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In which I despairingly turn to the Oscars for comfort

Posted by Ben on Monday, February 26, 2007 | Permalink

It never ends, does it?

For the sake of form, let's skip through some of the dafter stuff:

And it's at this point that I give up in despair once more and instead present a quip from the Guardian's coverage of the Academy Awards:

"Clooney is here to hand out the Oscar for best supporting actress. His line is funny, but it is effortlessly trumped by the response of Dreamgirls' Jennifer Hudson, which is purely hilarious. "Oh God," she screams. "Look what God can do." Needless to say this raises all kinds of theological issues. Principal among these is that if God's greatest miracle is His ability to bestow supporting actress Oscars on losing American Idol contestants, then one wonders if He is using His time as wisely as He might."

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