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The Doomsday Code

Posted by Ben on Friday, September 15, 2006 | Permalink

If you get bored of the entertaining sight of some religious donut upsetting some other religious donuts then have a watch of this.

Put crudely, End-Timers believe that the apocalypse is coming, and they wield considerable (and worrying) political clout in the USA. We see a string of preachers from the American South (all steel-haired white men with booming voices) whose crackpot jumble of beliefs may well appal moderate Christians as much as atheists. Broadly, their agenda is to pour petrol on the flames of Middle Eastern politics, dilute the USA's will to combat global warming and foster hostility to the UN.

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These people arenot just seriously insane, they are also dangerous.
Probably not as dangerous as AHmenidjad, but still - religious loonies with weapons (that is MORE of them) is the last thing we need....
G. Tingey, 16.09.2006, 8:00pm #
What this world needs is for our president to just take a stand and show the entire world just how stupid he really is. He should just take a deep breath and say something like..."jesus christ came to me in my cornflakes this morning and told me that i had to wipe the muslims off the face of the earth," instead of pretending to spread freedom and democracy. He should just spread some jam on his toast and be happily, openly insane.

I'm horrified of the direction this country is being led in by an increasingly fundamentalist movement within our government. I was alarmed recently when i wrote to JoAnn Davis, who represents my district in congress. I wrote to her to complain about the proposed state constitutional ban on gay marriage in the state of virginia. I asked her to acknowledge the fact that discrimination against any group will open the door to discrimination against other groups (ie...what if our legislature decides that god intended for a white man to marry a white woman and subsequently banned interracial marriage). I told her in my letter that legislation based on religion has no place in our society, and that she was elected to represent all of us...not just right wing conservatives who got her elected. Her response back to me was frightening..."The Constitution guarantees freedom of religion, not freedom FROM religion. This came from a supposedly educated person in a position of power that allows her to help create the laws that we all have to live by.

Even if Donald Rumsfeld likens me to Hitler for saying this, i truly believe that our country (among other western powers) owes the muslim nations a sincere apology for fucking up their governments to secure our own interests. I think that there can be no end to so called terror if we fail to acknowledge our share of responsibility for the chaos in the middle east.

Prime example, even though all evidence points to saddam being compliant with the weapons inspection programs, even though we know that his government had nothing to do with the september 11th attack, and even though we know that none of the hijackers were iraqis or were being supported by the iraqi government...we are still fighting this so called war on iraqi soil and we insist on calling it "the war on terror."

I suppose spreading freedom and democracy doesn't include the people of north korea who's government is openly starving them to death and telling them to die of hunger and like it since n. korea is paradise compared to the rest of the world.

As a desperate act of american patriotism, I hereby pledge to bitchslap any fellow american who uses that expression within arms length of me (including the president if i should be so fortunate) from now until the war on terror ends (bitchslap self).

the real terrorist threat to america is our government encouraging us to become poorly educated, overweight, mcdonalds eating, fundamentalist fucktards while the entire rest of the world grows intellectually and economically. I think if we begin to fight that war, we would see a peace in this world the likes of which has never been known before. and we'll do it without interference from the many gods that have held our minds hostage since we first dreamed them into existence.
theAntiBush, 17.09.2006, 3:39am #
These nutters would be funny, if they weren't serious.

Unfortunately, they have branches in this country, in the form of "The-Bible-is-inerrant" churches, often directed and/or funded from the USA - and helped by the huge amounts of money they extract from their gullible members.

There's one near here, called "The Potters' House".
G. Tingey, 18.09.2006, 9:13am #
speaking of which, i was visited by a jehovas witness spreaking christ love via hellfire. to early in the morning to argue however :|
Shaggy, 16.11.2006, 12:42am #

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