"If we believe absurdities, we shall commit atrocities" -- Voltaire (1694-1778)

Throughout history, religion has been responsible for a large proportion of the suffering in the world - yet religious beliefs are based on ancient myths and legends that should have been discarded centuries ago.

The purpose of this site is to point out the errors in religious texts and highlight the problems caused by religious believers in society today.

There are two main sections to the site: a collection of articles relating to the absurdities and dangers of religious beliefs and a weblog where you can discuss religion in current events.


This is not a hate site - the contributors are not inciting violence towards any individual or group because of their beliefs. Much of the content of this site however will be offensive to many believers. We make no apology for ridiculing both the beliefs and, in some cases, the believers themselves. Despite what many people think, religion - like any other system of belief or philosophy - does not automatically deserve respect.

Please note that the comments in the blog are generally uncensored and do not necessarily reflect the views of the authors of this site.

Short disclaimer

"So you're offended. So fucking what?" -- Stephen Fry


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