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Please allow me to introduce myself

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Welcome, one and all, to the new Religion is Bullshit blog. I normally write about atheism and other topics - cricket, foolish right-wing columnists, broken toes - over here, but Tim very kindly asked me if I fancied taking up the reins on this site, so I'll save all my atheism witterings for RIB from here on in.

This is just quick post to say hello, and to highlight the comments policy. The problem with the original blog was that it only ever took ten comments before we were miles off track with pages and pages of random creationist 'arguments' and weary debunkings, so I'll ask nicely now for everyone to stick to the topic of the post. Comments along the lines of 'OMG you idiots Darwin recanted on his deathbed!!!!11' on a post about the Religious Hatred bill, for instance, will be brutally dispatched, although they may occasionally resurface in posts specifically dedicated to creationist lies.

In light of the fact that this post has no specific subject beyond saying hi, however, I invite everyone to fill their boots and quack about fossil gaps and carbon dating until their fingers fall off.

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bring it on fundies...
Shaggy, 01.09.2005, 12:23am #
Let's get this party started with a little "Fun with christians" segment. I want to see everyone's best story on how to appall believers.

Here's mine...

A few years ago, just after that nutball talked his followers into committing suicide to go meet a UFO behind a passing comet, I was playing golf with some guys and they started making comments about how ignorant those people were. So I pipe up and say, "Yeah, why couldn't they just believe that our savior's mom was a virgin and that he crawled out of his grave after three days and had dinner with some folks, like the rest of us!?" Total f***ing silence for the last three holes.

I wasn't invited back.
Todd, 15.09.2005, 1:54pm #
When I was 10 my little brother asked me why they nailed Jesus to a cross. My reply - which i was very proud of for the two seconds before I realised my dad had heard me - was 'to stop him falling off'. I got a right telling off for that, as I recall.
Ben, 15.09.2005, 2:02pm #
Nice one Ben. I'm going to file that away. Classic.
Todd, 15.09.2005, 10:40pm #
Christianity is a hunk of bullshit. I dumped Christianity at bloody 10, for fuck's sake!
Anonymous, 16.09.2005, 6:13pm #
I'm sorry i'm not an intellect but as i see it, the human race has its head stuck so far up its arse that it has to believe that there is a 'reason for our excistance'. Wake up and smell the coffee we evolved and we will die - end of! Why do so many people find that hard to comprehend?
Kerrie, 17.09.2005, 1:51am #
Actually, I used the very same line about the cross, once. Also, at a Roman Catholic school I was punished for doing my "Last Miracle" impression (Make the standard 'on the cross' mime, then reach over with one hand and scratch apparently itchy nose before returning hand to 'nailed on' position. What can I say, it was funny at the time...)
Some One, 18.09.2005, 1:06am #
Actually, Kerrie, we are here for a reason, and we were created by God, and we were created perfect in his image. Yes, I agree, we will die. I will die, you will die, but I refuse to believe that we evolved from monkeys. You think Christians base their beliefs on things they can't prove? What about atheists, and evolutionists? They have NO indisputable evidence that humans evolved from animals. And-this is off the subject, but oh well- We think nowadays that apes are smart because they can catch a ball, or open a door. Well, humans seem to have mastered that, and gone so much further. So I don't see how humans could even possibly be so much 'smarter' than apes if we evolved from them.
GOD LOVER, 18.09.2005, 11:56pm #
kinda like we have no indisputible proof an invisible magical undead sky man farted us out of his ass one day. which reminds me, speaking of crosses...god was jezis, so, god sacrificed himself to save us from...himself? wow...load of frikkin sense there...

i just question the logic of an all powerful, all knowing, omnipitent omnipresent god who created faulty humans and blames us for his mistakes
Shaggy, 19.09.2005, 5:11am #
Lets face it guys, As soon as us humans in the dim distant past became self aware and realised we were all gonna die, we created "god" in our image to stop ourselves shitting it about oblivion!!
Oh and according tgo a Jehovahs Witness I once knew, fossils of dinosaurs? just a test of our faith...what bullshit!!
K.P., 19.09.2005, 5:15pm #
K.P. what was this that the Jehovahs Witness guy said? Shaggy-how can you have faith if you are going to drag logic into it? Yeah, I can't prove that there is a God with physical evidence, without you being all "oh that is just coincedence", but I sure can give evidence. But logic is not part of faith. That is waht faith is. It is believing something that you can't see. We didn't create God. He created us.
GOD LOVER, 19.09.2005, 11:31pm #
God sent his Son Jesus to die on the cross for us so we could be forgiven our sins. Jesus was born to a virgin, and lived sinlessly, depending on God in heaven, for 33 years before he was killed on the cross. He knew he would die, but he did it anyway, because he loves us so much. You are probably thinking, "yeah, well I don't believe anything it says in the Bible." WEll, do you believe in Socrates? There are only 10-yes 10- documents proving he was real. Do you know how many there are proving that eveything that is said in the Bible really happened? 25,000. That is real physical proof. How can you doubt facts? You can't. Now, I know that once you get offended, you will never change your mind, because that is human nature, and we are stubborn, but if you really were open, which is a good characteristic by the way, you couldaccept some things.
GOD LOVER, 19.09.2005, 11:42pm #
I consider myself to be very open, so type calmly, and I will think about anything you say, and then defend or refute it. It is taht simple.
GOD LOVER, 19.09.2005, 11:44pm #
God Lover, I asked where the dinosaurs fitted in to the creation story in Genesis as obviously they are not mentioned. His response was to tell me that they never really existed (hence their ommitance in Genesis) and the fact that there is fossilised evidence is simply a test of our faith!
K.P., 20.09.2005, 8:53am #
There is NO evidence for any kind of god that does not better support an alternative explanation which can always be supported by even more evidence from other sources. No evidence is indisputable, that is what evidence means, however there are some things which be PROVEN rather than remaining a theory (hypothesis supported by evidence). Many of these things which can be proven contradict various religious beliefs, including not a few Christian ones. There is no reconciling that fact and it's not a matter of "You prefer this explanation, I prefer that one." Many things are not a matter of opinion but a matter of fact.
Some One, 20.09.2005, 5:44pm #
k.P. What the heck? I think your Jehovahs Witness guy is messed up. I definitly don't agree with him.

Fine Some one...There is no indusputable PROOF of evolution. Although I can see why people may think that everything happened by chance, I don't understand how they can say that the "proof" they have, shows that the world was created in some farfetched way.
GOD LOVER, 22.09.2005, 11:16pm #
To "God Lover",
Do you consider the Old Testament part of your Bible?
If so, how can you accept all the murder, rape and destruction done by or at the instructions of god? How can you accept a vengeful and blood thirsty god?
Do you think that the Jewish are the chosen people as clearly said in the bible?
And above all, do you really belive that an opmipotent and loving god REQUIRES you to pray and serve him with all those meaningless rituals?
Because this is what I understood from the church and thus find the whole concept of god unacceptable.
Regarding evolution, there is clear evidence that humans and monkeys evolved from a common ancestor.
Even if you restrict your god to giving us intelligence, thankfull as I may be, I cannot accept that I have to serve / obey / worship him in return or I'll burn in hell.
And the whole 'sinufull' bit is like bully justice: Do what I say or I beat you up! That and a all-loving god cannot work.

When I look at a map of the sky, or better yet a scale map of the universe, I think how ego-maniacs men must be to think that all this vast universe was created for them, a tiny speck, on a tiny planet in an unremarkable tiny corner of the universe.

And even if you think that the universe shows the greatness of god, you must agree that humans are to god like amoeba are to humans in this vast universe, so the whole religios / church thing is just an exercise in self-importance by man.
Richard, 23.09.2005, 8:37am #
Well, I just got to this site and I saw God Lover's comment about Socrates and Jesus. I know that there are way more than 10 documents proving Socrates was a real person and that there is no evidence that Jesus was real. See, anyone can post things like that with no actual proof backing it up. The only proof of Jesus were people - that might not have been real - that wrote about him. Quick question for all: why do we call the religions of Greeks and Romans mythology while we call Christianity, Judaism, and the like religions?
Danny, 23.09.2005, 3:43pm #
mind you god lover, god was jesus (or could that just be a literal mix up?) so god sacrificed himself to save us from himself. wow, he bible makes even less sense now :|

oh, and i beleive jesus was a knockoff of some dude (jeez, i'm horrible with names, i'll get it in later) who had 12 disciples, died, got ressurected a few days later... apparently a whole 200 years before jezis.

which oddly reminds know how they're getting ID into kansas or whhtever? there a group that's protesting that says if they're going to teach ID in biology, that the schools should then equally teach their children about the flying spaghetti monster who created the world long ago and with his divine pasta powers keeps us in the dark from understanding.

i swear, there is a group running around claiming that. kinda funny.

and true, there may not be indisputible proof of evolution, but i have yet to see anything that even remotely proves the flying spaghetti monster farted me outta his ass.

hmm...good point danny...
Shaggy, 24.09.2005, 11:48pm #
Over the past 6 years the US has been hit by 3 catostrophes. here they are listed in order of impact:
1, the bush administration
2. The Catrine Hurricane
3. The Rita Hurricane
Aurolio, 25.09.2005, 7:16pm #
Dearest "god lover". The fact is, there's a lot of evidence to support the theory of evolution. The only support for the theory of religion is that pre-historic humans were so afraid of this planet's natural science ( i.e. thunderstorms, earthquakes, floods, forest fires, tornados, volcanic eruptions,etc) that they had no other explanation than that it must have been caused by a higher power. In my view, that escalated into what we now have as a world divided by fundamental religious beliefs where intolerance of others is practiced and war will never be out of the picture. I wonder if we, as the human race, will resolve before we all kill each other.
casual observer, 26.09.2005, 3:29am #
shit!!! i better go to church quick and pray like a bastard or im going to a very dark place not actually dieing, im going to be cast into some hell and live in torchured pain for eternity if i dont pray to the guy who wrote some book who claims he was told to write by some guy of a son who was hes dad and brother and was made by a virgin mother ....blaaa blaaa fucking blaaaaaaaa...

alot of us dont need to be told how to be good and loving ...alot of us dont have insecure lives and need to grasp a beleif or a religion to keep us sane...

unfortunately there is alot of people who are so called faithful, blinded people looking for an easy way to understand our existance....

how do i know this? ......because its a fact of pure COMMON SENSE!!!
the truth, 26.09.2005, 11:05am #
and shaggy, u missed the bit where the flying spagetti monster used his super pasta powers to banish the non believing Bolognese bullshiters from the pizza city of garlic bread
the truth, 26.09.2005, 11:22am #
Ok heres a question. I onced believed in god because I was raised that way. As I grew up and informed myself about evolution, the fossil record,etc. I started demanding "facts" and soon found the bible did not hold up under scrutiny. From then forth I have embraced the scientific approach evolution, etc. But heres a question and I hope Im not laughed but what about the "supernatural" things that have been caught on tape? Don't get me wrong I am a born again skeptic and I'm not talking about the virgin mary on a sandwhich or ufos. But more specifically things I've seen caught on tape on a show called, "Ghost Hunters" on SciFi channel and before all the skeptics head for the door listen. Its a show about this group called TAPS they don't use mediums, tarot cards, etc. They go in with the mind set to debunk. They go out of there way to be as scintific as possible. They have caught several things that move by themselves and this becomes a problem for me because I can't explain it. Its not a hoax, if you spent any time at all watching you would find these are ordinary people trying to explain why these things occur. So after all that I guess it comes down to if there isn't a "other side" then how do we explain these things?
QuestionsQuestions, 26.09.2005, 3:33pm #
Now let me say something to you godless heathens. You will all burn forever in holy hellfire. My all-knowing God saw this coming from the day he made the tree of knowledge and told that harlot eve not to eat. I'm guessing most of you are atheist godless homo's. I pray for you for it says that if man lay with man they shall be put to death. Right before that it says that if man lay with animal, then man must ask for forgiveness. That's why I, Reverend Messiahlover, only make gentle love to small dogs and sheep. For the lord forgivith me for my sins. When will you see the error of your wicked ways, you must cast out your evil logic and science and BELIEVE in the almighty. For he is merciful and will kill you if you disagree! Jumpin' Jesus will kick some holy hellfire into your soul as you hold hands with the Devil. Can't you see the love of god? He murdered his own son for you*! *=note: by you I mean the white community, as you can see with the godless blacks of New'awlins.

So get down on your knees infront of me and partake... of a prayer.
Dear Jay-sus who art in heaven and loves us so. I do swear to vote Bush for his 3rd holy term and also swear to donate half of my paycheck to the holy church of west Oklahoma wherein the blessed Pastor Messiahlover shouts thine name with orgasmic glee! I will choose animal over man. I will realise thou rule of not coming near menstrating women and shall beat my child to death with rocks in the city square if he shall disagree with me! Amen.

Only with this shall you find salvation you atheist godless liberal heathens!!!
The Messiah lover, 26.09.2005, 4:50pm #
Questions Questions... Now heres the thing with the supernatural...It's arse!! and the weird thing about it is you'll get that from both the religious and the skeptical camps. The evidence suggests that the people experiencing the paranormal are making these things happen themselves without consciously realising it. Like throwing a book across the room and saying "shit did you see that" all unaware they did it themselves. That is how old Victorian Parlour tricks were performed, its like a form of self hypnosis. As for the religious side, it quite clearly states that you should not mess with the supernatural as this is against God and the supernatuarla occurances are sent by the Devil to tempt you away from the true faith.Again just more Arse!!!!
K.P., 26.09.2005, 6:10pm #

quality post K.P.
the truth, 26.09.2005, 6:14pm #
QUALITY POST K.P.??? As I said this is shit caught on tape. If all you atheist out there demand fact then examine the evidence! What I've seen seems to be completely authentic, but I still question it. Can you guys not even examine the evidence first? You all remind me of the very christians we make fun of for not looking at thing logically and examing the facts. Is ur skeptism so great you can't judge things fairly for yourself??Who knows....
QuestionsQuestions, 26.09.2005, 9:25pm #
i personally think K.P. hit the nail on the head and made me laugh in doing so.

you are saying examine the evidence first? ...anything u watch on the box can simply be plotted, tamperd with ect to make somthing look real when it aint.....

i am skeptic because i have never witnessed anything out of the ordinary with my own ears or eyes nose blaa blaaa...i have only heard of supernatural things from other people,,, people i know who are in the clouds type people with a good imagination over logic....

i take things on tv with a pinch of salt so if there is any solid evidence i want to see it myself in person

sorry if i offended u Questions but this is my opinion
the truth, 26.09.2005, 11:19pm #
SameAsBefore, 27.09.2005, 7:48am #

Advertisements on a registered domain:These people like to build a website and generate traffic to it by saying they have the largest or most geniuine gallery of ghost photos, videos, or EVPs. They then cover their sites with advertisements so that they get revenue from the traffic that their deception. Most advertisements will give a webmaster anywhere from 5 cents to 20 cents per visitor who sees it or clicks on it. If you are generating 300 visits a day, that's quite a hefty chunk of chnage. At five cents a day, that causes $25 to go into the pocket of this scammer who usually puts more advertisements on his or her site. At 20 cents, the daily revenue from one advertisement is $100. And for what? So they don't have to get a job.

usually the case with ths kind of thing, its all about money with exeption of a share of nutters
the truth, 27.09.2005, 7:48am #
Questions.... You wrote in response to my post..."If all you atheists out there demand fact, examine the evidence"... Whether I'm an atheist or not is irrelevant. What is quite relevant though, is your assumption that I am. You see, just because something appears to be so, does not mean it is. As for "evidence" of paranormal activity on the TV... That's the modern day equivalent of reading a book and calling it evidence of God. It must be true, I saw it on the TV..... It must be true I read it in the Bible. You should read The National Enquirer..There's some brilliant evidence in there..
K.P., 27.09.2005, 9:40am #
QuestionsQuestions, 27.09.2005, 1:48pm #
get real! or piss off back to narnia
the truth, 27.09.2005, 6:55pm #
To QuestionsQuestions. GEEZ! calm down. It was very brave of you to come to this site with a quetion, and you got other people's opinion. It is obvious that you believe in these supernatural things, and that is fine, but when someone disagrees with you, you don't have to blow up. GEEZ! I think what the truth is trying to say is that you cannot believe anything that you see on the internet or TV anymore. There is a such thing as editing. If you think that those things are real though, whatever, but respect other people's opinions.
GOD LOVER, 27.09.2005, 11:59pm #
Haven't missed much since the last time I was here.
Bring back ED, he made this site interesting.
Tim, you probably know this guy, so ask him to come back.
Timnot4me, 28.09.2005, 12:22am #
Questions.... I'm not stupid and hard headed and you missed my point entirely. What I was saying is that a show on the TV is not evidence! When seeking evidence of anything supernatural or otherwise, a picture on the TV can only truely ever be a picture on the TV and nothing more. When watching TV how can anyone ever be totally sure that what they are seeing is factual? Even on the news we are taking the word of the news stations. I'm not suggesting that there's a big world conspiracy to fill us full of bull from the evening news, all I'm saying is that TV pictures are rubbish when it comes to evidentual value... Also ranting away like you did in your last post really doesn't give your argument any weight, it just makes you look stupid and hard headed....
K.P., 28.09.2005, 3:50pm #
wow, ?? sure had a potty mouth :|

oh, and ed for the newbies here stood for eternal damantion (that's what he put before he realized his mistake...damantion...)

and those tapes on the supernatural...they had one show, scariest palces on earth...why was there a frikkin spotlight always being shined in there face?

though i do laugh at the idea of an invisible undead magical sky man, i can't help but to feel as though there's alot more to the world then what we see. wow, i sound like one of the scribes from warhammer 40,000K... but yeah, sometimes i do wodner if there is some weirder side that defies current laws of nature...but thats a fleeting thought, though very interesting...

praise the flying spaghetti monster! hUZZAH!
Shaggy, 29.09.2005, 12:34am #
There is a ghost you heathens. The HOLY GHOST! And you shall rot in the fires of hell for not believing. My God is so powerful he makes the women cry his name (after marriage). You keep believing that you are part monkey instead of a big hunk of clay our lord blew into! This'll just steam him up real good.I ask once again for you to reject your science and facts! Look deep into thine heart and just BELIEVE! BELIEVE in all of HIS glory. For he is a loving and tender God! So if you continue down this road he'll make you bake forever in holy hellfire.

Gloriously yours,

The Reverend Messiahlover.
The Messiah lover, 29.09.2005, 2:37pm #
i am now looking into my heart "where are you oh mighty one, where are u" ....(nothing)

"where are u almighty spagetti monster"

"i am here ..but you have no room for thy sphagetti love because u love everyone on earth.....damn you you shall perish in the eternal be gone"
the truth, 29.09.2005, 3:01pm #
why spaghetti monster? i like pasta? don't you love me anymore?


Shaggy, 30.09.2005, 11:46pm #
how the feck can u burn in an eternal fire?

eventualy whatever is fueling the fire will run out ... u know fundies, just like when u have a BBQ the coal runs out and someone gets a cold sausage........
oh do forgive me i forgot the eternal fire was magical...

then i must be magical too!, cos when im put in the eternal fire i will never burn out ? will i???

make sense?

yer so does the bible!

the truth, 03.10.2005, 8:44pm #
The Truth, you are a blasphemer. You shall probably be the first to burn for thinking scientific facts outweigh the glorious Holy Text known as the Bible. Of course Hell and Heaven are Magical. The Fire of Hell is fueled by your sins and you have enough to light up millions of brick ovens! You shall melt but be reserrected each time to suffer more and more from my loving and merciful God. Praise his name and you will live in heaven with the rest of us Christians who believe that Noah put all animals on an arc and landing in one designated spot to allow them to procreate (after a holy marriage). Your post was almost as offensive as the public schools not allowing Intelligent Design and Prayer in class. Trust me Truth, your soul is blacker than Wesley Snipes in his Pro-Satan BLADE movies! As for everyone else, Praise the lords name or he shall smite thee and you shall burn with The Truth, the sodomites, and the other (false) religion believers (especially the jews). Glory to God. Praise the lord Christ!

The Reverendmessiahlover
The Messiah lover, 04.10.2005, 4:00pm #
some christians if they haven't learned the truth themselves, tell them it and if they still don't listen kill them. save the christians who can be saved and kill the remains.

my email is

[email protected]
proudly antichristian, 04.10.2005, 10:28pm #

proudly antichristian, 05.10.2005, 6:42pm #
To Proudly antichristian...... What's the truth then?
K.P., 05.10.2005, 10:43am #
cult master messiah u deserve a holy headbutt to the nose for your complete ignorance and a bible ball kick for your racism towards wesly snipes and while im at it u can have religous roundhouse to the face for trying to scare me into beliving in your imaginary freind.
the truth, 11.10.2005, 4:39am #
Is that fear I hear coming out of you? I guess you saw part of the Lord and turned your back. Don't worry, he might forgive you. You deliberately try to tarnish my name by saying I am a racist, where's your proof to back this up? God wouldn't allow me to say such evil, or I'd be burning in hellfire like you will! It seems you just want to solve everything with violence, which is not the lords way. If you keep this up he will smite you, so please take him in your heart. Wesley Snipes is black, that is a proven fact. I was meerly stating that he shouldn't be acting in pro satanic movies, but I guess if you offer a guy enough 40 ouncers he'll come a-runnin'! We all know in our hearts that God exists, to deny that is foolish and sinful. I believe that if you live a good life you go to heaven, but you must believe in God. This mean that Jews will not be attending, no matter how much money they throw around! Only the good Christians will live in glorious peace in Heaven, away from all the sinners, talking with God and Jesus while reading from his glorious text. Ofcourse, the place you'll be visiting will hold heated magma and the heathen homo's. Just look inside your cold black heart and you'll see that my God is the best. He'll forgive you, and even some of those chimicanga eatin' mexicans who impregnate thirty women and then nap all day.

Gloriously Yours,
-Reverend Messiahlover
Reverend Messiahlover, 11.10.2005, 2:45pm #
This website is all bullshit!!!!!
David, 12.10.2005, 6:50am #
Simple life plan here. I have know way of knowing if God is real, if the supernatural is real or anything else for that matter.
Therefore fuck it all if I can touch, taste it, see it, or hear it I'll believe it. Otherwise lets get laid and drunk>
Rusty, 12.10.2005, 10:06am #
i think therefore i am
drabby, 12.10.2005, 12:15pm #
drabby - that's merely an assumption, actually. Good working assumption but nevertheless... It doesn't really answer anything it's simply the assumption on which everything else rests.
Some One, 15.10.2005, 3:39pm #
*rolls over

o' hullo god, can i come to heaven pwease? i have been reely goood, i once gave money to a homeless man and i watched live 8 on the telly, pwetty pwease.

o' go on god i will be yur frend, and i will let you sleep on my sofa if you ever have a row wiv the missus.

i will also remember to say nice fings and never swear except if i am really mad.

i once read the first couple of pages of the bible but it is a really difficult read so i had to quit. i read the koran from start to finish, in case that counts.

come on god we have so much in common, we both hate george w bush, we both have beards, we both wrote books that nobody reads, we both like to rest on sundays, we both have nemises that reside in hell (mine is called michael) and when life gets us down we both like to take the day off and watch crappy tv and walk down to the lakeside and skim stones.

o' i don't love you god, but i can learn, and if not, we can always divorce, pwease don't send me to hell. if you do i will get you back i swear it to you god, i will get you MOTHERFUKKER I WILL GETTT YOU GODD YOU WLL SUFFFER MYRE WRATH IF YOU BESMIRCH MY NAME

O i dont know but i will think of something to do.
drabby, 23.10.2005, 9:06pm #
This website is boring. Bring back ED, at least he stirred things up. ED, please come back!!!
Hypocrisy and fanaticism are not in science?
Timnot4me, 26.10.2005, 7:50pm #
ED come home!!!
Come on Tim, Ben you guys probably know him. Give him a call and bring him back. Send me his e-mail, and I'll e-mail.
Timnot4me, 26.10.2005, 7:50pm #
Timnot4me, if you want to be a tedious fucker, please do it on the introduction thread. I've moved those two comments but anything else off-topic will be deleted.
Ben, 26.10.2005, 7:53pm #
No problem Ben. There are leftwing christians like myself who support human rights and social justice. I have no issue with fundies coming to this website. They often stir up interesting debates.
If you truly believe in freedom of speech like Tim does, then don't delete anyone's comments.
Timnot4me, 26.10.2005, 10:20pm #
And I have no issues with them being here as long as they stick to the topic of the post. If they don't, they'll get deleted. Freedom of speech isn't being able to say what you want, when and where you want. If we're going to have a decent debate without it spiralling off into an unrelated shouting match, people have to stick to the subject. Sure, I could do like I did with yours and move them to another thread, but frankly I've got better things to do with my time.
Ben, 27.10.2005, 6:09pm #
well back to the topic.

i think i was about 7 years old and i asked the teacher "why is god a man"?.
the truth, 01.11.2005, 9:05pm #
interesting question...why is a perfect being a man?

which reminds me, my atheist friend recently got slapped (and broke his glasses) for a post he made asking why people worship a "magical salvation zombie" rofl, i love taht anme.
Shaggy, 02.11.2005, 12:45am #
the truth, 04.11.2005, 7:46am #
i do not think religeon is bulls****.
mike, 30.11.2005, 9:55pm #
ggggggggggg, 30.11.2005, 9:56pm #
Mike, if you could spell it - especially when the friggin' URL has the correct spelling sitting there to be referred to - I'd have more sympathy for any further point of view you might make. You and ggggggggggg have very similar IP addresses, by the way. Friend of yours?
Ben, 01.12.2005, 12:00am #
You all must stay open minded! I am about 75 percent sure there is a god and 25 percent unsure. I have to say that if people obey the bible, life would be better! If there is truly a Jesus he should come soon. I think God lover needs to say something now. Someone Shut him Up...LOL
OPEN-MINDED, 08.01.2006, 5:28am #
you have to admit that the bible has a logical explanation of creation.
OPEN-MINDED, 08.01.2006, 5:31am #
sorry, i don't, and i think you need to read it a little more closely. According to the bible, an invisible sky man had to spend six days creating the world where as it took him an instant to create the undefinitely large universe (which as far as we can tell is pretty fuckin' huge). he then proceeded to shape us out of mud, and doing a lot of hands on work for a guy who could've done it without a thoguht.

he then proceeds to kick adam and eve out of the garden because he screws up, and with his "all-powerful abilities and knowledge" he is uanble to fortell the eating of the fruit of knowledge. so my question is "what idiot put the tree there in the first place?"

along with that, gawd drowns the world because his omnipitent super almighty powers are rusty and he can't even prevent his own world from falling apart, so he scraps it and kills every land dwelling animal. because he screwed up. again.

sensing a pattern here?
Shaggy, 08.01.2006, 5:56am #
OPEN-MINDED, 08.01.2006, 6:54pm #
Aristotle was born 384 years before that and he was a pretty fair thinker by all accounts. In the spirit of the Dawkins theme we currently have going on, let me offer a quote of his:

"By all means let's be open-minded, but not so open-minded that our brains drop out"
Ben, 08.01.2006, 7:37pm #
no need to get angry child, just pointing out a few things to considder before throwing your life to it.

but everytime something has gone horribly wrong in the world, from the bibles point of veiw, god could've prevented it. but isntead he's sitting on his duff up in heaven watching football and eating nachos or some other task that requires a great deal of attention for this deity not to care about the world.

reminds of a riddle a man said once

is god willing to prevent evil, but not able? then he is not omnipitent
is able to prevent evil, but not willing? then he is malevolent
is god both able and willing to prevent evil, then whence does evil came?
is god neither able nor willing to prevent evil? then why call him god?
Shaggy, 08.01.2006, 8:26pm #
It was the Greek philosopher Epicurus who said that.
Tim, 08.01.2006, 8:33pm #
And as for there being very few contradictions in the bible -
Tim, 08.01.2006, 8:36pm #
Epicurus, born 341 BCE, no less! Factor in the contradictions and Open-minded's theory is looking decidedly shaky.
Ben, 08.01.2006, 8:39pm #
Im sorry I used the words "not as smart",I should have said "less educated". And I have read the bible contradictions page and he forgets to mention that the bible says that there are exceptions to everything if god tells you to do something. for instance if you must obey laws than you may have to break one to further worship GOD than you should do so. There is an acception to every rule and thats how it is on earth too. Name something that doesnt obide by that rule. For example, everything has a beginning, except god. Ask any questions or any arguments. you may speek to me directly at iamhooper513 on aim.
OPEN-MINDED, 09.01.2006, 9:22pm #
Nothing Epicurus has said has prooven anything to me nothing he said can break the readings of christianity.
OPEN-MINDED, 09.01.2006, 10:09pm #
Out of interest, can anything anyone says break the readings of Christianity for you?
Ben, 09.01.2006, 10:41pm #
yes, but its pretty full proof. I am 75% athiest. So some things do. Ask me something that doesnt make sense and ill explain it.
OPEN-MINDED, 09.01.2006, 11:24pm #
i meant 25% athiest sorry.
OPEN-MINDED, 09.01.2006, 11:25pm #
ya, gotta watch what you type. that can lead to problems. can turn out very bad :|
Shaggy, 09.01.2006, 11:36pm #
Which 25%?
Ben, 09.01.2006, 11:39pm #
yes, well no one wants to argue?
OPEN-MINDED, 09.01.2006, 11:41pm #
I made my points clear.
OPEN-MINDED, 10.01.2006, 1:35am #
this is what i have to say is that if you believe gooo ahead but tell me this how do you know that some guy baq in then that knew how to write and wrote a story or even told it talking about stupid random things and then gave that story to his children which told there friends and there kids and was finally written into a book you know. soo what do you say about that and more than likely thats what happened just to bust ppls moral and make them feel they are here for a reason its BS and everyone here knows that. No i dont think that we were evolved from monkeys but ill believe that before i believe some dude was creating up from sand and placing babies in a woman but hey its possible that we came from a differnt universe and everything maybe we wiped out the dinosaurs and lost all knowledge of the old universe it is all unknown until i see it with my own eyes ill believe that im here to live my life and for it to be great and why do you need a god it seems the only ppl who need a god are those ppl who have a poor self-esteem and cant BLEIVE in themselves

i personally think this was a great comment
Dylan, 11.01.2006, 12:34am #
what im trying to get you to do is stay open minded and at least keep your mind open and think that there might be a god. and the bible was made by over 40 people not just one. And I am not persuading you to believe in the bible but stay open minded to the concept of GOD.
I can proove we did not evolve from monkeys.
OPEN-MINDED, 11.01.2006, 12:46am #
by all means, state your reaons. it stretches my mind to try and answer them
Shaggy, 11.01.2006, 2:49am #
Open-minded, technically there's no need to argue as humans didn't evolve from monkeys - apes, including us, and monkeys all evolved from a common ancestor.

But I guess that's not what you meant, so I'd like to hear your proof.
Ben, 11.01.2006, 10:20pm #
Actually, Ben and shaggy evolved from apes.
RHF, 12.01.2006, 2:31am #
Ben and Shaggy have more faith than I will ever have. kudos to Ben and Shaggy.
Spontaneous generation and mutations made us.
RHF, 12.01.2006, 2:38am #
it has been over 4000 years at lease since we have evolved (at least since scientist say). and it had to of been almost un-noticable and gradual, and that is just unbelievable. we have only grown in height and thats because of health. They only say that we have evolved from them because they have two legs and they are smart like us. why dont people say we evolved from monkeys. and as for the big bang theory thing. You dont believe that an invisible sky man farted us out his ass, but you believe that an invisible sky spark created itself then farted us out its ass.
OPEN-MINDED, 16.01.2006, 12:30am #
Oh dear, Open-minded, and this is you proving it, is it? We might be about to find out if you live up to your pseudonym. If you're talking about evolution from the origin of life to man, try 4,000 million years, rather than 4,000. If you're talking about the last common ancestor with another species, that would be the ancestor shared with chimpanzees approx 5 - 6 million years ago.
Ben, 16.01.2006, 9:32pm #
I said 4000 that I knew for sure. and its Bullshit that things start with a spark. that came from no where1
OPEN-MINDED, 17.01.2006, 12:53am #
open-minded, my friend

I've been reading your posts and I think I've found the major stumbling block in them. You have this.....nasty habit in common with a lot of religious folk, in fact it probably developed as a direct result of your having to turn the lights off in your own head in order to accept your religion.

You over-simplify and it's damn awful. I'm sorry, lol, there's no other way to put it. It makes me think that you spent the summer at one of those camps that specializes in "arming christian warriors for battles of faith."

I HIGHLY advise you to spend more time studying evolution, come to an understanding of not just the oversimplified "I didn't come from no damned monkey" drivel that your pastor teaches, but try to really get a grip on how it works. Same goes for you and the "big bang theory." Just take some time with it rather than repeating the anti-evolution slogans that are found on the bumper stickers of right-wing Chevy trucks all across America.

Most importantly, and i said this in another thread and i'm sure everyone's tired of seeing it. Evolution could best be described as a short (relative to our planet's own history) family history based on the evidence in existence. Darwin wasn't setting out to find the origin of all life and creation in the universe. We have a long way to go before we can answer those questions, if we ever do.

One way you can help us get there is to actually take a look at the world around you, without Christian Safety Goggles you've been issued. You'd be surprised what you might learn if you just took the time to ask questions and stop pretending you have the answers already. You know, without a doubt, that you honestly have no idea how it all began despite what you've read or been told. That is the ultimate truth that we all have to embrace.

You get what I'm saying? Dammit, just start by accepting that you don't KNOW anything. No human being that lives or has ever lived knows creation began or if there is any consciousness that remains after death. It's a way of deluding ourselves so that we don't have to accept that we are finite creatures. You can't call yourself open-minded while you walk around with closed-eyes.
devouthumanist, 23.01.2006, 3:21am #
I can see just fine and im not fuckin retarted. I can make my desisions. You say religion makes no sense but we are different. Im not saying christianity or any certain religion is right. But god can explain everything that athiesm cannot. You can't tell me there hasnt been times you havent felt an unearthly presence for something. we could argue about this more with my instant messenger YAHOO:hoopinbuckets MSN:[email protected]
OPEN-MINDED, 05.02.2006, 5:13pm #
Here's my view. I think if god exists he is not nice to us, quite frankly he's a prick towards us. Why is it I get to live in a great country with food and leisure, while some poor kid in Somalia has to starve to death until acid explodes or swells his stomache? The cruelty that god shows himself sickens me and turns me away from religion. While I am an athiest i still think there is a slight chance god exists, I know though I could certainly give him a few suggestions to show him how to run the world better. Honestly how would god like to F@@#ing starve to death I think its absolute cr#p this life and how unfair it is.
Pete Sax, 19.03.2006, 4:40pm #
I just wanted to say I love this site, at least the premise of it. As an engineer, curious mind, and someone who reads all the science news I can, it has disturbed me in the past how much active religion bullshit creeps onto the internet, especially topics like the imaginary "intelligent design". And of course there is sheer and outright projection of relgious zealots who need convert others into their pathological mindset.

In addition as a student of language and communcation, I've often found quite revolting the same types of patterns folks use to persuade people of their religious beliefs/existence of god/christ/whatever. Almost always a pointless, circular argument trying to define "everythingness" as if we need that to get out of bed every day and enjoy life and contribute to the world, our friends, families, jobs, etc.

Religion is best suited for people with grave insecurities, mental problems, and other unfortunate psychological conditions that otherwise deprvie them of their happines and their function in the world.
Michael, 16.08.2006, 11:08pm #
Some good comments guys,

Im not a believer of any of mans percieved "gods" But i can honestly say I have seen some weird shit with saeonses and Quija boards etc that were completly unexplainable..What I find interesting is the stories the do on these tribes that have stayed out of society for thousands of years.They have never had any chance to learn about Jesus but from my knowledge of the bible they will be sent to hell because they are non beleivers? Another interesting point is they have their own religious beliefs and perception of evil,which only proves its natural for humans to look outside of our relm for answers...Another thing that cracks me up tho is the Religious offshoots of christianity like the Mormons etc that are clearly crackpots but now have a following of over 1million people in just 200 years.I guess it an insite as to how much an idealogy can grow in 2000...

nath, 16.10.2006, 5:23am #
proudly antichristian,

Dear fellow apologist,

I am contacting you in order to inform you of the results of a research project that was conducted on an anti-Christian pro-atheist website with the inflammatory name of

I have conducted searches for related materials and have found that they are ubiquitously in relation to all things anti-Christian and pro-atheist.

The research results amount to large portions of being considered, dissected and declared fallacious on very many levels.

Two examples of this fact are as follows:

Whilst besmirching the Bible for allegedly commanding rape, for some odd reason, neglects to mention the most relevant biblical text related to the biblical view of and law about rape. Why this omission? Who knows, but it would certainly have gotten in the way of a good session of emotive expression of prejudiceit would have discredited to reference this most important text. Indeed, those annoying little facts have an annoying way of getting in the way of good fallacious assertions.

Whilst besmirching the Bible for allegedly commanding human sacrifice, for some odd reason, neglects to mention that the Bible does not command but condemns human sacrifice., for some odd reason, neglects to mention that when the Bible reports that human sacrifices did take place they were carried out by Gentile Pagans who were not worshiping the God of the Bible but various false gods. When  were performing human sacrifices it was only when they turned away from the God of the Bible and joined Gentile Pagans in worshiping various false gods. Yet, in typical militant activist atheist fashion, does not condemn Gentile Pagans but only condemns the Jews.

Some of the resources provided in the original post are as follows:

Mariano, 31.07.2009, 9:02pm #
"Whilst besmirching the Bible for allegedly commanding rape, for some odd reason, neglects to mention the most relevant biblical text related to the biblical view of and law about rape. Why this omission? Who knows, but it would certainly have gotten in the way of a good session of emotive expression of prejudice it would have discredited to reference this most important text. Indeed, those annoying little facts have an annoying way of getting in the way of good fallacious assertions. "
So because the bible says rape is ok, then rape is ok? Sorry, no dice.

'Whilst besmirching the Bible for allegedly commanding human sacrifice, for some odd reason, neglects to mention that the Bible does not command but condemns human sacrifice.'

In that case, it's contradictory. That's even worse.

'Yet, in typical militant activist atheist fashion, does not condemn Gentile Pagans but only condemns the Jews.'
Maybe that's because there aren't a bunch of gentile pagans that are constantly claiming that their religion is right, everything else is evil, and that if you don't follow it right now, you deserve to die, RIGHT NOW.
By the way mariano, I'd like to compare your blog to a block of swiss cheese. It's full of holes.
Numerous, 01.08.2009, 1:53am #
The only thing full of holes is Numerous's brain and arguments.
Numerous is guilty of atheist fundamentalism. Chris at is full of shite.
You think your impressing anyone with latin fancy pants arguments -- how about modus ponens etc..

Your bacteria argument does not prove macro evolution.

Anything else Numerous.

Please find something else to do other than riding the hershey highway at night :)

Get a job, butt-slammer.
RHF, 02.08.2009, 1:13am #
So macro-evolution doesn't prove that macro-evolution is possible eh? I'd say you need to get your facts right.
Numerous, 02.08.2009, 3:38am #
By the way, take a look at this:
Numerous, 02.08.2009, 5:59am #
Hopefully this comment will prove superstition is bullshit. 1) The human brain is very good at giving meaning to random data this is called paranomia and involves people giving a superstitious attachment to anything they regard as unusual. Such as a cold breeze that has actually been caused by their breath leading them to believe its a ghost. Two physics are parasites if ever someone has got money to make by saying something to do don't believe them as money corrupts all their ideas.
Skeptic, 28.10.2011, 9:56am #
Reposted from something I posted on the philosophy board:

I'm not sure exactly what this qualifies as, so I thought I'd ask. This is some conjecture that I thought of as a reaction to Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion . I'm pretty sure it's too full of holes to count as a true philosophical thought experiment, but it's really more of a sort satirical... what would you call it?

I think it's pretty much established that religion is based on belief. If, in the afterlife, I'm sitting in Hell (since I'm atheist), and power in the afterlife is based on belief, I believe in my own power of self-determination above all else then it should follow that I have the power to overthrow Satan and God.

Unless of course it is not belief itself but belief in God that gives power in the afterlife. In which case we've identified that faith or belief isn't really important at all. In fact, it is who you believe in or worship as opposed to belief itself. So, if your spiritual power is based on ones belief in God in particular, and He bestows special privilege upon those that worship Him in particular, doesn't that identify two particular qualities of God - vanity and selfishness?

That would debunk any notion that the Abrahamic God is benevolent, wouldn't it? If he were impartial and grants spiritual privilege on the strength of faith alone, I will be abolishing Heaven and Hell shortly (in geological timescale).

This leads to certain inescapable conclusions:

1 - I'm getting rid of the afterlife of the Abrahamic religions.
2 - God is an @$$hole.
3 - These three religions are wrong.
4 - The supernatural really doesn't exist.


Yes, I know I left out some conclusions. It might just be that the fates described by those religions is truly set in stone and Hell is truly inescapable. However, that's part of the satire as the overall tone is supposed to reflect the 'I believe it so it must be so' mentality of religiosos.

Does this belong in the creative writing board?
DreadCraft, 06.03.2012, 1:27am #
I'm eager to read through all the posts but couldn't wait to post my own so I could start a dialogue with anyone interested, so here goes:

Religion IS bullshit. The worship of being(s) is a tribal, man-made response to that which we did not/do not understand. It is the best our species could do under the circumstances at the time that particular religion was created. As technology has advanced, science has answered hundreds of questions we formerly thought were creations of a higher entity.
The intelligent played on humankind's ignorance by creating fairy tales and writing them down. And back then, you were forced to believe almost on penalty of death. The Church wielded great power over the afterlife, claimed direct consultation with God, resultingly giving itsself the power to judge in God's name, and therefore influenced EVERYONE'S lives including the lawmakers, heads of state and all other politically and socially influential people. If the jailers and judges tell you to believe, you're damn well going to believe!

But after the Enlightment, after the Renaissance, after the Industrial Age, the Information Age, and all other progress we have celebrated as a species, why can't we shake religion? Evolution. Evolution is slow, and in the case of religion, painfully so. Maybe the Christians are right: evolution is false. And I concur ... at least where THEY'RE concerned.

How do logical, intelligent, resourceful and -- in all other cases -- free-thinking beings still hold on to the belief that the Bible, or any book or religion is the word of God? God excludes no one. God ("It") requires no adherence to the belief in a fabricated deity, form or practice. It is not a law or a dress code, nor is It unleaven bread or Kosher ham. God, or the "Light" as I reference, is YOU.

I am a believer and prophet of near-death experiences. In my study, I have found that the true message of who we are, where we come from and where we are going comes from those who have experienced it. I often say that in my study of death, I have learned the meaning of life.

I still see a universal, and in some circles "multiversal", God that gives you and me and all other creatures the same SINLESS, perfect, peaceful, joyful soul and light. It is the experience of life that separates our physical consciousness from our spiritual consciousness. I weep for atheists bc of their justifiable complacency, animosity, and even hatred of religion. I HATE RELIGION TOO! But PLEASE don't rule out a spiritual life altogether bc of it. You ARE bigger than what you believe! Life is more than what you have now, what you are and what you will be. Feel the connection to yourself, your wordly brothers and sisters, and to the universal Light that connects us all.

I could write a book (and am working on one), but I'll stop here.

I don't condemn and I don't convert (from Ziggy Marley). Drop me a line if anyone would like to talk further: spirituality, the scientific side of NDEs, the interpretation of NDEs: [email protected]
NDEProphet, 30.09.2012, 2:04am #
Here's a little quote for you religious fools:

Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?


And secondly if you think there is no evidence for evolution, then read: the blind watchmaker by Richard Dawkins
Wolverind, 03.11.2013, 11:12am #

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