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Posted by Ben on Tuesday, June 26, 2007 | Permalink

This, regarding the dubious nature of the kerfuffle over the Slightly Disturbing Ring Thing, and this, which has a lovely picture of Rage Boy (who, it must be said, gives good rage) and a smashing quote from Butterflies and Wheels which deserves reprinting in full:

'...along with not giving them an inch it's crucial that we keep explaining to them and to the fans of inch-giving why we are not giving them an inch and why they have no right to an inch and why they have no legitimate grievance about their non-receipt of an inch. We have to keep explaining loudly and softly, briefly and at length, rudely and politely, and always lucidly. We have to keep on and on and on doing it until they get the point. 'No inch is forthcoming because you have no, repeat no, legitimate claim to an inch. Now go away.'

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