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A Brief Look at Hell

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In the Bible, Hell exists in four forms; Sheol, Tartarus, Abaddon, and Gehenna. All four are different kinds of places and all have been used interchangeably depending upon the version of the Bible you look at.

Sheol - it is the Jewish form of limbo. All souls are sent there. The Septuagint called it Hades in its translation of the Bible. There is no punishment in Sheol, Hades; instead everyone just tends to wander around. It is first mentioned in Genesis 37:35 "And all his sons and all his daughters rose up to comfort him; but he refused to be comforted; and he said, For I will go down to sheol to my son mourning. And his father wept for him." This is where Jacob was going to visit his supposedly dead son Joseph and it obviously means grave. In other places it means "pit" or a shallow depression into which a dead body is placed.

Another place it is used is in Deuteronomy 32:22 "For a fire is kindled in mine anger, and shall burn unto the lowest hell, and shall consume the earth with her increase, and set on fire the foundations of the mountains." In the Bible it is used 31 times as the word grave, 31 times as the word hell, and 3 times as the word pit, though the context of pit is used as a grave. Deuteronomy 32 describes this place as the modern concept of hell but at no time does it say anywhere in the Bible that the souls of the dead are sent to Sheol for punishment.

Job, my personal favorite book and should be the favorite of all atheists, describes it as a place of rest and that the wicked remain in that state of rest while heaven rewards those who are righteous. I could go into why I think it should be the favorite of all atheists here but I will stick to the topic at hand. If anyone is interested let me know and I'll post something about it.

Psalms uses it metaphorically as not so much a place but as a state of mind, a darkness of the mind without God and that anytime a person can be in Sheol while being alive.

Isaiah 5:14 Therefore hell (sheol) hath enlarged herself, and opened her mouth without measure: and their glory, and their multitude, and their pomp, and he that rejoiceth, shall descend into it. In context it is used as a parable or prose and not meant to be an actual place of punishment but to describe the grave such as when Jesus said, "For the wages of sin is death."

Tartarus - There are only a few Bibles that use the word Tartarus. The World English Bible uses it only once in 2 Peter 2:4 "For if God didn't spare angels when they sinned, but cast them down to Tartarus, and committed them to pits of darkness, to be reserved to judgment;" a place where the angels were sent after their sin, which is only described in the apocryphal books not accepted as God's word by most churches. It is a funny thing how they can blow off books of the Bible and yet still pull their beliefs from them. Tartarus was the Roman incarnation of Hell and like many other things Roman, (i.e. sacred rites of Mithraism, December 25th as a holiday, virgin births, etc.) Christians adopted it.

Abaddon - can be used as both the "angel of the bottomless pit," synonymous with Apollyon the Greek god Apollo who brings disease and famine, and for the word "destruction" when used to with the word "sheol" in prose. For example, death and destruction are often thrown together in modern times to describe mayhem or anarchy and the like, so to is sheol and abaddon which can mean "death and destruction."

And finally, before I put you to sleep, is Gehenna. This, by far, is the reference used to describe the Christian Hell. The word itself is modeled after a specific place on earth, the Valley of Hinmon, which was the local landfill where trash was burned. Mt 5:22 But I tell you, that everyone who is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment; and whoever shall say to his brother, 'Raca,' shall be in danger of the council; and whoever shall say, 'You fool,' shall be in danger of the fire of gehenna (hell fire.) It depends upon the Bible you read as to where Gehenna is used since the word is translated into the word "hell" in many versions and is left as "Gehenna" in only a few. Most notable in the Old Testament is Jeremiah 19:2 "And go forth unto the valley of the son of Hinnom, which is by the entry of the east gate, and proclaim there the words that I shall tell thee,..." It is here that God describes the punishment of those who had worshipped false idols (Baal) but he doesn't say anything about the punishment occurring after death.

So where does the Christian concept come from? The concept of eternal punishment didn't really become popular until the third century BC and mostly, especially the Catholic version of it comes from Virgil's Aenid, a Hellenistic view of the after-life, the apocryphal book of Enoch, and the book "Paradise Lost" by John Milton, no not the guy from The Devil's Advocate, but the 17th century English Poet. It is obvious that Milton used much of the Aenid and the Book of Enoch to derive his fictional account but it was one of the more popular books during the 17th century since it outlined a belief in eternal punishment for the wicked and a layered system of hell. The Catholic belief of Purgatory comes from Milton and is contradicted in the Bible by Luke 16:19-28 "And beside all this, between us and you there is a great gulf fixed: so that they which would pass from hence to you cannot; neither can they pass to us, that would come from thence." Christians should remember what Jesus said about eternal damnation for sin after death, oh wait, he didn't say anything about it. In fact the words attributed to Jesus about hell can be translated into Gehenna, death, the grave and Sheol. None of which are attributed in the OT, Jesus' Bible, as a place for eternal suffering for the ungodly.

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HELL waiting for you JGJ. Same for Tim and Ben.
RHF, 12.03.2006, 2:00pm #
There he goes again, condeming himself to hell by judging not only himself but others. Read the Bible since your thumping it so hard and maybe you will learn the error of your ways and find a way to convince your god your not a hypocrite.
JGJ, 12.03.2006, 8:54pm #
Quite ignorant.

You appearently just babbeled out randomly asembled facts, (Out of context of course) and made up things to fill in the blanks. This is no surprise, Atheist are somewhat known for it. You sir, are absolutly wrong. Jesus spoke of hell far more than he spoke of heaven, and when he did, it was quite often in reference to Ghenna. Another thing, you say that the people doesn't truly teach the doctrine of eternal punishment. Try Revelation 21:8. This roll call of hell clearly points out that those listed will be "Cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, which is the
SECOND death."

Study before you speak. That is certainly not talking about heaven...

For those who are obviosly lost and looking for the truth, please visit sites like You will find the answers you need. I am praying for you all
Apps, 13.03.2006, 5:34am #
When I wrote this I knew someone would pull out Revelations, the most contraversial book in the Bible and almost didn't make it in. Even Martin Luther said that it is neither prophetic nor apostolic. He went on to say that Jesus didn't know it nor does it teach anything about Jesus. Everything in this book is just political rhetoric aimed at the defunct Roman Empire.

As far as quoting scripture out of context, like every atheist has said Christians determine the context of the scripture themselves especially when it comes to the more contreversial subjects, hence your denominations, because even Christians can't agree on its meanings. What is your context?

I made nothing up. Instead of just randomingly throwing up criticism, try throwing up examples of your claims like a. "randomly assembled facts"
b. "(out of context)"
c. try to stay within the four gospels since the objective is what Jesus taught and not what Paul and later writers wrote in letters.
JGJ, 13.03.2006, 1:37pm #
Thank you Apps for the weblink.
I have had my doubts, and bouts of rebellion against the lord, but the lord has always found a way to win my heart.
The book of revelation is a valid book and is in the bible. You would be wise to read it and heed it\'s warning.
RHF, 15.03.2006, 12:31am #

No offense intended here but the book of "Revelation" could just as easily be called "The Book of Nonsense." How you manage to find any clarity in it at all is beyond me and it can be loosley interpreted to mean almost anything.

You just go on planning your life based on the hallucinations of thousand year-old false prophets, i'll take my chances listening to Lou Dobbs.
henry the eighth\\\\\\\'s cousin tony from queens, 15.03.2006, 4:15am #
The whole subject of Hell is very fascinating. Try googling the word Hell and see what you come up with.

For example:

Absolute nonsense but interesting all the same.
henry the eighth\'s cousin tony from queens, 15.03.2006, 4:20am #
hmm, from what i had heard, hell was originally a place where if you sinned, you'd go there and hang with your sinner buddies and drink beer, etc, until it was your turn to have your soul purified and you were sent to heaven.

still, i don't see what need a god would have for a place of eternal damnation, (ED!) when these stereotypical omnipotent god types are supposed to have forseen every single sin in the world, know every single thought and action. in short they are supposed to know every little atom (literally too) of knowledge of the past, present of future.

so it seems to me this all powerful god-thing, this damning,smiting god just loves throwing people into a firey pit of doom&destruction simply for the "hell" of it (lol), since he could've prevented with half a thought what would've displeased him.

if the sky man doesn't stop what displeases him, since he supposedly is all powerful, knows every sin, etc. and has absolute power over the future, why does he kill/damn people to eternal torture? simple boredom or are the screams of his own creations like the best video game to him or something?

sky man likes his sacrificial meat well-done :)
Shaggy, 15.03.2006, 5:33am #

I think the more sophisticated believer would say that Hell is in fact alienation from God. According to this approach all the varying descriptions of Hell in teh Bible would be simply "literary" evocations of this state of alienation.

Such alienation can be in life or death. The Christian would argue that by devoting yourself to the way of Jesus in this life one can overcome the sense of alienation permanently.

It seems to me that this much more sophisticated interpretation is much less easy to dismiss with a puff of satire since I think our consciousness does indeed have some non-material spiritual dimension and thus may be connected to some Hegelian style Absolute of for want of a better word God. In other words the concept of alienation is a very pertinent one.
field, 15.03.2006, 1:48pm #
My personal belief in hell mirrors yours Field. I can't see that a god of perfect love would get his jollies from torturing a person for eternity for not believing in him or falling into temptation. If you make a broken clock you can't expect it to keep time and punish it when it does not.

There are some current Christian beliefs that hell is exactly what you mentioned, a state of being without god after death. Even the Bible alludes to this when Jesus descends into hell and releases the souls that are there. Until his sacrifice everyone went to hell and through his sacrifice the dead were granted admission into heaven. I seriously doubt that god was punishing those who were in hell, the good with the bad, before jesus descended just for being alive.

That leaves the explanation that Hell itself is still the previous conglomerate of other veiws of death, i.e. Hades, Gehenna, Sheol, as a waiting room for those who did not know god or denied him and has nothing to do with sin. And, the current view of hell by some as a place of torture for sinners is just a way to justify a reward/punishment system since without it no one would have a better reason to be "good." The ones who were "good" would recieve the same benefit as the "bad" ones. Not from a "God" perspective but from a human one.
JGJ, 15.03.2006, 9:55pm #

Doesn't sound like we have any fundamental disagreements.

However Hell has never struck me as a very logical concept. It isn't a very effective way of encouraging good behaviour.

For one thing, it seems that there is no "punishment fit the crime" approach. YOu can be in Hell for all eternity if you simply never got baptised, despite leading an otherwise virtuous life - just the same punishment as for a mass murderer.

Also it seems unfair that someone can lead a very bad life and have a major conversion experience on their death bed and so escape punishment. Meanwhile the good man who say had a lapse of faith jsut before death would be punished for all eternity!

To believe in these things is to believe in a highly capricious, not to say unpleasant God.

The experience of Nazi Germany where most participants in the Holocaust and other crimes would have had a lot of religious instruction inlcuding on the importance of Hell doesn't suggest that it leads to good behaviour. I think that only a thoroughgoing "philosophical" education can really ensure people's good behaviour.
field, 16.03.2006, 9:05am #
But you forget the real hell; that one called the earth.
And another one: that one inside yourself.
By that I dont necessary means just you, but inside everyone sometimes.
Chadie, 16.03.2006, 12:11pm #
Infant Baptism and Death Bed Confessions have had a huge impact on church history, no doubt. The history of confession is quite fascinating and reveals much about the evolution of their beliefs and I highly recommend reading about it. Infant Baptism had a big part in the developement of the Protestant movement. And Martin Luther in his Ninety-Five Thesis said, "Hell, purgatory, and heaven seem to differ the same as despair, fear, and assurance of salvation." Catholics are, by far, my favorite target in theological debate.

If fundys could only be more philosophical...sigh
JGJ, 16.03.2006, 1:04pm #
we are all sinners deserving hell for eternity. Jesus came to save all of us.
When your roasting in hell one day, I wonder what will be going through your mind.
Hell is real, don\'t be fooled.
RHF, 18.03.2006, 12:25am #
RHF, are you trying to tell me that my tiny, innocent, baby son would roast in hell if he passed away while still very young, as he is not, and will not, be baptised
? Where's the love, then? This sort of thing surely means that if 'god' exists, then he is a vindictive, egotistical shit and I'd rather burn in hell than give him the satisfaction of having me as one of his cowering sycophants.
Pinchbeck, 20.03.2006, 4:00pm #
RHF will be saying that you are going to burn in hell long after he begins his own burning in hell. He's just a hypocrite who doesn't understand what he is preaching. He only does it for personal glorification and pride. Kind of like some of those people who like to lead in prayer, handle snakes, self-flagulate, stand on street corners, preach on TV, and so on; all so he can say to himself, "I'm a good Christian, look everyone, how much faith I have! I'm a better Christian than all of you!"
JGJ, 20.03.2006, 4:07pm #
People - don't forget that RHF is the "troll in residence" at this site - don't take what he says too seriously.
Tim, 20.03.2006, 5:52pm #
JGJ, you are a fool.
Tim, you shouldn\'t be calling anyone a troll when you a fraud. Timnot4me is right about you and Ben, i.e. Tim = Ben.
What are you going to do when you find out your wrong?
What are you going to do when you are tossed into the pit?

Judgement day is coming. Deal with reality, and accept the truth. I know it\'s harsh, but we all have a date with Jesus to be judged by him.
I want to see the lamb not the lion.
Remember revelation: If you name is not in the book of life, you will cast into the lake of fire.

Now tell me Tim, what does this mean?

JGJ, I hope your not Tim.
RHF, 21.03.2006, 12:50am #
Nope, I'm not Tim, and you still have to answer to anything I have said about the judgement of others and yourself. So I agree with Tim, you are a troll. And while I'm at it, I shall point you to Matthew 5:22, but, coward and troll that you are, you will just ignore your own sins.
JGJ, 21.03.2006, 12:54am #
I\'m not a coward nor a troll.
My sins are washed away.
You and the other fools like Tim, and Ben or whoever he pretends to be, will be cast into the pit.
RHF, 21.03.2006, 12:58am #
Still no comment on your own sins?

No comment on Matthew 5:22; or Matthew 7:1-2? Or are you afraid of admitting your sin? CONFESS!
JGJ, 21.03.2006, 1:02am #
Ah, the classic 'Can't answer, so I'll ignore' tactic. Crappy, to put it mildly.
And I'm not Tim, either.
JGJ- You are SOOO right about the personal glorification thing. My BIL and SIL have, within the last 48hrs, gone to India on a mission to do some building work for a hospital that recieves assistance from their Baptist church. Sounds altruistic, yeah? Lets consider it a little deeper... 15 white middle class professionals have payed thousands of pounds in airfares to go and mend a roof. The fact that none of them are builders, and that the money they're spending could be put to better use within the local economy by paying local builders to do the job, which would be of far greater benefit in the long term than paying out to an international airline to fly this buch of idiots out there, doesn't come into the equation. Why? because then they wouldn't gain the feeling of self-congratulatory piety, and the mutual 'Aren't we wonderful' backslapping within the 'faith' social club they belong to when they return. My BIL and SIL are, respectively, an engineer and a pharmcist. Will they be useing these skills for the good of this community? No. They're mending a roof. The whole thing makes me so angry I want to puke. I hope the lot of then get struck down with dysentry.
Pinchbeck, 21.03.2006, 12:46pm #
I have a hard time believing in altruism. Last night I watched an MSNBC report of a staged child abduction (the child screamed "Help! Help! You're not my daddy!" and watched as people looked, but just kept on going. I think it was in New York and in a country that is over 90% Christian you would have expected more.

Matthew 6:5-7 Is probably the most ignored by so called "Christians" and it makes me sick that they can be so plainly hypocritical. As well as Mark 11:25; and Luke 6:28
JGJ, 21.03.2006, 1:06pm #
Still no answers to my questions?
What are you going to do when you are tossed into the pit?
What are you going to do when you when you find out your wrong?
RHF, 21.03.2006, 11:46pm #
I'll answer yours RHF when you answer mine, coward.
JGJ, 21.03.2006, 11:49pm #
RHF, can you please define to me what kind of skyman/god-thing it is you worship?
is he loving?
is he all powerful?
what has he done for humanity?
what ahs he done TO humanity?
how do his followers act?
did you turn a blind eye to part of the group of followers as stated above to glorify your kind?
how does your god-thing, if he truly is all powerful and loving, punish his children?
how do all these mistakes described in the bible such as the Garden of Eden and Noahs Ark make any logical sense if your god is all nkowing and could have prevented them in the first place?

oh, and if i was tossed into a fiery hellpit, i'd only laugh because i was right about your skyman all along (that he's a self absorbed emotionally conrolled ego-freak severely lacking in balls) and i honestly wouldn't care. i'm dead, waht's gonna happen, i'll burn?

thx if you at least take a look.
Shaggy, 22.03.2006, 5:51am #
he created humnaity,
he sent his son to die for our sins,
christians are wonderful people who get a bad name.

God is sovereign, just and has every right to do what he wants with humanity.

Yes, you will be sent into the pit along with with JGJ,Ben and Tim.

What you will you be thinking when you find out your wrong?
RHF, 23.03.2006, 12:44am #
Since your ducking all my other questions RHF, why dont you answer this one?

Why do you want to know?
JGJ, 23.03.2006, 12:47am #
I want to know why you have turned your back on God? Why are you trying to deceive people?
RHF, 23.03.2006, 1:28am #
JGJ repent now, and save yourself.
RHF, 23.03.2006, 1:31am #
And what would be your ultimate goal?
JGJ, 23.03.2006, 1:31am #
contradictions everywhere. all powerful and loving god my ass, god is sovreign to do waht he pleases, like kill his creation becasue he knew he'd fuck up so he decides to havea kick.

my good friend had an interesting story about this, clever guy.

Say there is a child, and due to whatever malconceived genes he bears he is far larger and far stronger than his fellow kindergartners. Let us assume this child is incapable of normal social interaction, so he has to force people to come with him to his house to play in his garden. Once they're there, he tells them they can do whatever they want except think for themselves. Naturally, the captive children are most indignant at the situation and rebel against the ridiculous rule, daring to practice the liberty we as thinking beings are entitled to. So, the bully-child forces them into the confines of his house as punishment. He then creates an even more ridiculous set of rules, and tells his prisoners that if they don't follow them, he'll lock them in his basement until they die. If they do follow his rules, he'll keep them in his house and eventually let them back into the garden.

Now as unrealistic as the above situation may be, none of us can deny that this malign thug of a child has committed acts far from concordance with law and common morality. So the question I pose unto you is this; if such behavior is deemed universally reprehensible in a human, for what reason then does such a large portion of our misguided species claim to worship a 'god' who has free reign to do just what I described?
Shaggy, 23.03.2006, 1:44am #
C'mon RHF, what difference does it make to you if my soul is saved, if I repent, if I burn in hell, or slip into oblivion? What do I say that has you in so much fear of me? Are you afraid that someone might believe the things I say? What difference is that to you?

All you can do is judge and hate, what others believe to be the truth. Truth is something that we each must find within ourselves, and if your views are the truth then what could you possibly fear from me? What could anyone fear from me? But you're a troll, a cowardly troll who cannot admit that he sins everytime he posts to this blog just as he believes that Tim, Ben and I do. You're a troll because you cannot respond to any question put to you, but reply with the same line, "you're going to hell." You only reply with that line because you are a coward who cannot possibly defend his own beliefs because you lack the faith that your God will show you the way. You're a troll because you choose to ignore anyone but yourself. That is self-love, which is sad because you are probably the only one that does love you. You have no purpose in life but to condemn others and like your religion try to use fear and violence to bring people to your false sense of light and hope. I wouldn't be surprised if you turned out to be some sort of serial killer with your personality. Unless you say something meaningful I will look forward to ignoring the HELL out of you.
JGJ, 23.03.2006, 3:45am #
If truth was something we find within ourselves then that would mean there is no truth. There must be an absolute truth. No one would say that black isn't black or white isn't white. If we all make up outr= own truth than society will run amuck. Wha tif I decide that truth is: it is okay to kill those I don't like? What if I decide that it is okay to have children as slaves? There has to be an absolute truth. I believe that absolute truth is the Bible.
No Religion, Just Jesus, 23.03.2006, 5:15pm #
JGJ, I hope you know by now that I would not resort to calling you a fool. How would that help? YOu know I wish allwho call themselves christians realized that passing judgement on someone is not what we were called to do. When I read the Bible I see that we were called to tell others "the Good News". The good news is not," YOU WILL BURN IN HELL." The good news is that Jesus came, died, rose again on the third day and does not want you to "burn in hell." But, He did give us all a free will. We are free moral agents. :God forces no one to worship or serve Him.He coul have just wiped us all out and started again. HE IS GOD!
No Religion, Just Jesus, 23.03.2006, 5:25pm #
The Bible is the absolute truth? Which part? Who determines what truth can be gleaned from the Bible? If the truth of the Bible were absolute truth and not ambiguous truth there would be only one church. All Christians would believe, worship, and practice their religion the same? Who determines the true way in which to follow Jesus? You? Paul? Peter? John? For Peter the absolute truth was not to accept converts who were not circumcised. For Paul it was to forgoe circumcision and all Jewish rites. Paul won out the day. Matthew and Luke disagree on who the father of Joseph was. Even one error, just one contradiction in the Bible invalidates it as Absolute truth. You, yes, even you determine what truth is to you. Even your name here, No Religion, Just Jesus is a statement to that fact.
JGJ, 23.03.2006, 5:29pm #
I know that you would not call me a fool and that your message is not to condemn but to try to bring people to your vision of the light. I was referring to others who post on our blog who can only use anger and threats to spread his beliefs.

I respect you for your beliefs because and because you are not overly evangelical to the point of being rude.
JGJ, 23.03.2006, 5:32pm #
In addition: But it is apparent that you totally missed the point of "free will" in that will cannot be free if the only choice is between follow or be punished.
JGJ, 23.03.2006, 5:34pm #
You see, all those things, like who the father was, circumcised or not, they don't matter. All the things most denominations don't agre on do not matter. HWether you believe that there will be a rapture or not, when it will happen, how you worship etc... , none of that makes a difference on whether or not you will enter heaven. Whether or not tongues is for today, or healing is for tosay, none of that really matters. One thing all mainline christian denominations believe is that Jesus was the Son of God, He died, rose on the third day, His blood was shed for the forgiveness of sins and He will return one day. So you see, man, because he is so prideful has created denominations. God did not create denominations. Don't let actions of man, who will fail every time, influence your feelings towards God.
No Religion, Just Jesus, 23.03.2006, 5:37pm #
Bye the way, you never answered my other post from the other day, where I gave you historical proof of the old testament being around before the birth of Christ. The dead sea scrolls included a complete copy of the Isaiah scrolls, which dated to at least 100 BCE . Isaiah is where many of the prophecies concerning the Messiah are found
No Religion, Just Jesus, 23.03.2006, 5:40pm #
might I ask where you think mankind came from?
No Religion, Just Jesus, 23.03.2006, 5:41pm #
It is the same free will my children have. Obey your parents or suffer the consequences. We have laws in our society for the same reasons. Break them and suffer the consequences. Back to the truth thing. We all can not create our own, hence the world would be much more crazy and wicked than it already is. There would be complete lawlessness.
No Religion, Just Jesus, 23.03.2006, 5:44pm #
You mention an error in the Bible, show it to me please.
No Religion, Just Jesus, 23.03.2006, 5:47pm #
You mention an error in the Bible, show it to me please.
No Religion, Just Jesus, 23.03.2006, 5:47pm #
Would you rather we took this to email since we are popping back and forth? Or even IM?
JGJ, 23.03.2006, 5:49pm #
email would be fine. How do i give you email w/o the entire www seeing it?
No Religion, Just Jesus, 23.03.2006, 5:52pm #
You can contact me with MSN Instant Messenger with [email protected]

The whole world can send all the junk they want.
JGJ, 23.03.2006, 5:58pm #
"No Religion, Just Jesus" - you are using the same cliches that we've all heard a thousand times before. Have a look through the old blog archives (from the main page) for some of the answers.
As for errors in the bible, well, it's very difficult to respond to that. I mean, where to start ...
I do have a list of contradictions though:
Tim, 23.03.2006, 6:20pm #
Tim, are you trying to take away all the fun I was going to have? Shhhhhh
JGJ, 23.03.2006, 6:26pm #
Tim, 23.03.2006, 6:37pm #
Shaggy, 24.03.2006, 12:52am #
FU, Tim, JGJ, and fag boy shaggy
RHF, 24.03.2006, 11:07pm #
That cinches it, RHF is a confused and hopeless TEENAGER! Give it up RHF, you're a closet atheist or an overt hypocrite, one of the two. I give you the free will to choose.

I will no longer consider any of his posts relevant or meaningful, oh wait, I never did.
JGJ, 24.03.2006, 11:17pm #
fag boy...that made me laugh...prone to making false assumptinos are we?

straight but not narrow i say :)
Shaggy, 27.03.2006, 3:50am #

No mention of the only person to write a really detailed description ...

Dante Alighieri
G. Tingey, 16.05.2006, 8:16am #
I suppose Dante was there to write his description. Most of what Catholics believe about hell/purgatory comes from Dante and not the Bible. I suppose I should have mentioned how fiction supports fiction. It's a phenomena that is supported by those who believe The Davinci Code is fact and not a work of historical fiction by Dan Brown. Will Dan Brown be considered the next Dante?
JGJ, 16.05.2006, 12:36pm #

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