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Posted by Ben on Friday, March 10, 2006 | Permalink

We're not the only Religion is Bullshit types on the interwebnet, you know. After a brief break, Brother Jeff is back blogging at Religion Is Bullshit of the .org variety, and he's got a Flash tract explaining who Jesus Kryasst is...

...right here.

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Craig, 11.03.2006, 2:18pm #
visit my site:
RHF, 12.03.2006, 5:28pm #
Thanks for the link RHF, thats a funny site. I love parody.
Craig, 12.03.2006, 7:21pm #
The sad thing is....i don't think that's a parody. I got the impression that ridiculous excuse for a website was supposed to be for real. Is this guy kidding or just genetically inferior to actual humans?
henry the eighth\'s cousin tony from queens, 14.03.2006, 5:13am #
didn't RHF says a while ago he ahd "defeated" brother jeff on his own website?

my bullshit senses are tingling
Shaggy, 15.03.2006, 6:06am #
No, I'm pretty sure that RHF's site is a parody, but a clever one. Not as laugh out loud funny as;

but admirably subtle. The give-away was the bit about the narrative of a teenagers vision of hell, which apparently move him to tears, despite being written in a foreign language. Nice touch 'foreign' language.

Good spoof, mate. Time to 'fess up.
Don, 18.03.2006, 6:49pm #
Sometimes it's difficult to tell. I thought that the first such site I came across - in the early days of the web - was a parody but it turned out to be genuine. I naively thought that this sort of simplistic fundamentalism had died out.

If the site is real, it's written by a complete imbecile. I mean, he can't even spell the url properly (your going to hell ... your going to hell what?)
Tim, 19.03.2006, 1:37pm #

The imbecile stuff is the clever part. The semi-literacy, the complete failure to grasp the central tenets of the religion, the utter lack of any concept of scholarship, the arrogance, the meanness of spirit, the gullibility in accepting third-hand anecdotes riddled with internal inconsistencies as definitive truths, the relish in imagining the suffering of others, the rank hypocrisy, the whiff of grubby salaciousness, isn't that what we expect of a small-minded, monomaniac, hate-mongering, self-important, self-regarding, self-appointed Savanarola of the sticks? And that's what he gives us, just taken one step further.

Either that or he has a borderline personality disorder, and I never impute mental illness to a fellow blogger.

Ergo, it's a spoof.
Don, 19.03.2006, 5:08pm #
thanks for the site rhf, i've had my fill of bullshit comedy for the day. (aah religious wacks, they are so funny)
edm, 12.04.2006, 1:57am #

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