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Your Prayers - Answered

Posted by Ben on Monday, July 03, 2006 | Permalink

The Submissive Jesus Talking Prayer Answering Head - no more of that annoying lack of anything even remotely resembling a response!

(via The Godless Bastard)

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I almost pissed myself laughing.....

thanks for the link..
Robert Sutton, 04.07.2006, 6:32pm #
And that's just a prototype, apparently - to quote the Godless Bastard "The finished product will be about the same size but even funnier!"
Ben, 07.07.2006, 11:49pm #
Only Jesus can bring peace to your life.

[Note: edited enough so Robert isn't talking to thin air - don't feed the trolls though please mate]
RHF, 10.07.2006, 5:54pm #
I believe that if people learn to live in peace, that is what will bring peace to my life. Jesus can suck my dick for all care about dead people.
Robert Sutton, 10.07.2006, 6:31am #
field, 10.07.2006, 5:53pm #
[identical comment deleted]
field, 10.07.2006, 5:53pm #
Don't double post, either. Field, you're banned from my threads so really, don't bother.
Ben, 10.07.2006, 5:53pm #
I was a bit tipsy when I last commented. I've already started developing a Troll problem on my blogg. We don't need a talking Jesus head, we need some sort of Tollicide! Is this food?
Robert Sutton, 11.07.2006, 5:13pm #
You simply must listen to some of moi's lill' song parodies, e.g., "The Little Bummer Bou," "Jesus Christ (Is the) AntiChrist,"
"Jesus Christ (is the) AntiChrist,"
"Krispy Krishna" and many more.

The website link is to "The Little Bummer Boy" a Hollow Day classic.

Stay on Groovin' Safari,
TOR Hershman
TOR Hershman, 13.07.2006, 12:53am #
The easiest way to debunk all the monotheistic religions is to show where/how they originated. They all derive from astro-theology, which is the key really to understanding the pure myths/allegories that these & all mystic traditions are. Beyond that, there is no secret mystery way to find 'ultimate/absolute' truth either. Life is (life's origins/life after death, etc.)precisely that - a mystery & will always remain such, in absolute terms. The only real truth to be had is-master oneself, be gracious but not a fool. The human conscience tells us that much with or without god. Not including proven science all the rest is BS.
rufus, 17.08.2006, 2:16pm #

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