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Co-op and the ignorant bigots

Posted by Tim on Friday, June 24, 2005 | View Comments (260)

It seems that the UK fundamentalist group Christian Voice are going to have to look for alternative banking arrangements as the Co-operative Bank is about to close their account. The bank's statement:
"It has come to the bank's attention that Christian Voice is engaged in discriminatory pronouncements, based on the grounds of sexual orientation ... this public stance is incompatible with the position of the Co-operative Bank, which publicly supports diversity and dignity in all its forms for our staff, customers and other stakeholders."

Stephen Green of Christian Voice (I'm pretty sure Mr Green is Christian Voice - I've never heard anyone else from the "organisation" making a statement) is of course throwing a tantrum, calling on Christians to boycott the bank (I don't think the bank have much to worry about, Green is now well know as a nut).

According to Mr Green, the bank "is discriminating against us on the grounds of conscience and religion." This is the thing that really pisses me off about the religious - they are intolerant towards so many things, yet claim to be victims when someone complains about this intolerance.

Well done to the Co-operative Bank. This sort of thing makes me glad I live where I do (I can't imagine a similar event occurring in certain places in the U.S. for example).