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Intelligent design (part 2)

Posted by Tim on Wednesday, May 18, 2005 | View Comments (110)

Trawling through the comments to earlier posts I've found various references to explosions in print factories, watches in the street being assumed to have been created and, more recently, paintings having to have had a painter.

I feel I'm pointing out the obvious here, but print factories, watches and paintings are not organic life forms.

All organic life starts simply - for example, just two individual cells are needed to create an entirely new human being. Is it not logical to take a step up a level and presume that life itself has taken a similar path? Simple organisms, gradually evolving over millions of years into considerably more complex beings? And the universe - a singularity exploding, simple elements cooling and more complex ones being formed, gravitational forces pulling gasses together, forming planets etc. ...?

The idea that a god, presumably an infinitely complex being, suddenly decided one day to create life that was simpler than itself seems to be taking things in the wrong direction. Plus, as I've pointed out many times before, you cannot use the same argument both for and against something . Humans are complex and therefore have to have been created, but god somehow always just existed?