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Stay off line permanently, you moron and take that loser Sierra with you.
Tim_not_4_me , 04.03.2005, 1:24pm link
Wow, thanks for sharing Jesus with us! Glory!
Brother Jeff , 05.03.2005, 3:46am link

What, no biblical quote, no threat of hellfire and damnation? Perhaps you belive an honest insult will be more effective. Well, when you think of one come back and post it.
mr_y , 05.03.2005, 10:11am link
I'll leave the insults to you, Mr.y
Tim_not_4_me , 05.03.2005, 6:00pm link
I am not aware I insulted you, only asked you questions. If you take my post as an insult you must have a very thin skin.
mr_y , 05.03.2005, 8:21pm link
Your questions are insulting idiot!!!
This website is bullshit, and should be removed from the www immediately.
There is a very special place for you and Tim will be visiting in the future.
We are going to shut this site down.
Tim_not_4_me , 05.03.2005, 11:08pm link
Temper, Temper.

You're a typical christian I see, starts to lose a discussion and throws their dummy out of the pram.

You think this website is bullshit and should be removed from the internet. Well I think your brain is bullshit and should be removed from your head.

I suppose the 'very special' place I will be visiting is hell. You don't catch on very quickly do you, I'm an atheist, I do not believe in god, the devil, hell or any of the other claptrap you base your daily life around. When I die the only fire I will see will be at the crematorium.

If you are a sample of the threat this website is facing I don't think Tim has anything to worry about. From your posts to date you don't appear capable of closing a door without assistance, never mind a website.
mr_y [Email], 06.03.2005, 12:24am link
I command you my follower Tim_not_4_me, to leave this site alone. If you don't like it, don't visit it, just ignore it. And if you keep this attitude up, you will be going to hell. I like mr_y, i have an inclincing he will be sitting beside me while we watch you burn. Repent fool. I am God.
God , 06.03.2005, 9:45am link
No way God,
we are going to shut it down. Mr_y is mocking you God, and you should not be mocked.
There are much better sites, like and where the truth is told.
Tim_not_4_me , 06.03.2005, 9:54pm link

How is it possible to mock a fictional character which only exists in the very limited minds of individuals like you. Life is what you make of it, if you want to waste it crawling at the feet of your imaginary friend, be my guest.

If I am proved wrong and this thing does exist, it has absolutely no right to judge me. In order to do that it would have to be better than me. Any creature which allows its representatives to rape children in its houses of worship is not fit to lick the dirt from my boots.

As for closing this website, I reiterate; If you are a sample of the threat this website is facing I don't think Tim has anything to worry about. From your posts to date you don't appear capable of closing a door without assistance, never mind a website.
Mr_y , 07.03.2005, 12:15am link
Check out my parody of the ridiculous jesus-is-lord site.

Brother Jeff , 07.03.2005, 4:11am link
I was just about to point Mr. "Tim_not_4_me" there!
Tim [Home], 07.03.2005, 1:36pm link
mr_y I completely agree with you.
Lara , 07.03.2005, 8:21pm link
I keep begging you jusus junkies and god whores to bring it on.

C'mon - smite me. I dare you!!!

I piss in the face of your god-head. I wipe my ass with your most sacred text. The last time I went camping we used a bible for target practice and then threw it in the fire.

I scream at you silly weak minded fools to pull your hands out of the pants of little children and bring the fight to me.

Here I sit.



Do you know what is transparrent and lays in the trash?

ANSWER: A bible with all the BULLSHIT removed.


Come smite me you candle jockeys!!!!!
Sierra [Email], 07.03.2005, 11:47pm link
Do you know what is transparrent and lays in the trash?
Sierra's and Mr. y 's brains.
Mr. y, nothing to fear from a piece of garbage who can't tie his shoe laces.
Tim, we are enjoying Sierra and Mr. Y make fools out of themselves. Keep up the good work, you will great fire starters for the demons in hell, when they dip you in oil and set you ablaze. You've sealed your fate, you know who you belong to .

Sierrawillburninhell , 08.03.2005, 12:32am link
Tim, you are promoting hatred against an idenifiable group, i.e christians (not xtians). I can't believe what this country has come to. There was respect for the bible, and the lord. Now we have two imbeciles with websites and promoting hate for christianity under the disguise of rational thinking. If you were to do this against any other minority group, your website would have been shut down eon's ago.
I've learned in my lifetime to have respect for other people's faiths (yes, this includes Islam, Budhism etc..). You should do the same.
I've spent some time looking at the comments posted on your website. Your trying to tell me that people like Mr. X, Sierrawill burninhell are Christians? They are not christians, and the christians I know would never in a milion years say things like that. Your so desperate to make christians look bad, that it's most likely your the one who made these people up.
Even God and Lucifer are posting up comments on this site. Amazing!!!
Get a life, your a fraud.
Tim_not_4_me , 08.03.2005, 1:26am link
All this talk about god made me really miss one of my childhood favorites so I decided this past weekend to make a trip to JEZUSLAND. Its my most favorite amusement park.

It had been many years since I had been so I was a little shocked at the price of admission. Apparently god is seriously in debt because I really had to fork over a lot just to get in. It was ok though. I paid it.

Once through the gate I stopped for a drink. The choices were: Holywater Fizz, Jesus Juice, Salvation Smoothie and Pennance Punch. They let me have a sample of the punch and it was awful. Really bad. They admitted they don’t sell a lot of it. I finally settled on the Jesus Juice. I paid extra for the oversized godcup.

Anyway, I proceeded down the walkway as fast as I could. I wanted to get right to the rides.

The first ride I came to was the Great Flood Flume. This is a great ride. The line was not too long and soon I was seated in my very own Ark-car. I was by myself because the family behind me wanted to stay together. I left the loading area and started down the chutes. There was not a lot of water at first. All along there was this booming holy voice saying to repent and to be sure to keep my arms and hands inside the cars. Around and around we went, bumping and thumping. Its really neat.

Near the end we approached Mt. Ararat falls – the big drop on the way back to the station. As we crested the top I could see all over the park. It wasn’t too crowded so I knew I would have a great day. Then – whoosh – down we went. Ssssshhhhhhiiiiiiitttttttt I yelled as I fell. Since my ark was light (with only me in it) I skimmed right past the display of the real ark with the doors down. Fortunately I did not get too wet.

Then it was on to the Last Supper Bumper Cars. I love this one too. This time the car I got was shaped like the apostle Mark. The seat was torn up but it went really fast. Some little girl got the coveted Jesus car so everybody ganged up on her. I rammed the Jesus car sever times. Suddenly I was hit from behind by some guy driving the Da Vinci scooter (a larger slower car). The impact almost knocked me off the pad. We both laughed a lot.

I was having a great time. After the bumper cars I wanted to head over to Protestant Swamp. It’s a slower ride, but it takes you past a lot of little displays with different versions of Christianity. The stuffed animals all move and sing and its very relaxing.

After that, I wanted to go over to Mormonville. It’s the newest part of the park and some traditionalists don’t like the new architecture, but that’s where most of the newest rides are. I figure as long as they start every other sentence with “it came to pass” who cares what year the rides were added.

Anyhow, on the way I stopped by the Jewish food court. A lot of people don’t like the prices and I will admit the selection isn’t the best, but the place is always clean and you don’t have to worry about finding anything unusual in your pork rinds. That’s what I had, a ham sandwich, pork rinds and a water. I forgot my godcup on the flume so I had to use one of the small kosher paper cups and that cost extra.

After I ate ( I walked as I ate) I got to Mormonville. I could not wait to get on the Christian Marriage Machine. This is another great ride. You have to pair up boy-girl in line with a stranger. If the numbers are not even one of the staff will go with you so everyone has a partner. Then – you get in your car and off it goes. This ride spins around and around and as it does the cars separate and mix around. They connect and unconnect repeatedly until the ride is over. You never know who you are going to end up with. It’s a great way to meet people.

After that I hurried over to the arcade. They have a lot of cool games. I tried the Bobbing for Bible Verses. Depending on what you come up with you get a prize. I got the 23 Psalm so I got a Pope plush doll. The guy next to me got something from revelations and they escorted him out of the park. Wow.

I like souvenirs so I spent a good deal of time in the souvenir shop. They have a lot of cool stuff. In the bath department the have about 15 different types of “pope on a rope” soap. I like them, but I already have my own brand. The virgin mary bath oils are nice as a gift, but what I really liked was the fake bible that squirted holy water. I like gags. I bought the bible, the Jesus bobble head and the “holy grail drinking mug” that has the hole in the rim. I also got a poster of heaven. I wrapped up all this stuff and paid for it. It was expensive but worth it. Since I spent so much they gave me a free salvation book mark and a box of holy ghost incense that is one of gods favorites – Burning Yak!

I was near the west pearly gate so I took the two-by-two tram out to my car and put this stuff in my trunk. I had my hand stamped as I left (so I could get back in) because they do not trust people and never forgive. Apparently people try to sneak in all the time.

On the way back in to the park I saw a sign for Father Dominic’s Fun House. I had never heard of this so I figured it was new. It sounded neat so I thought I would check it out. When I got there the sign said it was for ages 8 to fifteen 15. I was disappointed but suddenly there was a commotion from the Fishes and Loaves aquarium. Apparently one of the dolphins bit someone so while the staff was looking that way, I snuck in to father Dom’s.

I was very surprised by the inside. It was dim with a lot of candles and free candy everywhere. They were even letting the little boys “sample” the communion wine. Suddenly the lights went out and everyone started bumping in to everyone. Then, somebody grabbed my crotch and tried to force his hand down my pants. I punched the person but could not see who it was. After a few moments someone shouted “rides over” and the emergency exit opened. We all piled out. On the way out I noticed that the pastor was rubbing his jaw.

I didn’t know what to do about all of it, so I just figured it was some rite I was not familiar with.

Anyway, I wanted to get on to other rides.

It was getting late in the day and there were two rides I still wanted to hit. I was a bit hungry so I stopped at a food kiosk and bought a Bible Burger and a Holy Water Fizz. The “burger” is really just a piece of beef between two giant communion wafers. Still, it hit the spot.

Then I got where I was going. The Inquisition. It’s a great roller coaster. Up. Down. Left. Right. Its fantastic. Its absolutely guaranteed that someone will lose their lunch on each trip. Plus, when it does a loop they have a big net to catch all the stuff that falls out of people pockets. They call it offerings.

Lastly I wanted to stop by the Doctrinal Tilt-a-whirl. Its really popular with priests and pastors. As it spins and tilts its fun to watch them wobble and strain to keep their footing. Its designed to mimic the effects of science and lawsuits against the church.

Anyway, that was my day. Time to go home.

I bought an extra-large Jesus Juice and a Deciple Dog to go and headed to my car.

I was tired and broke but I had a good time at Jesus Land.
Sierra [Email], 08.03.2005, 5:07am link

As you are aware, I am an atheist and do not belive in any gods which are worshiped by the religions of this world, neither do I have any respect for those religions. However, I do respect peoples right to worship whoever or whatever they want, no matter how ridiclous, in return I expect equal
respect to be given to my right not to belive.

This websight is not attacking any religious groups or their rights to belive in whatever they wish, it is attacking WHAT they belive in,there is difference. Currently, xtianity is being singled out because it seems to be unique in that its followers activly seek to convert non-believers to their faith and influence all areas of government decision making. Look at all the wars and bloodshed in the name of your god. I have never had a muslim, jew ,hindu, buddist, pagan, satanist or any other non-xtian knocking at my door to try and convert me to their faith, however, there have been plenty of xtians in various guises.

In america, extreme christians are actively seeking to remove the majority of the powers of the courts in the law making process and bring back religious laws and the xtian equivalent of muslim clerics (religious policemen). Do american citizens really want to live in the xtian equivalent of iran or iraq. I thought america was the home of the free?

In england we are seeing the first wave of xtian fundamentalism, since we are not jesusland many people see this as a bad thing.

You say you have respect for other peoples faiths and then proceed to rubbish Mr X and Sierrawillburninhell, how do you know they are not xtians?

You say you ARE a xtian, and would never say the things Mr X and Sierrawillburninhell say, well, let me remind you of the content of some of your posts:

"Stay off line permanently, you moron and take that loser Sierra with you.

Your questions are insulting idiot!!!
This website is bullshit, and should be removed from the www immediately.
There is a very special place for you and Tim will be visiting in the future.
We are going to shut this site down."

There is no requirement for atheists to waste their time making xtians look bad, they manage to do that all by themselves. Your comments regarding Mr X and Sierrawillburninhell being made up are quite amusing given that you belive in an imaginary friend, the existence of which cannot be proved
in any way.
Mr_y , 08.03.2005, 1:15pm link
Religion is bullshit. Faith it the toilet paper that smears it around.
Sierra [Email], 08.03.2005, 4:08pm link
Spank sanctus monachus vos candela jockey
Sierra [Email], 08.03.2005, 9:16pm link
christianity isn't a minority group, moron... though i wish it was
Lara , 09.03.2005, 5:08am link
Hey,candle jockey,

Who is this "we" you talk about when you say you are going to "shut this site down"?

Give me a break. You limp-wristed fags couldn't close an umbrella.

Send me your god you worthless bible thumping diety-loving, communion wafer chomping, child fondling, money tossing, cross dragging, hymn moaning, holier-than-thou followers of silly invisible people.

Screw god.


Sierra [Email], 09.03.2005, 10:45pm link
WTF does this mean:
"i.e christians (not xtians)."
They mean both the same.
Anyhoo, Xpianity is jabber, fit only for podion.
Kimpatsu [Email], 10.03.2005, 4:20pm link
Hi. Just "dropinin" while cruising the internet.
Here's something funny...
Tim-not-4-me claims to be a Christian, and yet he called another person a "moron". This is the same as calling a person a fool. (Moron comes from the Greek "Moros", which means fool.) Anyway, according to Matthew 5:22 in T-N-4-M's (sorry, just shortening the name) own book, the alledged Jesus is alledged to have said that whoever says "You fool" is in danger of Hellfire. So, I guess if non-believers are doomed to this alledged hellfire, then we're going to be stuck with T-N-4-M for a while, because he's going to be right there with us.
I know. I have a strange sense of humor, but I found it so hilarious that I had to comment on it. This is why lawyers always warn you to read the fine print before signing a contract.
Dropinin , 23.03.2005, 12:21am link
Lucky God
When someone mocks me i have no option but to mock back or ignore.
God on the otherhans can damn evryone who mocks him to hell.
Hang on though I have other options open to me dont I.
I could shoot , burn , blow up or do any of a thousand nasty things to someone who mocks me. But I dont because that would be immoral. So why is this God guy your always saying is such a good dude so ready to impose eternal hell fire on anyone who calls him a wanker.
He sounds a bit of a wanker to me. Is he to thick to think of a witty come back and make me feel dumb.
I think the christian God was created in Tim_not_4_me s image.
Hell lad , 16.04.2005, 1:17pm link
Well, I am a christian by definition. I truly am not offended by any belief's of individuals. God still is in control. What sources out of different situations and circumstances is extreemly intresting though!
DOC , 19.04.2005, 6:59pm link
Hahhahah This site rocks. Too funny. Anyway I was just dropping in and will leave you with this thought.

If I want a taste of religion , I'll lick a preist!!

Thats for all those weak cotton minded bubbleheads who have ever tried to convert me to their almight nothing. jesus saves but noone scores like Beckham!!
kobiashiX [Email], 08.07.2005, 8:33pm link
Laughing my ass off. Can't believe people still read bad books written so long ago. Btw, many things in the bible have been proven wrong. The whole bible is like a bad gossip magazin. Close it, throw it away and start using those brains you maybe have. Or maybe not. All that nonsense, don't you see you're just brainwashed? And you know what is so funny? Those who are yelling that Christians don't do "things like that" seem to forget all the wars are in name of some God or some religion. Criminals in jail convert and suddenly they're not that criminal anymore? yeah right. Convert and you go to heaven? No thanks, not with all of you guys there. Oh hey and listen, listen, THERE IS NO HEAVEN OR HELL!!!!! Geeeez, it's like a fairytale, how can you believe things like that, it's so childish. Grow up!!!
atheist4ever [Email], 08.07.2005, 8:39pm link
Heres one for you I get annoyed by the assholes that say this fake jesus/god fairytale critter,
help me get through life or they say thank this bullshit religon crap for everything good or bad that happens in life and that because I am African American that it is unbelivable that I don't believe in the possability of this fake god shit !!!!!!!!!!
I gave up on that religon shit at 8 years old I'm now kicking 50 years in the ass.
Steve [Email], 13.07.2005, 2:56pm link - Comments from archived blog posts