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Things Creationists Hate

Posted by Ben on Sunday, June 25, 2006 | Permalink

Via Backword Dave, and as he says - splendid.

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it's basically what we've been saying all along, but with extra fluff. i appluad you on finding this :D
Shaggy, 28.06.2006, 9:09pm #
I haven't read the content on this website yet. From the looks of it, it is going to take apart - piece by piece different beliefs and aspects of the bible. And frankly thats not hard to do.

However - i get very frustrated when people use the term "creationist" as a label for Christianity. I myself believe in intelligent design, yet i have no religious background or beliefs.

"I wish to be downright offensive to those who would remove evolution from our public schools or insert into schools sectarian religious teachings under the guise of "scientific creationism."

Strange how the article starts by saying it is not attacking Christians, or the bible, or anybody who believes in a creator.

But to then say that they WILL be offensive to people who want creationism in schools is absolutely crazy and shows pure ignorance.

Intelligent design has strong scientific arguments and macro-evolution is an unproven theory.

Why is it that an unproven theory can be taught in schools but a theory that actually offers a sound explanation for the beauty and complexity of our universe and lives is for some reason completely dismissed and ridiculed?

I think the writer needs to rethink his assumption that all creationists are Christians or are religious at all.
Whitty_666, 15.07.2006, 8:41pm #

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