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Religious hatred

Posted by Tim on Thursday, June 09, 2005 | View Comments (114)

The proposed incitement to religious hatred law has reared its ugly head again [BBC News story].

Whether this law - which seems likely to be passed despite the widespread opposition - will limit free speech remains to be seen. The term "religious hatred" is rather vague. This site, as the subheading states, exists to point out the absurdity and danger of religious beliefs. I am not inciting hatred or violence against any individual or organisation, so technically I can't see that I should have any legal problems. The problem is that many people are (unsurprisingly) offended at seeing their beliefs ripped to shreds, and perhaps this law will give such people the impression that the government will support them in trying to "take action" against sites like this.

If it really is just a case of "protecting the believer, not the belief" it is all rather pointless. Inciting hatred for any reason is covered by existing laws - why make religion a special case?