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Posted by Ben on Wednesday, November 16, 2005 | Permalink

With a slight adjustment to the layout of this blog, there's now some other websites for you to venture over to and enjoy. Anything that's already on the main web page I've left out, but I urge you to take a look at them as well as the new stuff on the left. They're don't all contain atheist content, but they're rational and readable and basically the good guys. There will be more as and when the links occur to me, but considering how long it took me just to knock up these few, don't hold your breath.

The Panda's Thumb - group blog of scientists spending their days merrily beating the crap out of Intelligent Design.
Pharyngula - he's a scientist, he's an atheist, he loves teh squid.
GALHA Blog - they're gay, they're lesbian, they're humanists.
Butterflies and Wheels - inspiration for far too many Religion is Bullshit articles and source of all round brilliance.
MediaWatchWatch - keeping an eye on the likes of Stephen Green, John Beyer (if you don't know who these buffoons are, be grateful) and the self-important clowns. Funny, too.
Bad Astronomy
Bad Science - These guys don't deal with religion, but they're all about the rational.
Reverend Silas T Sasquatch - he does his best to offend the religious. Good lad.

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Well I think it's very inspired.

And can there be such a thing as too many religion is bullshit articles? (I know, that's not how you meant it, but it works!)

Seriously: thanks for kind comment.
Ophelia Benson, 16.11.2005, 1:36am #
I feel that this blog has really lost its impetus... it used to be a hotbed of debate, but now comments seem to be few and far between. A great shame.
Tarquinius, 27.11.2005, 1:56pm #
The previous blog may have attracted more comments - but the vast majority of them were written by complete cretins and unrelated to the actual post.
Example (from a post that made no mention of evolution) -
"evolution is a dirty lie invented by socialist/communists to destroy the moral fabric of america. By teaching children that they came from apes, there is no need for them to have moral values. Thank God for the evangelicals who prevented this moral corruption. There aint no monkey down my family line.
Jesus saves, Jesus heals. He is the king of kings and the lord or lords.".
Tim, 27.11.2005, 8:03pm #
Ah yes I remember that one. Perhaps you're right... Still, it was great fun to debate with Sierra and whatnot. But still, good to see a more rational religionisbullshit.
Tarquinius, 01.12.2005, 4:19pm #
The old blog was more interesting, i got to lmao at fundamentalist christians spewing bullshit.
Irnec, 14.12.2005, 7:51pm #

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