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Dawkins on the attack

Posted by Ben on Thursday, January 05, 2006 | Permalink

Catch Richard Dawkins on Channel 4 in a two-part series called 'The Root of All Evil?'. In it Dawkins "launches a wholehearted attack on religion as the cause for much of the pain and suffering in the world"

Part 1: The God Delusion. Professor Dawkins confronts the march of militant religious belief across the world. In the American "Bible Belt", he meets Ted Haggard, the President of the American National Association of Evangelicals, who believes that science will one day prove the Bible's Creation story right. In Jerusalem, where the terrible certainties of faith began and still rage, he challenges the Grand Mufti of Palestine and discusses with Yousef Al Khattab, a Jewish settler turned Muslim fundamentalist, the implacable hatreds that faith has thrown up in this blighted city.

Part 2: The Virus of Faith. In this second film, Professor Dawkins explains how religious faith acts like a virus which is particularly virulent to the young...Dawkins goes on to examine the underpinnings of Judaeo-Christian morality, analysing the so-called 'Good Book' and questioning how the idea of hell is used for moral policing. He takes on an American pastor who stages 'Hell House' morality plays and a Reverend who believes the Bible sanctions the murder of abortion doctors. He questions Richard Harries, the Bishop of Oxford on how the moderate Anglican Church can justify being part of the same religious fabric that derives morals from a Bronze age text.

Part 1 is on Monday 9th January at 8pm, part 2 at the same time on Monday 16th.

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