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Hey Tim ,or Mr.y or Sierra whichever you claim to be today.
Where's Mr.X Tim? All of a sudden he disappears? Ladies and gentlemen, Tim is Mr. X and all the alleged christians who come to this site.
You are pathetic.
TIm_not_4_me , 10.03.2005, 12:28am link
Anyone who has worked on a farm understands why religions preach and try to force their beliefs on others.

The basic rule that every farm boy learns at planting is that manure WILL NOT SPREAD ITESELF.

The difficulty is that if you find you have a lot of manure that needs spreading it is more efficient to use a manure spreader and FORCE IT into the fields rather than walk around by yourself spreading it.

It is the same with religion.

And...if you spend a lot of time doing either you will find yourself covered in SHIT.

Screw god the unmighty....non-existant in heaven or earth. And screw his never-begotten son who did not die on the cross because regardless we can not have everlasting life. I my name I don't pray. Bullshit.

Sierra [Email], 10.03.2005, 1:06am link
aZnBaBiPrInCeSsLuLu! , 10.03.2005, 5:04am link

Given the belief system you subscribe to I can quite understand your obsession with the imaginary. I really don't give a toss if you belive I am real or not. I know I am, thats all that matters.
Mr_y , 10.03.2005, 8:59am link
It is good to see other xtians speaking out against xtian voice. Let's hope there is more of the same from other parts of the xtian community and even other religions. In order to have a true multi belief / non-belief society, all religions need to be on the same 'level' and not involved with government in any way.
Mr_y , 10.03.2005, 9:27am link
Tim_not_4_me - Sierra and Mr_y still seem to be here. As for Mr_X - I certainly didn't make him up, although I don't believe he was genuine either (maybe he'll be back under a different name when the person who created him has nothing better to do).
But back to the point ... do you have any opinions on the actual subject I've posted about?
Tim [Home], 10.03.2005, 3:54pm link

Two bits
Four bits
Six bits
A peso!
If you are a tiny minded follower of a non-existant god,
Stand up and say so!!!!

Damn I'm good.

Sierra [Email], 10.03.2005, 7:07pm link
TODAY'S PRACTICAL PREACHING TIP (brought to you in the original latin):

"Rutila vestri manus manus down a parvulus pardus est tantum piaculum si vos adepto ut parum puer pro quantum senex priest does."

What does that mean:

"Shoving your hand down a child's pants is only a sin if you get to the little boy before the more senior priest does."

- A daily tidbit from the book "RUNNING A CHURCH: THE DO'S AND DONT'S OF REACHING FOR HEAVEN" by Ima Molester.

Screw god and his whole miserable bunch.

Sierra [Email], 11.03.2005, 4:13pm link
I am sorry to say that that Latin is hugely incorrect. The "ut" clause is used incorrectly. It is used for superlatives (the girl was so horny THAT...) and mant other meanings. It can be summed up by the English word THAT or Occasionally TO. The word "a" does not exist in the sense you employed it, and the words "down" and "does" do not exist at all. Also, the complete lack of conditional (IF) makes your translation what we Latinists like to call, "rubbish". But great site, by the way. PS: I cannot seem to post this in my firefox browser..
Latin_lover [Email], 14.03.2005, 7:25pm link
Aorry, just to correct my earlier post, the example I gave was actually a result clause, though this does not affect the fact that your post is incorrect.
Latin_lover [Email], 02.04.2005, 12:27am link
adolf hitler is a very evil humon being. What is weird that my teacher's husband's friend's dad was a friend to hitler. He said" hitler doesn't love jews, he hates them" did you know hitler was also part jewish because his mom and his grandpa were. what also is evil is that slaughtering 6 million jews was unessasary because hiler was also a half jew. the nazis were actually the most evil because they did 95% of all the killing of jews and to the other countries soldiers.
navjeet [Email], 07.05.2005, 5:02am link
(1) We all believe in something.
(2) Therefore we all have faith.
(3) My faith in God is no different from your faith that the sun will rise tomorrow morning.
(4) Therefore, God exists.
ARGUMENT FROM WE ALL GOT FAITH , 08.05.2005, 11:59pm link
Here's a good example of an internet idiot.

"what is weird that my teacher's husband's friend's dad was a friend to hitler."

Yah, right.

"He said" hitler doesn't love jews, he hates them""

He sounds like an ace detective. So do you, by the way.

"did you know hitler was also part jewish because his mom and his grandpa were"

False. hitler had no Jewish relatives.

"what also is evil is that slaughtering 6 million jews was unessasary because hiler was also a half jew"

Whereas, if Hitler had been completely Christian (which he was), it would not be completely evil to kidnap and murder 6 million human beings?

SupG , 10.05.2005, 2:55am link
Well done to the Iona Community on this occasion. It is a shame the voice of reason is so quiet and it's the ones who cause trouble who are most heard.
Me , 20.09.2005, 8:52pm link - Comments from archived blog posts