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Ah crap.

Fundies Say The Darndest Things was genius. The man behind it, WinAce - Richard Allan Glenn - has died from cystic fibrosis, aged just 20. The internet - the world - is a less rational place with his passing.

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Good bloke, saw his site a long time ago but I had forgotten about it till your comment about his recent death. It's a shame, not simply because of his illness which tends to garner a lot of sympathy but because he clearly was a man with much to offer the world, someone who contributed a fair amount in only the 20 or so years he was alive.
Some One, 08.11.2005, 3:17pm #
One more candle in the dark has been extinguished, and the world is a little worse off because of it.
benelailax, 22.12.2005, 6:49am #
c'mon genetic engineering, you can do it!
Shaggy, 07.01.2006, 4:38am #

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