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Bigoted hypocrite

Posted by Tim on Sunday, November 05, 2006 | Permalink

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Disgraced former US evangelist leader Reverend Ted Haggard has confessed to his followers that he was guilty of "sexual immorality". [BBC News story]

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Nah, don't close smug mode - leave that baby wide open for a good few weeks, at least.

What a maroon. He of the disturbingly animated top lip and 'please, don't be arrogant' turns out to be a raging hypocrite. Is anyone surprised?

Of course, he's not a 'real Christian' obviously, why do we atheists always pick the exceptions to smear the whole faith etc etc etc (just thought I'd steal a march on the usual comebacks)
Ben, 08.11.2006, 6:39pm #
My only fear is that this "tragedy" will cause the evangelicals to regroup stronger than before. I certainly don't see many of them questioning their faith because of this and will call upon Jesus to heal the damaged flock. I foresee a stronger push within the collective to further separate themselves from science and logic. After all if this "evil" could seep into the highest of their positions their walls aren't big enough.

my take
nig Hasemrder, 08.11.2006, 9:23pm #
Is ANYONE surprised. The louder someone from the religious right condemns something the more likely he or she is a participant in that particular "vice". How many times have we seen this go down?
J sub D, 13.11.2006, 1:45am #
So, he's a smug, arrogant bullying liar - but he's a christian evangelist.

Why should anyone be the least bit surprised?
G. Tingey, 13.11.2006, 9:23am #
I suppose that people who are ashamed of aspects of their sexuality are more likely to act as if they are against such things .... makes me wonder where on the Kinsey scale someone like Fred Phelps is (now wouldn't that be just SO cool if he was found with another man!)

BTW, If anyone wants a good laugh -
Tim, 14.11.2006, 12:51am #
How come you don't post when an atheist commits a crime?
RHF, 22.11.2006, 1:31am #
The title of the post answers your question.
Tim, 22.11.2006, 8:19am #
The rule is perfect: scratch any zealot and you'll find a hypocrite.
Duff, 22.11.2006, 6:31pm #
How come you don't post when an atheist commits a crime?

Because Atheism isn't a moral based system. It's not a system at all, it is a rejection of a system. When a Humanist leader tortures and rapes a child, it will make headlines, don't worry. That's not as likely to happen though, because Humanists have an actual godless foundation for their morals. If Christians followed the Bible they would be chopping every disbelievers head off while bending over waiting for Allahs children to fuck them in the ass all while praying for peace.
nig Hasemrder, 27.11.2006, 3:53pm #
We all have sinned. Heck, tell you what I sinned today. That doesn't make me a hypocrite does it? Ted never professed to be perfect did he? He was against gay marriage, and probably still is.
Shaun, 04.12.2006, 10:36pm #
Shaun - Teddi may have been against gay marriage but he was all for gay "snort a load of meth and enjoy a lusty romp with some guy he's paying for" . Gee, in that light, he obviously isn't a huge fan of "straight" marriage either...
Btw: [email protected]"sinned". Norty Shaun - sit in the corner...
Johnno, 05.12.2006, 3:56am #
To God all sin is the same. He views lying the same as doing drugs and paying for gay sex. I'm not sticking up for Ted Haggart in any way. I believe what he did was wrong, yes. I am disappointed in what he did, yes. But that doesn't change my views on Jesus Christ.
Shaun, 05.12.2006, 2:11pm #
The point of the post wasn't actually about Mr. Christ, just that many religious people can't live up to what they preach. If these people were more understanding, tolerant and liberal (didn't Jesus go on a lot about forgiveness?) I'd have more respect for them, even though I don't accept their beliefs.
Tim, 05.12.2006, 3:18pm #
I'd go one step further Tim. No "religious people" can live up to what they preach. If we did we would be perfect like Jesus Christ and not need Him.
Jesus was not tollorant or liberal (in today's sense of the word). He was accepting of people and would not turn people away, but not tolorant. A great example of this is the Samaritan woman. He talked with her yes, something that was very taboo, but he also convicted her of what she was doing. That is not tolorance, that is unconditional love
Shaun, 05.12.2006, 4:20pm #
"No 'religious people' can live up to what they preach"

They can fuck off and stop preaching it then, can't they?
Ben, 05.12.2006, 8:26pm #
Christians are simply repeating the word of God. We still sin, yes. Should we, no. But that does not change Gods Word. I haven't heard Reverend Haggard preach, but if he preaches the truth, is it still the truth? Look at the message, not the man. If you want to look at the man, look at Jesus, He is the author of what we believe.
Shaun, 05.12.2006, 10:07pm #
"If he preaches the truth"

Pretty big 'if' mate, that.
Ben, 05.12.2006, 10:47pm #
Actually, here's one for you Shaun:

1 : a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion
2 : a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings.

So yup, Ted's a hypocrite, and I guess you are too, you little sinner. Next!
Ben, 05.12.2006, 11:11pm #
I fully agree with the content as presented on this site. I have been a discreet atheist for many years now. However, Since reading Dennet and Dawkins I am now developing a taste for debate action. I particularly like Paul Kurtz's (secular humanism) description of atheists as 'religious sceptics'. In that if anyone wishes to preach faith to me then they must provide unequivocal proof. I have found a great way to get rid of Jehova's witnesses when they call. Just say "I am a religious sceptic who believes that the Holy Bible is just another silly story. They cleared off promptly without any further comment.
Cliff Letts, 06.12.2006, 11:35am #
Not so long ago I watched the Richard Dawkins documentary 'The Root of all evil' and couldn't comprehend how such a transparently sanctimonious person as 'Pastor Ted' could hold so much sway over so many people in a sophisticated nation. Richard Dawkins compared Pastor Ted's sermonising as akin to a Nuremburg rally of Nazi Germany. The comment was somewhat ignored and good old Ted couldn't wait to reassert his position by inferring that Dawkins was jealous of Ted's obvious greatness. Far from stupid, these fervent and powerful evangelical liars are extremely dangerous in the way they manipulate people using ecstatic inducement to follow without question. The alliance of Pastor Ted and G.W. is no surprise to me they are both proud evangelical liars. Wake up America your great nation is under a serous threat from the violently religious evangelicals along with the rest of the world.
Cliff Letts, 06.12.2006, 1:20pm #
First, the "if" is obviously a big if here. But my question still stands. Put aside what "truth" is for now. If he preaches
truth, is it not true regardless of his actions?

Second my stated belief so far is that I am trying to live like Christ, I believe what He did, and I still sin. I have never claimed to not sin, nor ever will. The only difference is that my "crimes" against God have been forgiven because I've asked for forgiveness.
Shaun, 06.12.2006, 1:49pm #
No mention of what your sin was though. Did... did you touch it? You'll go blind, you know.
Ben, 07.12.2006, 11:00am #
Shaunster, I've been trying to live like Santa for years now. Doing good, giving presents. Trying to get around quickly. Could you help me be a better Santa? You seem to be very much into this sort of thing.
Duff, 07.12.2006, 11:18am #
Think of the worst thing that a person could do, and I did it. It doesn't matter what specific thing I did. Every sin condems a person to hell. Like I said though, I'm forgiven.

I can't help you be more like the fictional character Santa. But the historical (not just the Bible)Jesus of Nazareth, is a different story
Shaun, 07.12.2006, 8:36pm #
Shaun, Could you please help me understand the difference between Jesus and Santa. I don't understand emotional things, so if you could just give me the facts I would really, really appreciate it. I really would.
Duff, 09.12.2006, 1:44am #

Whether you believe what Jesus taught or not, He did exist. Santa did not.
Shaun, 11.12.2006, 6:16pm #

Did he though? Did He really, with a deliberate emphasis on the capital letter? Some bloke might've been around at about that period, said some nice things, maybe even got nailed to a cross. But that's like saying King Arthur with all his Excalibur bollocks is true just cos some Middle Ages gimp had a bigger sword than anyone else and a bard with a good imagination.
Ben, 11.12.2006, 11:14pm #

I was simply answering Duffs question. He asked me the difference between Jesus and Santa. The historical man Jesus did exist in Israel, did die on a cross. I follow what His teaching.

Santa Clause didn't exist.

The subject of King Arthur is interesting however. It is widely debated by scholars whether or not he is based on a historical figure or not. Any scholar (christian or secular) that has studied the matter, will say that Jesus of Nazareth existed.
Shaun, 12.12.2006, 9:27pm #

Historically, Jesus probably did teach, probably had a large following, and probably was crucified. I'd like to point out that crucifixion was a popular Roman method of execution at the time. Thousands died on the cross, many of them for their religious beliefs.

The problem that we have is with the bible itself being accepted as the sacred word of god. God never actually says anything in the bible at all. The bible is written in the 3rd person. Could you see that on CNN. Oh wait, we already saw that when god told president bush to liberate Iraq and that Saddam had WMD's. Let's not forget that what is in the bible was hanpicked to be in the bible by men, not by god and who knows what tampering king james may have done in translating it to english for print. There's not even a way to confirm that the people in the bible are who they say they are.
theAntiBush, 13.12.2006, 2:43am #

not trying to gang up on you, i just enjoy having a civil discussion about this issue. Your statement of receiving forgiveness just by asking simply cannot work. The statement implies that god acts as a fair and balanced upholder of his version of justice.

The problem with that is that he created an imperfect race of mortals, charged with attempting to be perfect in a very difficult and imperfect material world, knowing our limitations and our potential for self destruction. It seems hardly very just at all to cast what would have to be trillions of people (if you add all the way through history) into torture for all eternity. We are only mortals dealing with our world in our mortal terms. Further, an eternity of punishment for a very short life of "sin" is anything but equitable.

If we are made in god's image, why is it that we seek fair and just ways to punish the guilty within our population but god does not? Doesn't that make us slightly more enlightened than god? Murder is a sin unless it is commited by deity? Why do we not hold our god to the same standards to which we hold ourselves? Is it not god that should be punished for the crime of genocide?
theAntiBush, 13.12.2006, 2:53am #

you made a comment
"who knows what tampering king james may have done in translating it to english for print."
There are many translations that have been done straight from the original Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic and 1000s of scholars of these langauges have checked the translations. If King James or anyone else for that matter tampered with a translation it would be found pretty quickly.

Also in your next post you stated that "he created an imperfect race of mortals"
This is also incorrect, God created a race with the ability to choose. The fall caused us to be imperfect and mortal.

Your third point you made was on the eternity of punishment. Which is believed by many Christians to be true, but is not necessarily biblical. The bible teaches many times that the means of the punishment is eternal but not necessarily the punishment itself. Please feel free to test this with scripture, I would be glad to back it up.
John, 13.12.2006, 3:03pm #
May God bless Pastor Ted. So what if he's a crack smokin' ass pirate, I'm sure god loves him as much as he loves Mark Foley. Holy shit but xtian fundies crack me up. How messed up do you have to be to lose the moral high ground to a drug dealing male prostitute? The guy busted Pastor Ted because he thought it was hypocritical for Ted to be takin' it in the ass and then preaching against homosexuality and same sex marriage.

Fucking priceless.
Pootatuck, 15.12.2006, 7:08pm #
to Shaun,

this is saint nicholas, commonly referred to as santa claus. at one time he secretly gave gifts to children while in Rome. he has now been warped into a figure that helps inspire people. (note: he doesn't/nor has he ever operated on a sleigh with reindeer.

this is Jesus, sometimes referred to as the Son of God. at one time he taught people about love and acceptance, just like many teachers of that time. He now has been warped into a holy icon that saved the world by dying...
(note: that's bullshit)

see anything similar?

p.s. pastor teddy is a hypocrite on a soap box. it's insane how he's turning this all around.
josh, 09.02.2007, 7:41am #
I am an atheist but I find that this and most other sites devoted to atheism disappointing. I can say nothing about the identity of the contributors, but I can say this: the majority of writings here appear to have been written by hyperintelligent adolescents eager to prove to someone how iconoclast they can (now) be now that they see there is no God. I, for one, respect religion (but not fundamentalism of any kind), but simply do not believe any of it in any sense believers would appreciate. So I'm an unbeliever. But why spend time creating websites insulting other people's cultural values? How would you like British kids to put sites up insulting Americans for liking baseball and American football, and poking holes in their errors? The smell of orthodoxy here is almost as bad as in church. Get a life, kids. Do something constructive. You can't persuade believers they are wrong by putting them on the defensive. Peter, OUT! May the force be with you. Always.
Peter, 13.02.2007, 12:07am #
A fine speech, though possibly not fine enough to warrant posting eight times!
Ben, 13.02.2007, 9:00am #
Adolescents? I'm 34! Although Sainsbury's did refuse to let me buy alcohol as I had no ID recently, so I must at least have youthful good looks.

But seriously, if some of the more intelligent religious people visit this site and start to question their beliefs, surely it's all worthwhile?
Tim, 13.02.2007, 1:27pm #
ID'd at 34?! Blimey, I thought I was doing well getting asked at 26. I was in the process of growing a ridiculous bumfluff beard at the time, mind, so it's understandable.
Ben, 13.02.2007, 3:24pm #
He even let the rich young ruler leave;then talked about his folly.

see this below about jesus bigotry.

you'll see he's intolerant
tim m, 16.08.2008, 6:43am #

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