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Posted by Ben on Saturday, September 23, 2006 | Permalink

Oooh - The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science! Go take a look, it's a winner. (via Pharyngula)

And has anyone read The God Delusion yet?

Update: that'll be The God Delusion that's not yet published. I'll get me coat.

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The perfect man to point out the absurdity and danger of religious beliefs - this really needs to be successful (site straight in at no.1 on the recommended links - replacing the Raving Atheist, who seems to be lacking in the marble department at the moment).
Book pre-ordered from Amazon!
Tim, 24.09.2006, 11:40am #
It is too published, I have it right in front of me, in a shiny silver jacket.

And it is a most excellent book, summarizing all the reasons why we should strive to balance our awe and reason by eschewing superstition. Not only that, it includes a footnote that refers to , which is how I found your site!

(I'm not going to tell you where in the book it is, so you'll just have to read every word like I just did. :)
melior, 27.09.2006, 2:32am #
Sorry ... can't resist ... page 134 - congrats Ben on being "an eloquent blogger"!

(Don't worry, I'm sure every word will be read anyway)
Tim, 27.09.2006, 3:56pm #
Cheers guys, this is awesome - number one bestseller on and I'm in it!

*runs off again to accost random bloke in the street and push book in his face*
Ben, 27.09.2006, 7:11pm #
I just forced a delusional person today to read it or be faced with my considerable disrespect. To her great credit, she went out and bought it immediately.
Just doing my bit for rationality.
God dammit. So many idiots and so little time before they kill us all.
Duff, 09.12.2006, 1:54am #

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