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Breathtaking Rudeness

Posted by Ben on Thursday, December 29, 2005 | Permalink

Before anyone says anything - no, I'm not saying all Christians, or all religious people, are like this. Hell, it was the Church Times that wrote the original article. I just thought it was quite amusing, and a handy reminder that 'religious' is not a synonym for 'moral'.

Letters expose 'breathtaking' rudeness of church life.

Such as?

'A wheelchair user was advised to go home instead of attending a service'
'a vicar was told by a church warden that new families attending a service "weren't really our type"'
'a visiting vicar told bereaved relatives he had drawn the short straw in being asked to conduct a funeral service'
'a disabled woman was manhandled by a sidesman because she could not get up for the national anthem'
'[a] bishop who told a curate looking for a parish: "You have to ask yourself who would want you at your age?"'

Finally, and surely taking the sanctified biscuit:

'a vicar's wife who said to a woman who had just lost her new-born child: "Maddening, isn't it?"'

No, misplacing your car keys is maddening, you buffoon.

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And atheists are not rude?
REV_HOLY_FIRE, 01.01.2006, 9:30pm #
That's right you dozy little fuckwit, we're not - now piss off.
Ben, 02.01.2006, 7:53pm #
Temper, Temper little boy. You are a prime example of arrogance and rudeness. You don't know shit Ben, and that's why you are so easily irritated.
REV_HOLY_FIRE, 03.01.2006, 12:11am #
Oh dear.

Better luck next time, eh?
Ben, 03.01.2006, 12:18am #
lol, he's human like you rev. pride is just another isntinct to pound into the ground, something even i have trouble with ^_^
Shaggy, 08.01.2006, 5:58am #
Wow. Christians are the rude asswipes. I don't know of any atheist as nasty as the clergy, especially in light of the above statements. Christians are forever lying here in the US about how their fake religion will make people "moral" and "better."
JeffXL, 11.01.2006, 2:31am #
they're not all bad. i myself play D&D with two catholics, a wiccan, and an agnostic and we get along just fine, even putting our own religions up for discussion whent aking a break.

my problem is with the people like pat robertson
Shaggy, 11.01.2006, 2:54am #
I totally agree with Ben.....rock on Ben!!
gareth, 24.01.2006, 5:39pm #
Just look how obnoxious most of you atheists are on this blog. I believe the majority of atheists are not like Ben.
RHF, 25.01.2006, 12:53am #

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