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A heartfelt plea to the media

Posted by Ben on Friday, September 30, 2005 | Permalink

Ok, now that Stephen Green has utterly embarrassed himself on TV - see GALHA and Mediawatchwatch - can everyone please stop giving him credibility by treating him like some sort of genuine representative of popular thought? Daily Mail, I'm looking at you.

That is all.

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Green: Well, the Earth is the Lord and I'm sure he's in contro
Dimbleby: In control?
Green: I'm sure he's in control.
Dimbleby: So, the melting icecaps are part of his plan?
Green: Don't worry, don't worry, it worries and challenges me!

Oh boy!

lol one of a thousand questions you could ask a believer of crap and stump em
the truth, 12.10.2005, 1:07pm #
t'was funny. we walked around ours chool, me and three others, the elader with a clipboard as a survey if people beleived ine volution. i was honestly waiting for him to be punched in the face, but the polls were surprising. evolution 25, gawd 1. one eprson put down on their survey why they beleived it was gawd was because he was jewish, another becuase tey were religous. one word. kinda scary how many had to ask what evolution was, and others didn't beleive it becuase they didn't understand it.

very amusing ^_^
Shaggy, 12.10.2005, 11:31pm #
Given that the Daily Mail is the same paper that welcomed ivasion by the agents of the Master Race, amongst many other claims to infamy, I can't see them suddenly ceasing to give this prick space in their rag.
Some One, 13.10.2005, 7:43pm #
Maybe it would help to say what the prjceot is....I mean to tell all of us what it is...I find that sometimes if I give Voice to something I am struggling with...suddenly the "problem" seems to clear up! Maybe just talking about it in this post will move that obstacle out of the way....I hope so, my dear!Have a lovely weekend.
Joris, 29.02.2012, 5:43am #

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