pm link
Don't you get it. There is no hell. There is no heaven. The imaginary "god" you worship is an impotent whore. A cruel, lying false image of a long-desired afterlife that does not exist.

"god" is bullshit. I gleefully invite the stupid bastard to show himself to me... .... .... .... See, nothing!!!

I know you hope. Fine. Waste your time. You have NOTHING to show for it. Even you admit the fact that "his" help is "more than you can know". Thats beacuse "he" does not exist.

Grow up.

Talk about loopholes. Ever read that silly bullshit tome called the "bible". Talk about things that could not have happened.

Death to your "god".

Sierra [Email], 27.02.2005, 5:17am link
Is Mr. X some kind of retard? He keeps saying "god created the world blah, blah, blah, and the Bible says blah, blah, blah,"

Does he realize that in the Bible, the Earth is not only flat but table shaped. However, as we all know, the earth is round and was proven to be so by Christopher Columbus in the late 1400's and by NASA in 1950's and 1960's. So according X's "logic" believing that the earth is an oblate spheroid guarantees you a one-way ticket into hell.

Also, the Bible states that the Earth is the center of the universe, and that all other objects, including the sun, revolve around it. Of course, this was proven to be complete bullshit by Copernicus about 500 years ago. So, following X's "logic" if we believe in the heliocentric theory and the solar system, are we doomed for an eternity in hell? Or is Mr. X a retard with shit for brains?
ckb [Email], 28.02.2005, 12:28am link
Mr. X is retarded with shit for brains. That is the definitive answer.

"Faith" is the manure-based mortar that is trowelled into the crack that inevitably opens between science (and how we know the world to be) and the bible (the silly story of how some wish it had gone).

Anyting that differs from the "silly vision" is immediately dismissed.

These ignorant, unobservant morons will follow blindly their whole lives looking up to "heaven" fo a cosmic daddy to make everything all right. They will quote their silly contradictory bible bullshit till the day they die while they patiently wait for their trip to the happy hunting ground.

It does not matter to these nuts whether the earth is flat or not. They do not care how seashells got to the tops of mountains. It is insignificant that the earth is objectively much much older than even the most liberal bible interpretation would suggest. In their tiny-minded view these things are gods doing, he alone knows the reasons and that is good enough for them.

Screw god. Screw the religous. Its all bullshit.

Sierra [Email], 28.02.2005, 1:33am link

Geez...aren't you paying attention, the seashells got there in the big floods 6000 or so years ago.

For more hot tips on how to live here are some questions about the bible from a letter to Laura Schlessinger (that holy spirit guide)

• Leviticus 25:44 says I may own slaves, both male and female, as long as they are bought from "the heathen" of neighbouring nations. A friend tells me this applies to Mexicans but not to Canadians. Can you clarify?

• I would like to sell my daughter into slavery as discussed in Exodus 21:7. In our day and age, what do you suggest would be a fair price?

• When I burn a bull on the altar as a sacrifice, I know it creates a "sweet savour" for the Lord — Leviticus 1:9. The problem is my neighbours. They claim the odour is not pleasing to them. Should I smite them?

• I have a neighbour who insists on working on the Sabbath. Exodus 35:2 clearly states that he should be put to death for this. Am I morally obligated to kill him myself or should I call the police to do it?

• A friend of mine feels that even though eating shellfish is an "abomination," Leviticus 11:10, it is a lesser abomination than homosexuality. I differ on this. Are there degrees of abomination?

• My uncle has a farm. He violates Leviticus 19:19 by planting two different crops in the same field, as does his wife by wearing clothes made out of two kinds of thread (a cotton/polyester blend). He also tends to curse and blaspheme a lot. Is it really necessary to get the whole "congregation" together to stone them? (Leviticus 24:16). Or, could we just burn them instead? (Leviticus 20:14)
Yahoo , 28.02.2005, 5:10am link
and here is one for football man

Repent! Fool!

"I know from Lev 11:6-8 that touching the skin of a dead pig makes me unclean, but may I still play football if I wear gloves? "
Yahoo , 28.02.2005, 5:12am link
I don't think Mr X is a retard. I think (as has already been pointed out) that he is a troll with clearly nothing better to do than sit around making up piles of crap. He's having a good game seeing how long he can keep you people "strung along" and responding to him. In other words, he is probably sat there having a bloody good laugh at the lot of you thinking "SUCKERS!!" It seems my hubby is the only one with the sense not to continue responding to this poor sad git.

Oh, and before anyone says that I'VE responded to him by posting this. I haven't as such - it's just I've been sat here for the last couple of weeks reading all this and thinking, how come these people keep pointing out that they think he's a troll and that they shouldn't respond to him and then CONTINUING to respond to him?! Have a listen to yourselves!
Sarah , 28.02.2005, 10:35am link
Sarah, this bulletin board needs my intellect. The weight of my arguments is destroying idiots like Sierra, Yahoo, and commie boy Tim. Your definitely a communist. Yahoo, there was no social welfare back then, if you owed money you sold yourself to slavery. You think you don't do that today? I have to work 8 hours a day, so I'm a slave to the company I work for.
For you Sierra, here's a quote I used, "God Said it", "I believe it", enough said.
You've been deceived, the earth is not billions of years old. I can't wait for judgement day, when I'll have front row tickets to watch turds like you get thrown in the lake of fire. I'll be cheering your fall all the way down.
Mr_X , 28.02.2005, 11:55am link
First off...Sarah...I am not responding to him. I am discussing him. This kind of thing needs to be discussed. The more people discuss it the more that will be drawn in and sooner or later religion will fall away as a social institution.

As far as Mr. X, that response is classic. "God" has never said anything. Never, not one time. What we have a people who puport to speak for him. Thats how religion works. Just look at the mormons.

If it makes you feel any better....I am being divinely inspired as I write this. God wants you to know that he does not exist.

And as far as the earth not being billions of years old... well...there is not much to say to a moronic statement like that. Its a fact. It can be proven. The bible on the otherhand is riddled with errors and can not be proven. I'm going with science.

Lastly you poor bastard there is no "lake of fire". Where would this thing exist? I'm sure you don't know, are content not to know and don't want to think about it. Thats called ignorance.

The short answer is that actually the world needs people like Mr. X. If everyone were intelligent and capable competition would be stiff. Fortunately we have a world full of "idol clutchers" who busily give what little money they have to the church in between sessions or rattling their rosary beads, chomping wafers, chugging low cost wine and juice, lighting candles, singing, moaning, crawling around on their knees and generally being pleased that they were not attacked by the "devil" and forced to go down to the corner store to buy a lottery ticket or pint of beer.

I would rather compete against idiots like that.

Would you like some nails for your cross?

God does not exist. Its all bullshit!!

I am laughing at you and your god.

Sierra [Email], 28.02.2005, 4:09pm link
Sierra - I have no objection to discussing things with someone who is being serious but I fail to see what is to be gained by arguing with someone who is clearly taking the piss (I would have thought that was blindly obvious!) Surely you don't actually believe that he believes all that stuff he has written?! Tim and I have discussed this and both feel the same way - he is a troll, just out to have a laugh because he's got nothing better to do and as such should be ignored. By even "discussing" him you are giving what he wants - attention. You are achieving nothing else. Tim is even considering deleting his posts in future - and quite frankly the rubbish bin is the best place for the sort of nonsense he writes.
Sarah , 28.02.2005, 4:28pm link
Sarah - perhaps. But....I can tell you from those god junkies I have known in the US there is a high probability that he actually does believe what he says....chapter and verse. I had a roommate who insisted that the bible was the perfect and infallable word of god...accurate and correct in ever respect. It was the dambest thing I ever saw.

Perhaps acknowledging the nuts here fuels their ego, but its been my experience that left unchecked they try to spread this crap into the world. Next thing you know you can't buy lottery tickets or liquor on Sunday.

Its insidious, it needs to be challenged and I have a good mind to start going to church, sit in a different spot each week, and write the URL for this site into as many pages of as many hymnals as I can quietly get my hands on.

Sierra [Email], 28.02.2005, 5:47pm link
Well, enjoy yourself wont you! I might not be religious in any way shape or form (in fact I totally agree with the idea of "getting rid of religion" - not that it's feasible!), but personally I can think of far more interesting things to do on a sunday morning.

Any way, enough of this. I might share Tim's ideas about religion but not to the degree that I want to spend the best part of my day posting comments on his website. I've stuck my 5 eggs in about Mr X (which was all I intended to do).... bored now!
Sarah , 28.02.2005, 6:03pm link
You guys need to print up some stickers with your URL to distribute. I could use that!!
Sierra [Email], 28.02.2005, 6:36pm link
The religious pride themselves on infiltrating other orgnizations to "save" everyone. We, lets turn it back on them.

Go down to your friendly neighborhood chucrch one Sunday. Work in the yard all the previous day and don't bathe. Belch during the hymns. Fart during the collections and snore during the sermon. Take your cell phone and have someone ring you constantly. Buy a disposable phone, tape it under the pew during the early service and ring it constantly during the late service. Bring your lunch and eat during the service.

Have fun.

Sierra [Email], 28.02.2005, 10:10pm link
Call local merchants and order replacement parts for the steeple. Write the church's number in public restrooms. Take a handfull of grass seed and sprinkle it in the flower beds, hedges - anywhere there is dirt. Give out the church's address and email as an inquiry contact for plural marriage in chat rooms.

The fun could be infinite.
Sierra [Email], 28.02.2005, 10:15pm link
Sierra - if you're looking for stuff to stick in bibles etc., have a look here (there are other sites with this sort of thing around too) -
Tim [Home], 28.02.2005, 10:36pm link
Also, Brother Jeff from has a cafe press shop with lots of cool stuff:
Tim [Home], 28.02.2005, 10:38pm link
Sierra said:

"Lastly you poor bastard there is no "lake of fire". Where would this thing exist? I'm sure you don't know, are content not to know and don't want to think about it. Thats called ignorance."
It exists to punish fools like you who are too blind to see the truth. This is not ignorance Sierra, it's reality and if you don't like it , too bad. It is God's soverign right to judge this universe anyway he wants. He is the king, and sits on his throne, and is the most powerful being.
Remember the movie Braveheart when he has capturerd by English and brought before a tribunal. William Wallace said "Never in my life have I pleged allegiance to this King". The tribunal judge replied back, "It matters not, he is your king"

Sarah, Tim , go ahead and delete my messages. What are you afraid of? What's the matter Tim, can't defend bullshit evolution? Because evolution is pure fiction.
We are preparing an evolution questionaire for you. Lets see if you can answer the questions.

You don't think I'm for real? Com e down to Baton Rouge Louisiana and see if we are for real. This is Jesus country where we love the Lord. No high school kids aroun d here takes evolution seriously.
Sierra, drive around here with a bumper sticker, religion is bullshit and see what happens to you. Please do, I'll even purchase your airticket.
In a nutshell,
I'll take creation over a fraudlent ridden evolution.
HOw can anyone be serious about an earth that's billions of years old? How can anyone be serious about having a nonhuman descendant in their family tree?
How can anyone be so stupid to think about a non human can reproduce a human?
How can anyone be serious thinking that everything we see around us came from nothing?
How many generations do you have to go back to find the monkey in your family line.
I'm still waiting for my response Sierra, Sarah, Tim , Ben?

I'm on vacation for three weeks in beautiful Hawaii.
Mr_X , 01.03.2005, 12:27am link
This is the problem with the "deep south" in the USA. Too much "god", not enough intelligence, very little anything else.

To much silly crap to address.

One point though, evolution did not suggest that apes produced me. Unless you look exactly like your parents you see evolution at work. Tiny changes over time.

God does not exist. I beg his wrath on me. Bring it on bastard.

Sierra [Email], 01.03.2005, 5:53am link
No wrath yet............
Sierra [Email], 01.03.2005, 5:56am link
Still nothing.
Sierra [Email], 01.03.2005, 5:57am link
All is quiet here. Where is the infinite bastard? Here, let me drink this beer. That should do it.
Sierra [Email], 01.03.2005, 5:59am link
Hmmm. Give me a bit. I'm gonna go have sex out of wedlock. Watch this "god"!!!
Sierra [Email], 01.03.2005, 6:00am link
Whew...that was good. On the way back across the street I bore false witness to a neighbor (about what I was doing out at a late hour) and then on the way back in to the house I stopped to worship a false idol.

God where are you? You better stop me while you still can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sierra [Email], 01.03.2005, 6:43am link
sierra makes some very good points. Mr x: when you die i think it would be funny when you realise there is no god and you have wasted your life, or in your case, your existence
becca , 01.03.2005, 12:31pm link
On the way in to work this morning I swiped an extra bagel at the place that sells them. God has not done anything about it. I guess he wanted me to have an extra bagel this morning.
Sierra [Email], 01.03.2005, 4:09pm link
I gust got through taking the lords name in vain several times. We are out of cream cheese for my bagel.

In additon, I have been coveting my neighbor's house and wife. His house in nicer than mine and I really want to sleep with his wife. In fact, I am thinking of killing him and then calling my parents and unsulting them (not honoring them) for filing to give me a better moral compas.

I am sure god is aware of all of this and has done NOTHING.

I don't want to be forgiven. I am going to keep this blasphemous pace up until the heavenly jerk stikes me dead.

Bring it on god if you can!!!!!
Sierra [Email], 01.03.2005, 6:03pm link
mrx: thou shalt go to hell for being a moron, sierra, i hear you! I will bring it on by making it snow accross england, i am God.
God , 01.03.2005, 7:19pm link
God, don't worry Sierra is all mine and so are all his friends.
This website is fantastic, it's turning people away from you so that they can be fried in hell.
I don't want Mr X, you can keep that nut job.
Lucifer , 02.03.2005, 12:17am link

I have found that if you give a small amount of "holy water" to your potted plants each day, over time they will grow!!!

Sierra [Email], 02.03.2005, 4:17pm link
Hey Tim, great website! Jeez there are some morons out there, makes me proud to be me. I found an hilarious website about creation. Check out their "logic" when explaining their "findings."
You should ask the theist scum if they know anything about Jesus being married to Mary Magdelaine and having a kid, therefore not being 'pure.'
Justin , 02.03.2005, 7:04pm link
Justin, you silly boy, haven't you figured it out yet? For religious types, ignorance is bliss!!
ckb , 03.03.2005, 1:32am link
Why am I not suprised that mr. x is from Lousiana?

Oh yeah, American Southerners are bible thumping morons, who can't speak or write in English correctly.
ckb , 03.03.2005, 1:35am link
Hey- I'm an American Southerner. I aint got no dang reazon to wurship no 'maginary dety. Here we dun kuntent 2 be hethens.

Eny whun hoo prayz 2 a gawd that dont xist iz stoopid.

Sierra [Email], 03.03.2005, 4:07pm link

A bible, when soaked in a flammable liquid make an excellent fire-starter when camping.
Sierra [Email], 03.03.2005, 4:11pm link
Practical tip 2,
so does Sierra, nicely dipped in gasoline and set ablaze. Excellent fire starter for satanic masses.
Just a taste of what hell will feel like.
Sierrawillburninhell , 04.03.2005, 12:43am link

When camping, a bible can be an excellent source of toilet paper should you run out. Also, if you need a place to sit a hot pot a bible a great trivet. Its primary heat-absorbtion ability comes from the fact that a bible is almost completely in terms of useful content.

- from NEW MILLENIUM SOCIETY - practical people adjusting religion for modern times!!
Sierra [Email], 04.03.2005, 4:20pm link

When camping, a bible can be an excellent source of toilet paper should you run out. Also, if you need a place to sit a hot pot a bible a great trivet. Its primary heat-absorbtion ability comes from the fact that a bible is almost completely empty in terms of useful content.

- from NEW MILLENIUM SOCIETY - practical people adjusting religion for modern times!!
Sierra [Email], 04.03.2005, 4:21pm link
Practical Tip of the day:
Need help with paintball target practice,then
bring Sierra to the target range, easy target to hit even for amateurs. Fill all paintballs with feces, he/she enjoys it more.

Sierra wrote:
"Its primary heat-absorbtion ability comes from the fact that "my brain" is almost completely empty in terms of useful content."

Fellow believers, this is what he/she really meant.
Sierrawillburninhell , 04.03.2005, 4:58pm link
So shall it be at the end of the world: the angels shall come forth, and sever and take out the wicked from among the just. And shall cast them into the furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth." Matthew 13:49-50

The torture we cannot even imagine! Hell is so horrible God the Father paid a great price and sent his own son Yahshua, to keep us out of Hell! Yahshua, loves us so much he was willing to suffer agony of crucifixion to provide a way of escape! If Hell wasn't real ask yourself would GOD the creator of ALL pay this price for a place that doesn't exist? NO! HE WOULD NOT! Hell is real! It was created NOT for Humans but for fallen angels DEMONS and of course SATAN! ANTI CHRIST, AND FALSE PROPHET!


God is not mocked. How do you like all the hailstorms across the UK fool. YOu asked God to bring it on, and he did.
We know of this website and more of us will be coming.
Sierrawillburninhell , 04.03.2005, 5:08pm link
bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!1
tyler [Email], 04.03.2005, 7:49pm link
"Yea tho thou mocketh thy most humble amonst ye the mighty in the true non-believers shall riseth up and crush thine silly biblethumperish ways. Oh yay shall unto all men that be a great day as thy silly nonsensical god-babble is swept away."

Sierra 1:3-4
Sierra [Email], 04.03.2005, 10:28pm link

Check this out.


10 5 19 21 19


10+5+19+21+19 = 74

and then 7+4 = 11

then 1+1 = 2

and lastly: 2-2 = ZERO ! HA HA HA HA HA

See, I told you that there was "nothing" to it.


Sierra [Email], 04.03.2005, 10:37pm link
Will never happen fool. Religion is here forever until our glorious lord returns and it will happen soon. Would love to see the look on your face you pathetic, pyschiatrically challenged moron.
SIerrawillburninhell , 04.03.2005, 10:37pm link
Zero is your IQ, Sierra, thanks for divulging the information.

Sierra's IQ = ZERO.
Sierrawillburninhell , 04.03.2005, 10:39pm link

Sierrawillburninhell , 04.03.2005, 10:41pm link
You guys prove my point with every word. Where is the turn-the-other-cheek forgiveness that your silly faith commands? What are you so upset about? How do you know I am not god testing your faith?

Some example of christianity you are.

God is a whore. Screw Jesus.

Sierra [Email], 04.03.2005, 11:05pm link
Sorry to see your caps lock key has stuck, you need to tap the keyboard on something hard to free it, try your head, that seems to full of concrete, all mixed up and totally set.

Why is it all christians posting here have a prediliction for fire and eternal
roasting. Since atheists do not belive in heaven and hell it's not much of a threat is it?

I found this quote from your instruction book, perhaps you should should follow this rather than threatening every one who does not agree with your beliefs.

Execute true judgment, and shew mercy and compassions every man to his brother: And oppress not the widow, nor the fatherless, the stranger, nor the poor; and let none of you imagine evil against his brother in your heart." 7:9-10
Mr_y [Email], 04.03.2005, 11:40pm link
Oops, previous post for Sierrawillburninhell
Mr_y [Email], 04.03.2005, 11:45pm link
i am not a whore!! just because my followers screw with little kids and are gay doesn't mean i am. And stop quoting the bible!! The guys i paid to wrote it were all alcohollics, thats why it dont make sense!
God , 05.03.2005, 5:15pm link
i am god, all morons must worship me
God , 05.03.2005, 5:18pm link
The more you drink the more the bible makes sense. When you pass out it makes total sense.
Anyway, i'm just doing the same as the theist fruitcakes, plucking random quotes out ot the ether and hoping they have some sort of effect :-)
Mr_y , 05.03.2005, 8:40pm link
Dear god,

Whay are all your followers so stupid? Why do your priests molest children? Why do evangelists steal money? Why did Jimmy Swaggart see prostitutes? Why did you let 9/11 happen? Why did you let so many children and animals die in your waterpark (the big flood).

Are you just a sick bastard or is there a purpose for all this suffering?

Until then, screw you!!!

Sierra [Email], 06.03.2005, 2:26am link
everything has a purpose...even you sierra. 9/11 happened as an accident, satan and i were having another argument and oops! even this website has a purpose, to enlighten people, all christians should read this and instead of making rude comments, they should try to understand that not everyone has the same beliefs. I am God.
God , 06.03.2005, 9:37am link
have sympathy on Sierra and Mr_y. Sierra should understand that the finite should not judge the infinite and that you the king. Sierra should read the bible, and study christian scholarly work before making stupid claims. If Mr_y and Sierra would read Lee Stroeble's book, the case for christ they would see the light and stop posting nonsense. I gave credible answer's to Tim's questionaire and he couldn't understand what I was trying to say.
truth_seeker , 06.03.2005, 10:01pm link
Sierra wrote:
" God is a whore. Screw Jesus. ".

Since you have the reading ability of a grade 7 student, I'll make this easy for you.

truth_seeker , 06.03.2005, 10:08pm link

There is no more a case for christ than there if for all the other 2000 odd gods we have worshipped over the years. Its just a way for one group of people to control another group of people.

As for you comments regarding jesus screwing Sierra, I was not aware xtians thought jesus was gay. I thought that was a definte no in your little book of fairytales. Since you appear to have had a lot of experience with anal sex I will have to take your word it is all the worse if you are unprepaired.
Mr_y , 07.03.2005, 12:50am link
You mean that loving and forgiving god would screw me simply because I did not follow him?

What a jerk.

There is no god you silly twit.
Sierra [Email], 07.03.2005, 2:09am link
there is a god, ME! and i am loving and forgiving. Neither will i ever "screw" you. You will regret what you are saying, i am planning something for you right now. i am God.
God , 07.03.2005, 4:40pm link
Yeah?....I'm planning something for you too....

I'm not saying I had sex in your little church or anything, but I would ask the pastor to shampoo the carpet near the altar before he drops any communion wafers.

What am I talking were watching!!!

Not bad huh!!!

Sierra [Email], 07.03.2005, 10:41pm link
:-) :-)
Mr_y , 07.03.2005, 11:38pm link
All this talk about god made me really miss one of my childhood favorites so I decided this past weekend to make a trip to JEZUSLAND. Its my most favorite amusement park.

It had been many years since I had been so I was a little shocked at the price of admission. Apparently god is seriously in debt because I really had to fork over a lot just to get in. It was ok though. I paid it.

Once through the gate I stopped for a drink. The choices were: Holywater Fizz, Jesus Juice, Salvation Smoothie and Pennance Punch. They let me have a sample of the punch and it was awful. Really bad. They admitted they don’t sell a lot of it. I finally settled on the Jesus Juice. I paid extra for the oversized godcup.

Anyway, I proceeded down the walkway as fast as I could. I wanted to get right to the rides.

The first ride I came to was the Great Flood Flume. This is a great ride. The line was not too long and soon I was seated in my very own Ark-car. I was by myself because the family behind me wanted to stay together. I left the loading area and started down the chutes. There was not a lot of water at first. All along there was this booming holy voice saying to repent and to be sure to keep my arms and hands inside the cars. Around and around we went, bumping and thumping. Its really neat.

Near the end we approached Mt. Ararat falls – the big drop on the way back to the station. As we crested the top I could see all over the park. It wasn’t too crowded so I knew I would have a great day. Then – whoosh – down we went. Ssssshhhhhhiiiiiiitttttttt I yelled as I fell. Since my ark was light (with only me in it) I skimmed right past the display of the real ark with the doors down. Fortunately I did not get too wet.

Then it was on to the Last Supper Bumper Cars. I love this one too. This time the car I got was shaped like the apostle Mark. The seat was torn up but it went really fast. Some little girl got the coveted Jesus car so everybody ganged up on her. I rammed the Jesus car sever times. Suddenly I was hit from behind by some guy driving the Da Vinci scooter (a larger slower car). The impact almost knocked me off the pad. We both laughed a lot.

I was having a great time. After the bumper cars I wanted to head over to Protestant Swamp. It’s a slower ride, but it takes you past a lot of little displays with different versions of Christianity. The stuffed animals all move and sing and its very relaxing.

After that, I wanted to go over to Mormonville. It’s the newest part of the park and some traditionalists don’t like the new architecture, but that’s where most of the newest rides are. I figure as long as they start every other sentence with “it came to pass” who cares what year the rides were added.

Anyhow, on the way I stopped by the Jewish food court. A lot of people don’t like the prices and I will admit the selection isn’t the best, but the place is always clean and you don’t have to worry about finding anything unusual in your pork rinds. That’s what I had, a ham sandwich, pork rinds and a water. I forgot my godcup on the flume so I had to use one of the small kosher paper cups and that cost extra.

After I ate ( I walked as I ate) I got to Mormonville. I could not wait to get on the Christian Marriage Machine. This is another great ride. You have to pair up boy-girl in line with a stranger. If the numbers are not even one of the staff will go with you so everyone has a partner. Then – you get in your car and off it goes. This ride spins around and around and as it does the cars separate and mix around. They connect and unconnect repeatedly until the ride is over. You never know who you are going to end up with. It’s a great way to meet people.

After that I hurried over to the arcade. They have a lot of cool games. I tried the Bobbing for Bible Verses. Depending on what you come up with you get a prize. I got the 23 Psalm so I got a Pope plush doll. The guy next to me got something from revelations and they escorted him out of the park. Wow.

I like souvenirs so I spent a good deal of time in the souvenir shop. They have a lot of cool stuff. In the bath department the have about 15 different types of “pope on a rope” soap. I like them, but I already have my own brand. The virgin mary bath oils are nice as a gift, but what I really liked was the fake bible that squirted holy water. I like gags. I bought the bible, the Jesus bobble head and the “holy grail drinking mug” that has the hole in the rim. I also got a poster of heaven. I wrapped up all this stuff and paid for it. It was expensive but worth it. Since I spent so much they gave me a free salvation book mark and a box of holy ghost incense that is one of gods favorites – Burning Yak!

I was near the west pearly gate so I took the two-by-two tram out to my car and put this stuff in my trunk. I had my hand stamped as I left (so I could get back in) because they do not trust people and never forgive. Apparently people try to sneak in all the time.

On the way back in to the park I saw a sign for Father Dominic’s Fun House. I had never heard of this so I figured it was new. It sounded neat so I thought I would check it out. When I got there the sign said it was for ages 8 to fifteen 15. I was disappointed but suddenly there was a commotion from the Fishes and Loaves aquarium. Apparently one of the dolphins bit someone so while the staff was looking that way, I snuck in to father Dom’s.

I was very surprised by the inside. It was dim with a lot of candles and free candy everywhere. They were even letting the little boys “sample” the communion wine. Suddenly the lights went out and everyone started bumping in to everyone. Then, somebody grabbed my crotch and tried to force his hand down my pants. I punched the person but could not see who it was. After a few moments someone shouted “rides over” and the emergency exit opened. We all piled out. On the way out I noticed that the pastor was rubbing his jaw.

I didn’t know what to do about all of it, so I just figured it was some rite I was not familiar with.

Anyway, I wanted to get on to other rides.

It was getting late in the day and there were two rides I still wanted to hit. I was a bit hungry so I stopped at a food kiosk and bought a Bible Burger and a Holy Water Fizz. The “burger” is really just a piece of beef between two giant communion wafers. Still, it hit the spot.

Then I got where I was going. The Inquisition. It’s a great roller coaster. Up. Down. Left. Right. Its fantastic. Its absolutely guaranteed that someone will lose their lunch on each trip. Plus, when it does a loop they have a big net to catch all the stuff that falls out of people pockets. They call it offerings.

Lastly I wanted to stop by the Doctrinal Tilt-a-whirl. Its really popular with priests and pastors. As it spins and tilts its fun to watch them wobble and strain to keep their footing. Its designed to mimic the effects of science and lawsuits against the church.

Anyway, that was my day. Time to go home.

I bought an extra-large Jesus Juice and a Deciple Dog to go and headed to my car.

I was tired and broke but I had a good time at Jesus Land.
Sierra , 08.03.2005, 5:32am link
So the Bible was written by a bunch of alcoholics? Makes sense there is a lot of wine drinking in there.

Moses:(drukenly)"The bush is on fire and is talking to me".
(still drunk)"Hey I can part this lake so that we can cross it without drowning".

Apostles:(all drunk) "Dude did you see Jesus, he just walked across that pool of water without falling in! He is so cool, man!"

(still drunk)"Holy shit! We're out of wine! Oh no, I'm starting to sober up! All right Jesus just made more wine! How did he do that?"

(still drunk)"I am going to tell my children and my grandchildren about Jesus! He is a fucking legend!"

And so Christianity was born. Makes you think doesn't it?
ckb , 08.03.2005, 11:06pm link
this goes out to sierra, get yo big ass off the comp.

Them Twinkies got your ass gettin' fat fat
Them cookies got your ass gettin' fat fat
That cake got your ass gettin' fat fat
Bitch you grown, that ain't baby fat fat

In the gym I see your ass up on the stair master
But you got it on level 2, bitch go a little faster
Look girl I ain't gon lie, I'll tell you how I feel
They should hand cuff your big ass to the treadmill

Your appetite'll put a dent up in a nigga salary
You need to stop watchin that tv, and burn a calorie
fiddy [Home], 12.03.2005, 7:26am link
What pathetic point are you attempting to make with your racist little doggerel?
Mr_y , 12.03.2005, 10:14am link
Yeah must be a complete moron if you that an uneducated bunch of drivel like that would offend me.

What an idiot. stand as still more proof of the impossibility of a god.

Sierra , 31.03.2005, 10:10pm link
What a lovely collection of viewpoints :)

To all the Religious follower's / Believers:

Firstly, Sorry.
Iam.. so sorry for you. You only get one chance at life, and your wasting yours believing this nonsense, and yes - it is nonsense.
Don't worry, im not going to waste time spouting my points, trying to make you see your wrong or anything like that, i just want you to know how sorry iam for such a massive waste of life, i could get irritated that intelligent people should have been given your chance that they didn't have.
Im not though because we define our life in a spectrum of right and wrong, and if there wasn't religion im certain there would be something else completly irrelavent and nonsensical for us all to get together on the internet and moan about.

To all the People that embrace science:

The first thing i need to point out is that people can't see past their own intelligence,
Which means we can't expect them to understand what points we are trying to raise.
I do realise that religion is populated by people of all intelligence levels, but you must understand that the believer's on the higher side of the mensa scale wouldn't be mooching around websites by domains like these?

Regarding the lower end of the scale: If they don't understand something, they will fear it, but in the human way it generally takes form as ignorance, you could argue that this is the none-believers way of dealing with the fact that a "higher being" exists.
This is not the case however,
You should remember that the people who believe in this relgion, come from a religious background, and aren't encouraged to think any differently. (see:deep south)
They are so rooted infact, in this belief that any attempt to reason with them should be avoided.
Also, many people can be guilty of intellilectual bullying, (even if you don't think your doing it, you actually are),
Using long words (anything greater than 2 syllables is considered 'long'), backing up your points with links/actual fact can be all attributed to this, so try and keep your points short and sweet :)

I believe that the bible is a written piece of chinese whisper's, a collection of short stories, not an ideal to live your life by, I also believe that people should be allowed to do whatever they like, aslong as it doesnt adversly affect others,
Which makes some religous groups absolutly fine.
I love the idea of a "Book" or other medium that gives you a guideline of how to live a good life, believe me, if everyone on the planet followed some of the good points in the new testament - the world would be a much nicer place.

The problem lies in the fact that most religions try to "recruit" other people, and unfortunatly for 'other people' it generally entails a sales pitch. (mormon's?)
Possibly exchange of tender, and your time every week.
Even this can be acceptable, but what about not preventing the spread of disease with contraception? (see:catholic:aids)
I'd call that adversly affecting others.

Both my parents are roman catholic, and so i was baptised.
About 11 years ago i was given a choice,
I'd gone to a very good religious school, (the teacher's actually care about the children, in england when i was growing up anyway)

So i had first communion, bible study and all the rest of it..
When i was about 11 i was asked by my parents if i wanted to be confirmed (My parents were liberal, they were baptised, but not believers, but they respected my belief's (or lackof)).
So, as a young teenager i was faced with 2 options, even though it was just a small action, it meant a lot to me, wether i wanted to lead a religious life or not.

I chose not to, not because of what i did or didn't believe.
It's because i knew that i simply didn't know, and had to trust someone else, but who was i going to trust?
relgion? or science?

i had to look at both party's, and the conclusion i came out with is that the world of science is generally populated by intelligent people, who - on the whole didn't try to make up answer's or make evidence fit.

On the whole im happy with what i picked, and i can formulate an arguement, rather than using derogatory statements, and simply quoting what you have been told, rather than applying your own knowledge into something new.

There we go, rant off. thanks for reading.

*don's flame retardent suit*
Si , 05.07.2005, 2:40pm link - Comments from archived blog posts