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Intelligent design

Posted by Tim on Saturday, February 05, 2005 | View Comments (57)

I feel that this site deserves to win some kind of award for the most interesting test post ever - thanks in part to Football Man, who thinks that evolution is not credible yet believes that life was created by an infinite, multi-dimensional being beyond space and time.

Although I have a good general education and a basic knowledge of most branches of science, I am not qualified to talk at length about evolution. I accept what I do know as being likely simply because it's logical and no-one has come up with a better explanation. However, evolution or no evolution, there can be no "universal creator" for two very straightforward reasons.

Firstly, to argue that humans - or any life forms - are complicated and therefore need a designer/creator is absurd. The same arguments have to be applied to both sides - i.e. if complex life forms need a creator, surely the creator of these complex life forms would be significantly more complex and itself need a creator?

Secondly, a creator would not be able to occupy any position in space/time and therefore could not exist. The universe is, by definition, all there is (talk of "other dimensions" is irrelevant, they still come under the blanket heading of "the universe"). To be able to create the universe, the creator would have to exist outside of the universe, which is logically impossible.