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Hang on a sec ...

Posted by Tim on Thursday, March 03, 2005 | View Comments (29)

Just to say that I'm off-line for a few days so wont be able to post or reply to comments. In the meantime, feel free to argue amongst yourselves ...

If you're bored, check out Brother Jeff's Religion is Bullshit site.

NOTE: I'll be deleting this post when I'm back so please don't add any comments!

UPDATE 07/03/05 :  Well, I'm back - and it seems that once again I'm going to keep a post I had originally intended to delete as some dumb Christian has commented. It has been suggested to me that I have some sort of log-in system for the comments, but I think - for the time being at least - I'm going to keep this as a free-for-all. It's quite entertaining watching Christians make fools of themselves, and trolls are easily spotted.

Anyway, to respond to Mr "Tim_not_4_me": thanks for wishing I'd stay off line permanently, but I'm curious as to what you are doing here if you are so offended. No one is making you look at this site. As for shutting the site down - how? I'm not breaking any laws or anything so there is little that you can do. Do you not believe in free speech? Surely if your religion had any validity it would not be under any threat from sites like this one.

Christians: I'd be interested to know how you found your way here. What exactly were you looking for?