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Hello again

Posted by Tim on Tuesday, December 18, 2007 | Permalink

... it's been a while. Thought I'd give the place a new coat of paint before adding any new content.

I doubt that this blog will be updated very often - it's just too frustrating to write. There are only a certain number of times you can point out the flaws in Pascal's wager, or point out that evolution is not about things "all growed by random" - before going completely insane, and keeping up with religion in the news is impossible (in some ways all the don't know whether to laugh or cry at stories are encouraging - the fanatics and nutters are shouting louder because religion in the mainstream is becoming more and more irrelevant, at least in the UK).

There are other things I will be doing soon though; writing an FAQ page (to send people to instead of having to answer the same questions over and over again), adding more of the responses to the questionnaire, adding a page in response to an atheism section I found on a Christian website, and probably some more articles.

In the meantime, Brother Jeff appears to be back (I'd like to draw attention to this post - I like Marcus Brigstocke and hadn't heard this before) so pay him a visit if you're bored. Or, you could visit the recently opened Religion is Bullshit store (yeah, I know, but, well, you know ... and, well, why not?) to help spread the word ...

And, as an experiment, comment moderation is off. So, feel free to tell me that Jesus loves me and/or I'm going to hell and all that - you might give me more material for the FAQs.

P.S. help spread the word further with these printable flyers!

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Glad to hear the brother jeff is back. I love beating him and other atheists in debates.
In the meantime, read your bible JGJ and repent of your sins.
RHF, 26.12.2007, 4:11am #
I didn't think it would be long ...
Tim, 26.12.2007, 11:44am #
Tim, no need to change your policy on posting, I will comply with your rules.
You are authentic and a true athesist as you do not need to make fun of Jesus like Brother Jeff does. He couldn't shine a candle to you.

Best wishes to you and family for the new year.
RHF, 27.12.2007, 9:39pm #
I love you, and you will go to hell...
Jesus, 28.12.2007, 11:28am #
Tim i agree with your "belief", religion is bullshit, just something a bunch of bored guys decided to make up so as to screw up our lives, religion is pathetic and if people can't face the real world by themselfs well then they should jump of a ******* bridge
Dude man, 31.12.2007, 12:32am #

Which Bible are you referring to RHF? No orininal manuscripts of the gospels exist, none of the people who wrote the gospels even knew Jesus, and every version has its own controversy. The ASV is purely a chatholic invention and the KJV is riddled with translation errors from manuscripts of questionable origins.

I love you too, go fuck yourself.
JGJ, 08.01.2008, 12:42am #
Oops, *original
JGJ, 08.01.2008, 12:42am #
Nice website. Just discovered it. Don't worry about not updating it as often as you like. There seems to be rather something of an explosion of atheist websites. The outlook for sanity grows clearer every day.

May xianity soon become a hideous relic and something to look back upon with fear and loathing.
James Smith, 23.01.2008, 4:09pm #
i just love how christians damn you to hell the second you point out how stupid they are:)
justin, 09.01.2009, 9:18am #

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