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Posted by Ben on Monday, September 19, 2005 | Permalink

Now then, lots of Christians are very nice people, and outright mockery is never a good way to bring people over to your way of thinking. But sod it, if you can't rip it out of the godbotherers on a website called 'Religion is Bullshit!' then where can you, eh?

My local newspaper printed an article recently about a new advertising campaign aimed at getting bums on seats in church on Sunday, which we can wish them good luck with because it frankly doesn't stand a chance. The fun begins when they speak to Carl Christon - a 'believer', apparently - of Christon Davies, a local advertising agency. Mr Christon reckons that they need to get down with teh kidz in ways they can dig, m'kay? His first couple of suggestions are pretty unremarkable:

"Party at God's place this and every Sunday. Huge Crowd. Live music. Free Wine. Admission Free"

"Crowds of people will be singing in your Church on Sunday. Get down and find out if God can give you the X Factor"

But then he brings out the big guns:

"MSN Messenger can help our truly worthy cause. Soon, God would almost accidentally become less boring and a little more 'cool'. If we are lucky, He may end up being 'well good'."

Man alive, is this guy so hip he has difficulty seeing over his pelvis, or what? I can just imagine him being chased out of a school assembly by a mob of chavs after trying to 'rap' with them, he's nothing less than a real life version of Tom Watson's excellent Teens section. Let's give the lad the final word:

"I would hope that 'The Message' would offer the opportunity for more that relates to life, rather than focusing on the Church. It is God who is 'cool', even 'well-good' - not necessarily always the institution."

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so more of the same from the institutions who , back in the early 90s, brought us:

is your life BLUR? then step into the OASIS

doubtless those smart folk were quickly snapped up by some of our nation's leading advertising agencies
urban chick, 19.09.2005, 9:09pm #
Well.. you have to laugh, don't you? LOL Seen a lot of this kind of thing at various Youth Groups. I suppose we have to give him credit for trying...
Some One, 20.09.2005, 5:47pm #
The local evangelist church has a board outside with similar slogans. It seems a shame they're trying to be 'cool' or fit in in that way.

If the word stands up on its own there's no need to change it or jazz it up to make people interested.
Me, 20.09.2005, 8:57pm #
kinda scary O_o.

we had a circle prayer outfront of our school for an hours traight. their devotion is admirable, but i still coukldn't help but to laugh hearing them praise endlessly something a book talked about
Shaggy, 22.09.2005, 12:09am #
I'd laugh a whole lot harder if I had not been part of it all at one time. Friends (those who don't know that) give me odd looks every now and then when I reveal a bit of 'inside knowledge' LOL
Some One, 13.10.2005, 7:37pm #
Carl Christon at Christon Davies advertising [SNIP! Sorry, but we can't have comments like that without all kinds of proof - Ben]
Some One Else, 16.01.2006, 9:24pm #
Religion is good until it becomes fanatic
rapid4me, 27.10.2009, 1:30pm #
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