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Please allow me to introduce myself

Posted by Ben on Tuesday, August 30, 2005 | Permalink

Welcome, one and all, to the new Religion is Bullshit blog. I normally write about atheism and other topics - cricket, foolish right-wing columnists, broken toes - over here, but Tim very kindly asked me if I fancied taking up the reins on this site, so I'll save all my atheism witterings for RIB from here on in.

This is just quick post to say hello, and to highlight the comments policy. The problem with the original blog was that it only ever took ten comments before we were miles off track with pages and pages of random creationist 'arguments' and weary debunkings, so I'll ask nicely now for everyone to stick to the topic of the post. Comments along the lines of 'OMG you idiots Darwin recanted on his deathbed!!!!11' on a post about the Religious Hatred bill, for instance, will be brutally dispatched, although they may occasionally resurface in posts specifically dedicated to creationist lies.

In light of the fact that this post has no specific subject beyond saying hi, however, I invite everyone to fill their boots and quack about fossil gaps and carbon dating until their fingers fall off.

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