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Below are the posts from the original blog at this site (the current one is here).

I stopped posting mainly because of the comments: plenty of them (over 200 on some posts) but few were actually about the subject I was writing about. They do make interesting reading though.

Testing (?)

Introduction and welcome

Free speech, blasphemy and religious hatred

Intelligent design

Christians ... I don't get it

Being an arsehole in the name of the lord

Hang on a sec

They're not all mental you know

Some basics

Christians ... I don't get it (part 2)

"He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy!"

So what's with this resurrection malarkey then?

Annoying things about Christians

Just a quicky

Intelligent design (part 2)

"Its number is six hundred and sixty six"

Religious hatred

Co-op and the ignorant bigots

"And God said ..."

Tying up loose ends

Bored now