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His fiction contradicts ours - get him!

Posted by Ben on Wednesday, May 17, 2006 | Permalink

Right, now that Field* has reduced people to calling for a change in subject, what about that Da Vinci code malarky, eh? Here's my brief summary:

The book: shit writing, shit characters, reasonably interesting plot. Not as much fun as Angels and Demons though, which is bonkers and proud of it.
The film: apparently shit.
The devotees who think it's all real: twats.
The religious bods getting all shirty about it: wankers.

Violent protest. Fasts "unto death". About a work of fiction.

For a moment I wondered: has the world always been this insane? And then the answer came: yup, for the last few thousand years at the very least. Opinions then please, on the Da Vinci Code and mentalists in general getting worked up over books they either love or hate.

(Language Log links via Backword Dave)

* JGJ: "I see no point in even talking to him"
Pinchbeck: " I was going to say something, but my brain percieved it to be a waste of time"
Ben: "the internet version of the pub bore"
Tim: "[he's] starting to sound like an arrogant shit"

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