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The Apotheosis of 'B&W got there first'

Posted by Ben on Tuesday, December 20, 2005 | Permalink

I read it. Was appalled. Knew OB would take it to bits. Waited.

She did so.

The Graun was once a secular paper. Since the revamp, we've had an Intelligent Design interview/leg-hump and more 'ooh atheists are so awful with their not believing in utter crap and pointing out to us that we do believe in utter crap' articles than one could wield a large stick at, should one be so inclined.

I mean, listen to the retired Anglican priest of Ian Mayes' acquaintence:

"It would be a huge pity if your tone became so unrelentingly anti-Christian that it became too much for Christians to bear. As it is, I regard the constant attacks on Christianity which occur on your pages as a useful indication of what we Christians have to contend with, and acceptable so long as they are balanced from time to time by the other point of view."

Diddums. It might become too much for them to bear! Then what happens? When we oh-so-awfully point out just one inconsistency too many and they crack? And you know what you've got to contend with? Logic, reason, and all that other stuff that contradicts 90% of your beliefs.

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