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The Brick Testament

Posted by Ben on Monday, October 16, 2006 | Permalink

Lego-based religion is something I might just be able to get behind.

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LOL, Where do you even begin to come up with an idea like that????
redfred, 19.10.2006, 5:41pm #
I hope Lego's are recyclable. If they are, I wonder if that would make a nice neutral ground between the theist religions and those based on reincarnation. Jesus remolded as Buddha!
Glass House, 20.10.2006, 5:43pm #

i can't tell if they're just trying to be literal or if they're trying to make obvious some of the flawed teachings in the magic book.
theAntiBush, 13.12.2006, 2:58am #
my mate bought me one of those for Christmas. The story of the birth of christ.

I thought it was a piss take until i flicked through it and found that it's on the level. I thought the pictures were brilliant! The text to go with them is pretty odd though.
Jim, 05.01.2007, 5:02pm #
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Asha, 29.02.2012, 5:40am #

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