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Annoying things about Christians

Posted by Tim on Thursday, April 21, 2005 | View Comments (49)

I'm sure I'll be adding to this list from time to time (any suggestions welcome!)
  1. Christians are like politicians in that they are unwilling (or unable) to give a straight answer to a straight question; they just go into bullshit mode about something unrelated or start the "I'll pray for you" stuff. My last post regarding Easter for example - over 150 comments (so far) and not one person has attempted to answer my questions.
  2. Christians, even the more intelligent ones, seem to have great difficulty in understanding what atheism actually is. They quote bible passages at me as if this proves something, despite the fact that I make it clear that I do not believe in the validity of the book or the existence of the god portrayed within it. They ask unbelievably dumb questions like "but aren't you worried about going to hell", seeming not grasping that non-belief in gods also rather strongly implies non-belief in devils and places of eternal damnation.
  3. Christians seem to think that they are the ones being persecuted and that evil secularists are gathering their strength to take over their world. They state any objection to their faith as proof of this, ignoring the fact that "spreading the word" - sometimes by force - is one of the main things that they are supposed to do as "messengers for Christ" (and this is what secularists are opposed to).
  4. Christians seem to think that, even as an atheist, I should respect their beliefs. I am often accused of intolerance. However, the problem I have with the religious is not so much the absurdity of their beliefs, it's the danger posed to the world by the believers. Most (not all) people with strong religious beliefs are ignorant, bigoted hypocrites - so what exactly am I guilty of ... Intolerance - towards intolerance?