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Isn't faith wonderful?

Posted by Ben on Tuesday, April 03, 2007 | Permalink

Thousand of Aids and HIV patients are risking their lives by refusing medication in favour of holy water. (via RDF)

Well that's just marvellous, isn't it? With the vitamin pill lot at one end and the church the other, they've just about got the AIDS sufferers covered. Probably serves 'em right, it's a bummer's disease after all, innit? Let the following lines wash over you much like holy water over an utterly unaffected retrovirus.

Senior church figures tried to deny that patients were told to stop taking drugs. Kessis Kefyalew Merahi is a scholarly figure, who says that both medicine and faith have a role to play in treating AIDS. He insists that the holy water is a proven cure.

"Some of the patients are okay. They still have the sign of the virus, but the virus has no power on their body and blood because it is controlled by the grace of Our Lady."

Inspiring. Holy water is a proven cure...but medicine has a role to play as well! I'll bet it does.

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