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Bored now

Posted by Tim on Sunday, August 21, 2005 | View Comments (8)

This is my final post on this site.

There are a number of reasons for this:

1.  It took very little time for this blog to become Troll Central. While the trolls generally show themselves for what they are without any help from anyone else, they do tend to drag the discussion away from the original topic.
2.  Some of the comments - from both religious and non-religious participants - have been too politically motivated (I've tried to avoid bringing my own political views into the discussion as they are generally irrelevant).
3.  I like designing and setting up sites but soon become bored with having to constantly update them (i.e. I'm lazy).
4.  I'm not really cut out for the job. I can't draw on my past experiences of religion as I wasn't particularly religious before I realised I was an atheist - and I don't take enough interest in the news to be able to report on religion within current events.

I'm not completely disappearing - the site will continue to exist (at - I may not be keeping the .com domain) but in a slightly different format. I'll be collecting articles relating to the problems of religion and asking for feedback, but comments will only be added (manually) to the site if they are actually about the article in question.

If the meantime, there'll probably be the occasional rant about religion on my other site, The Revenge of Winston Smith.