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Christians ... I don't get it

Posted by Tim on Friday, February 18, 2005 | View Comments (5)

I was aware that a website entitled "Religion is Bullshit" would attract the odd nutter, but I am still amazed by some of the comments from Christian visitors to this site.

Many are semi-literate (although considering the content, this is hardly surprising).

Some are littered with expletives. Now, I don't have a problem with such language (which I use myself frequently) - but are Christians supposed to use such terms? Would Jesus himself have called me "the gayest fag out there" - or said that he hoped someone would beat me to death with a crowbar?

Most contain astoundingly obvious contradictions: They are praying for me, but I deserve to be tortured in hell. Which is where their merciful god is going to send me for all eternity.

Some have made me laugh out loud, such as the comment from "Mr-X" claiming that evolution was made up by the KGB to destroy the moral fabric of America.

So, for the benefit of these Christians, and hopefully some of the more intelligent ones too, I have resurrected* the Christianity Questionnaire from my old site. Why not take the challenge and defend your faith? You might even convert me! Give it a try!

(* and it didn't even take three days!)