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Posted by Ben on Sunday, July 16, 2006 | Permalink

Right, the gloves are off.

I'm starting a biology degree in September. I already know it's going to be hard work - not just the course itself, but the part time job I need to fit round it in order to have enough money to, well, live. My free time is going to be pretty fucking precious. And you know what the creationists have done?

Intelligent design creeps on to courses

Leeds University plans to incorporate one or two compulsory lectures on creationism and intelligent design into its second-year course for zoology and genetics undergraduates next Christmas. At Leicester University, academics already devote part of a lecture for third-year genetics undergraduates to creationism and intelligent design.

Compulsory lectures! To refute creationism! When I could be in the pub or watching Countdown or setting off bra-bombs. The rotten bunch of bastards. Terrorism, lies about contraception and charity blackmailing be damned - you make me miss pound-a-pint night at the union bar and there's going to some serious fucking trouble.

(Via the Leicester Secular Society)

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